Camera Captures Why Husband Takes 45 Minutes In Bathroom Every Morning


Her heart broke as she stared at the man she loved. Her thoughts were so captivated by his betrayal that she couldn't even hear the rest of his confession. She had not expected this from him, not in a million years. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She felt foolish. She was probably too busy to notice the signs and now she's paying the price. The more she thought of events, the more she feels frustrated for not noticing sooner. 

Strong Couple

Lana Christensen was deeply in love with her boyfriend, Rob Green. They were two different people, but that's what made them work. The pair decided to get married and things went really well for them. 

Lana had a deep rooted trust in Rob. He had never given her any reason not to, that is until now... 

Orchid Gardens 

T first, living together was easy. They lived in a lovely apartment complex at the Orchid Gardens in California. It wasn't cheap, but their jobs made it possible for them to afford the place. 

Lana was excited when Rob agreed to live there with her. But there was one problem. It only had one bathroom. At first, Lana was fine with it, but as months passed, it became clear that something was wrong.

Strange Behavior 

The couple worked at home and it started off amazing but the pair soon realized that they needed to make compromises if they wanted to keep the peace. 

Rob was a clean man and being well-groomed and hygienic was a priority for him.  The past couple of days, he has spent 45 minutes more in the bathroom each morning. Lana soon discovered that there was a secret reason for his behavior.


Rob's bathroom visits grew longer and longer and Lana started to get suspicious. 

Lana and Rob had been dating for years prior to getting married, and Rob did not ever lock the bathroom door. However, upon moving in, he always ensured that the door was lock whenever he was in the bathroom. 

Something Is Wrong

She tried to push his strange behavior to the back of her mind, but the more he continued the more she started to worry. She knew she had to talk to him about it, but whenever she tried to he brushed her off. 

Rob just told her that his stomach was acting up and changed the topic. Even yet, the way he shuffled and appeared anxious as he spoke drove Lana insane.

All The Signs 

Lana tried to move on, but the more she thought about it, the more suspicious she grew. She noticed that the toilet never flushed during his bathroom breaks... 

She also noticed that he never used the air freshener in the morning, but every other time he does. It became apparent to Lana that he was hiding something. 

Taking It To Social Media 

Lana questioned why he always took his phone into the bathroom with him. He didn't like this and told her that she was "crazy". But she kept digging.

She needed to know what was going on. She decided to post about it on Reddit, hoping that the Reddit community could help her out. This couldn't be normal, right? 

The Post

Lana had been dealing with this for so long. She couldn't take it anymore. She was suspicious and frustrated. She typed away as she explained the situation, saying: “And here's where I know I really start to sound nuts: I have to go in after him and a lot of times it doesn't even smell! Zero evidence that he was "using the facilities. Am I being reasonable? Or am I leaning more towards crazy overbearing wife?”

But none of the replies calmed her growing nerves as she had hoped they would. 

Common Issue 

One of the many Redditors responded with, “That sounds excessive. Is he reading? Needs a quiet place? If it really takes him that long he needs to start taking fiber twice daily. Or see a doctor. Something is up!” 

Lana's heart sunk deeper and deeper into her stomach as she read all of their replies. According to them, Lana's issue with her husband's excessive time in the bathroom was an unsettlingly common one.

A Common Problem

“This is the key right there. My husband bathroom camps too and always has! He will swear up and down that it just takes a really long time sometimes and maybe sometimes there is some truth to it…” Another Reddit user wrote. 

“But I'll tell you what: if I pick the lock and snatch his phone he's finished in 10 minutes or less every time.” And one possible solution to Lana’s problem came up again and again. 

A Possible Solution

“Disconnect the wifi and see if that speeds things up,” another user suggested. But before Lana could consider doing it, all her worst fears were confirmed by her husband himself. 

Everything was about to come to a head, and Lana was about to discover that her husband’s access to WiFi wouldn’t solve the problem.  

Red Flags

One user’s reply chilled Lana to the bone. Her husband’s behavior was a massive red flag.

“My ex was cheating on me and I started getting suspicious when he’d ‘go to the bathroom‘ about four times a night. It was because he could lock the door and message her in peace without worrying about me walking in. I hate to be this person but your whole post just rang massive alarm bells for me.”

