Woman Takes Down Bathroom Mirror and Uncovers Secret

Behind The Mirror

She began wriggling the mirror until she was able to remove it from the wall. She can't believe her eyes when she sees the dark pit.

She resolves to step into the mirror and into the unknown, convinced that it is hiding a deadly secret. Her roommate refuses to join her and gives a warning from a safe distance. What had she discovered?

New York Apartment And Their Issues

Samantha Hartsoe, 26, was living in a New York apartment, which comes with its own set of issues. To cut costs, she shared an apartment with two other people.

But she had no idea that her flat was about to provide her with a whole new set of problems. And what was beyond the bathroom's wall would give anyone nightmares.

Hike In The Woods

Samantha was a frequent user of social media, with a particular fondness for TikTok. She recorded herself trying to find the source of a weird draught blowing through her flat and published her disturbing narrative in four sections on the app.

Samantha's story started, like any good horror storey, with a hike in the woods.

Weird Breeze Everywhere

Samantha returned from her hiking trip, but she sensed something was wrong the moment she walked through the door. A weird breeze blew in her direction, powerful enough to lift papers off the kitchen counter and blow her hair back. It was also freezing chilly in the bathroom when she went to freshen up.

A weird breeze blew in her direction, powerful enough to lift papers off the kitchen counter and blow her hair back. She went to the bathroom to freshen up and there again it was the chilly breeze.

Getting Even Weirder

Samantha murmured, "That's weird." "I don't have a vent that blows cold air." She documented the weird behaviour in a video for TikTok, a little frightened out.

Samantha filmed her hair moving as though it were in a strong wind, which was captured on video for all to witness. While the initial video wasn't very frightening, Samantha's following update sent TikTokers into a frenzy.

Frigid Draught

Samantha began her film by standing in her pyjamas in the doorway to the restroom. She's still bewildered as to why the room is so cold. She rubs her hands over the skirting boards, trying to figure out where the frigid draught is coming from.

She touches the doorjamb and claims she can sense a chill emanating from it... But from where is it coming?

The Bathroom

Samantha investigates the entire bathroom for the source of the breeze, but she can't find it. Until she senses that the air is becoming cooler as she approaches the bathroom sink.

She stops cold by placing her hands on the sides of the mirror above the sink. The icy breeze is coming from behind the bathroom mirror, she realises with a gut punch.

Beyond The Mirror

In the TikTok update, Samantha is seen informing her housemates that she has discovered something, and they all gather in her bathroom to examine. Samantha demonstrates that her mirror is not fastened to the wall, allowing her to detach it from its hook and remove it entirely.

What sends shivers down everyone's spines, though, is what's beyond the mirror.

Hole In The Wall

Samantha was shocked to discover that the mirror was not backed by plaster when she removed it. Instead, there was a square hole in the wall that led nowhere. Samantha's heart skipped a beat as she cautiously gazed inside the scary room.

The frigid wind coming up from within whipped her hair around. Samantha couldn't stop thinking about the movie Candyman.

Candyman, The Movie

Samantha and her TikTok followers made connections between what Samantha discovered behind her mirror and the scary horror film Candyman, which is unsurprising.

Candyman's name is spoken out three times throughout the film while glancing in the mirror, and the bogeyman appears. Samantha has just discovered the entrance to a monster's lair.

Is It A Secret Room?

At first, the strange hole was too dark to see anything through. Samantha speculated that it might be a secret room... or a hideaway of some sort.

Is it possible that someone is watching her via the hole while she showers? Samantha was adamant about not thinking about it. What if it turned out to be something even worse?

Only Way To Know

Samantha needed to figure out what was in the hole and where it led. After her TikTok video went popular, she claimed in an interview, "Curiosity killed the cat; curiosity is going to kill me."

"I can’t not know what’s on the other side of my bathroom." Samantha gathered up the bravery to enter. But, first and foremost, let's get this over with.

About To Venture In

She wore a facemask and constructed a headlight out of a flashlight and a headband. Then she went out and bought a hammer, just in case. Samantha was courageous, but she didn't want to descend into a Candyman-style pit without a weapon in her hand.

As she walked out into the darkness, her roommate urged, "Mean it when you swing it."

A Whole Apartment

Samantha falls down the hole and onto the floor, realising that she will not be able to climb back up. It seemed impossible to get out the way she came in. The only way was to explore and find a new way out. 

“There’s a room back here!” Samantha yells. With only the flashlight beam to guide her, she explores further and discovers something else in the unusually big space. There's a toilet nearby, as well as a few trash bags strewn about. She takes a few more steps around the room and is astounded to discover that the secret chamber was really housing another apartment the size of her own!

No More Future Mysteries

Hartsoe returned to her apartment after making her way slowly through the area, assuring viewers that she "made it out alive."

"My landlord is getting a really fun phone call tomorrow," she added as she hung the mirror back up. Hartsoe stated that she would be "cementing the mirror down" to avoid further mysteries.