Mom Has No Idea Why Vacation Photo Went Viral, Then She Sees The Background

Photos Of Something

She posted the photos and thought nothing of them, but when they blew up on social media she was confused. After taking a closer look, she saw her friend and their cousin in the photo. There was nothing strange about it at first, but then it was clear.

She looked closely at the photo and saw something she'd never forget. She began sweating as her chest tightened. She didn't know what to make of what they found, but it all came together after looking at the photo.

Dundas Peak

In Canada, there's a beautiful spot where hikers love to visit. It's called Dundas Peak and it overlooks Hamilton in Ontario. This spot is home to the highest waterfall in the town. Many people have come to the spot to snap stunning pictures for their social media profiles.

But in the forest that the peak shadowed, there was something strange hiding in the trees. And she could prove it now.

Strange Disappearances

There's been a rise in disappearances around the peak lately. Police officers say that most people who disappear are never found again.

Even with the disappearances, people aren't backing away. The peak has had over 140,000 people come to the peak in the last 4 years. One of these people would give rise to a new disturbing legend in the peak's history.


The man didn't feel the photo of him in the generic pose was anything special amongst the other thousands taken at the same spot.

He wore jeans and a jacket, sitting right by the edge of the peak and letting one leg swing over the edge. There was something in the photo that nobody was aware of... not yet.


Kim saw her cousin's photo and thought it was stunning. Inspired by her cousin, she got a sitter for her child and decided to venture to the spot with her best friend. They wanted to get the same stunning picture he got.

They had to hike on a 2.4-mile-long trail and found the peak without too much difficulty. They each had a turn sitting on the peak while the other took the photo. They didn't know what they were about to stumble upon.

A Glimmer In The Depths

Shocked by the stunning view,  Kim and her friend sat right on the edge of the peak. A sparkle from the depths caught their attention, but it wasn't from any river. It was right below them.

They noticed that, hanging onto an old branch that was clinging to the cliff, was someone's set of keys. They had no idea how long they could have been there for.

Whose Keys Were These?

Kim thought that whoever they belonged to must be missing them. She leaned over the precarious ledge with her stomach flat against the stone. She just managed to grab them from the branch, not knowing about the evidence she just found.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared the set of keys was for a car. Kim noticed that they belonged to a Hyundai Elantra. 

By Themselves

It started to get dark, the two women felt it was time to get going. It was almost closing time in the park and they really didn't want to get stuck in there at night. They had heard of the disappearances.

As they quickly went down the path, their fears came to light as they noticed that there weren't any other hikers around. Then they both felt their hearts jump.

Had To Leave

They hurried back to where they had parked their car. They felt a bit better being so close to safety, or so they thought. When they found their car they noticed there was only one other car in the parking lot. 

It was a Hyundai Elantra, sitting there by itself with no owner anywhere. The car looked like it had been sitting for quite a while. They felt creeped out and didn't want to stick around in the darkness so they put the keys they found on the Elantra's roof. A week after the strange occurrence, they were watching the news when the car appeared on the TV.

Car's Owner

The police stated that a woman who had visited the place as a tourist attraction had disappeared at the park. Nobody knew where she was but her car was found in the parking lot.

Kim felt uneasy about the news report. After a month she had just tried forgetting about the peak. Then someone from Reddit noticed something interesting. This drew attention once again to the mystery.

A Clue

Kim couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Suddenly, the respective pictures of her friend, her friend’s cousin, and herself on Dundas Peak, posted side-by-side on social media, had racked up thousands of views, shares, and comments.

Everyone had noticed a crucial detail in the background. And when she saw it, it made her blood turn to ice. She turned to Reddit with her unsettling story, hoping for some answers. And they weren’t the ones she had been hoping for.

A Viral Post

“So a little backstory. Around a month ago, my friend and I went hiking at Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario…” She wrote.

“She suggested this location because her cousin went there a few days before us and posted an Instagram of him sitting on the edge of a cliff looking over Hamilton and the Niagara Escarpment. When we got there, we took turns recreating the photo.”

Something Else There

“Today, she messaged me when she noticed something obscure in the background in her cousin’s photograph…” She continued.

“Way below the edge of the trail, where the slope is too steep to stand on, there appears to be a thin person standing unnaturally straight with no visible face.” That there was another person in the photo wasn’t unusual on its own, but the most unsettling detail was still to come.

The Missing Woman?

“I know you’re probably thinking that is probably just a brave hiker,” she continued, “…but trust me, that spot is completely inaccessible. Maybe it isn’t a person? But I’m not sure what else it can be. I was hoping those who have also been to Dundas Peak and have taken a similar picture could share it. Hopefully we can figure out what… we’re looking at.”

The police report on the missing woman described her as being tall — and she was wearing jeans and a light grey sweater.

An Anomaly?