Worst Fears

Lana’s head was swimming with everything she’d read online. Could he be trying to escape her by playing games on his phone? Or was it more nefarious?

The next morning, she distinctly heard Rob speaking on the phone. Listening at the bathroom door had become an unwanted routine. What she heard shocked her—Rob was speaking to a woman named “Jessica”.

The Last Straw 

Lana was immensely hurt and disappointed but knew she needed proof or Rob would just deny everything. The next time he went into the office for a meeting, she bought a hidden camera. 

Installing it in the handle groove of their bathroom mirror, she could now finally see what Rob got up to in the bathroom each day.   

It Was Worse Than She Ever Imagined 

The camera revealed Rob took short showers but spent the rest of the time sitting on the toilet and using his phone, always texting and making calls.

Discovering that Rob also stashed a little notepad behind the mirror, Lana checked it and was crushed. It was worse than she imagined—Rob was seeing more than one woman behind her back. 

It Was Devastating 

Reminders like “Thursday, 1 pm - meet Jessica at Radisson” and “10 am - lunch - Kristen - Caprese Restaurant” jumped out at her. Lana was heartbroken.   

Worse still, it was their first anniversary the next day. Rob told her to “dress her best”. Lana planned to confront him that very night and make him confess. Feeling resentful, she decided to play along—for now.

He Finally Confesses

Reaching the “surprise destination”, blindfolded as Rob had requested, Lana’s mind was still seething. 

Finally there, blindfold lifted, Lana stood inside the Radisson’s Caprese Restaurant—friends and family yelling, “SURPRISE”. The room was awash with beautiful pink and purple decor and a large banner proclaimed, “Happy Anniversary My Love”. Beaming proudly, Rob finally confessed, “I’ve been planning this all month.” 

It Was The Best Night Ever 

“Bathroom time” turned out to be Rob’s secret way of planning the surprise anniversary party. He had secretly been meeting with Jessica (the party planner) and Kristen (the decorator), all month long to ensure that every detail was just right. 

Just when Lana thought nothing could make the night more perfect, Rob had one last surprise up his sleeve. 

The Biggest Surprise Of All

The setting was perfect with a pool view. Celebrating her marriage with Rob, her closest friends, and family, was everything Lana could have wished for. 

After slow dancing to their favorite love song, Rob made a heartwarming speech. As he ended with the words, “ last surprise”, the sound of a car engine revving loudly outside rang out.   

She Could Not Believe Her Eyes

It was so loud, it filled the entire room. Rob smiled, took Lana’s hand, and told everyone to follow him outside. 

There it stood—a gleaming black 69’ Chevy Camaro—Lana’s dream car since childhood when her late father had owned one himself. A valet jumped out and handed Lana the key. Rob simply smiled and said, “It’s yours”.   

A Happy Ending

Fortunately for Lana, the reason her husband was hiding in the bathroom was to plan something nice for her. 

Unfortunately, a lot of women find out that their husbands are chatting to other women online or trying to escape parental duties when they take unusually long bathroom breaks. Reddit is a repository for dozens of these shocking stories.

Escaping To The Bathroom

One woman revealed that her husband would spend up to four hours a day in the bathroom. She reached the end of her tether when he disappeared into the men’s room while they were having dinner at a restaurant.  

“Before he went, I gently reminded him that we were at a restaurant therefore he shouldn’t take too long inside the restroom,” she explained. 

The Food Arrives

After 30 minutes, the couple’s food arrived at the table. Worried that he was taking so long, the wife called her husband on his phone. 

When he didn’t answer, she even went into the men’s bathroom to see if he was okay. He called out that he’d “just be a minute.” But that minute turned into another 20 minutes. The wife decided to start eating without him. 

Going Nucleur

By the time the woman finished her meal, there was still no sign of her husband. She was upset, so she tried to call him one more time, but he hung up on her. Fed up, she asked the waitress to split the bill and left. When she recounted her story on Reddit, everyone clapped back    

“He’s not being 100 percent honest with you, and you should not have to be forced to sit in a restaurant for 40+ minutes waiting for him to finish using the restroom.”