The most intriguing detail is that the figure does not appear on any of the other photographs taken at Dundas Peak. If the ghostly figure was an anomaly of some kind or a trick of the light, why didn’t it appear in the other 10,000 photographs taken in the same spot?

Soon, the comments were flooding in.

Was It Supernatural?

Many people were quick to suggest that there were numerous people who had gone missing in and around Dundas Peak. They argued that it was entirely possible that the ghostly figure was a hapless hiker who had met a grisly end in the hills.

Although the minority of people found the photograph disturbing, there were many others who argued that there must be a logical explanation. But what could have caused such an anomaly?

A Trick Of The Light?

One user insisted that the “figure” was an illusion caused by the shadows playing on the rockface. Another suggested that melting ice was to blame.

Then, someone came up with the most likely explanation: “Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but there’s a trail that leads up to that area and goes around the escarpment just under the rocks. That is, most likely, a person hiking around.”

A Simple Explanation?

In fact, a Reddit user by the name “tharchitect42” went as far as to claim that they themselves had caused the confusion. The poster claimed that they often went hiking at Dundas Peak. And, furthermore, they had been hiking on the same day that the creepy photograph had been taken. But that wasn’t all…

They also recalled wearing dark jeans and a gray top – an outfit whose appearance would match that of the mystery figure.

A Tragedy

Of course, none of these explanations satisfied everyone. And as the story was shared thousands of times, it was soon picked up by international media outlets. But it was only when the story was published on MailOnline’s website that someone shared another theory.

The commenter pointed out that there had been a fatal train crash below Dundas Peak one Christmas Eve.

Lost Souls

A total of 15 people lost their lives that day in 1934. Many people believe that their souls still haunt the peak. Although the locals have taken the story with a pinch of salt, the photograph continues to circulate and send chills up people’s spines all over the world.

While SlicedUpBeef often goes back to the cliff, she can never forget the strange photo her friend’s cousin took at that same spot. It reminds us that even in the most everyday moments there might be something strange happening. And she’s not the only one to have caught something creepy on camera…

Unidentified Animal

This is too terrifying.

When one man set up a camera in his backyard to see who was leaving deer carcasses on his lawn, the last thing he expected was to capture this heart-pounding image of some kind of winged beast chasing down a poor little deer!


You’re home alone at night when you hear a noise outside. You go to have a look and you come across this. Outside your door, a bunch of sheep is staring at you.

Maybe it’s just the light of the flash causing their eyes to glow but it looks like these sheep are here for something more than a midnight snack.

A Close Encounter

Geese are frightening animals — that much is obvious.

They are bigger, louder, more aggressive versions of ducks and they like to screech and attack anyone who dares to lock eyes with them. But have you ever looked at their mouths? Well… Don’t.

Don’t Look Down

Have you ever seen people get really nervous when stepping on or off the escalator, and thought “what’s all the fuss about?”

Tell that to the person who might have just lost their toes! Don’t forget to wear your titanium boots next time you hit the mall.

In The Balance

Let’s hope this handyman’s balance is as solid as his engineering skills.

This is some serious dedication for a light bulb change though — maybe his work ethic will help him climb up the corporate ladder, too.


Dancing is a great way to burn calories and to stay fit while still having loads of fun.

Dancing in the sky while plummeting towards the Earth… that’s something else entirely!

Frog Salad

Lettuce. It’s a green, leafy vegetable used in sandwiches and salads. Perfectly suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else, right? Well, this bag certainly wasn’t.

When this shopper picked up a bag of lettuce they certainly didn’t expect it to start moving or croaking at them.

Wave Goodbye

When you think of the dangers of surfing you probably think about being crushed by huge waves or maybe being dashed upon the rocks, or worse yet, drowning.

However, if you look at this photo you might realize that there are other dangers that might be much closer than you think.

Hanging Out

While most people have no problem standing on a tall building staring at the view, however, this photo looks like a scene from a Hitchcock film.

Even people without any kind of acrophobia might think twice about trying what this man is doing. He’s either a daredevil or simply insane.


Most of us hate having to do the dusting at home but at least we don’t have to do this guy’s job! Not only is he clearly far above the ground but there is clearly a safety violation in that he is wearing no harness of any kind.

I’ll stick to dusting my furniture at home, thanks.

Toilet Terror

It might sound like something from a horror movie but some people are scared of something crawling out of the toilet. Well, it might sound like a ridiculous idea but as this photo proves, maybe it isn’t as farfetched as we think.

You’ll definitely need the toilet after this sight. Too bad it’s already occupied.

The Birds

Another image that seems to have been taken straight from a Hitchcock film.

Whoever the photographer was might have been feeling a bit nervous as they came across this murder (yes, that’s really what it’s called) of crows.

Straight And Narrow

Anyone who has gone hiking or mountain climbing knows that the path can be quite narrow and treacherous.

However, even those accustomed to such difficult paths might think twice about taking a walk along this mountainside path in China.