This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom

Dogs Are Our Friends

Dogs are well-known for being amiable and trusting creatures. They are used to following their owners everywhere.

But why do dogs follow you to the bathroom? There are a few possible explanations for this strange behavior.


Some breeds of dogs, for example, a boxer or Doberman, are used to staying close to the owner to keep them safe. 

They can sense danger and have the urge to protect their human friend. They care for their owner a lot. 

Dog's Age

If you have adopted a puppy, your pet will follow you around. Dogs have a certain habit when they are young. They stick together with their owner and follow them everywhere. 

If you adopt an adolescent or senior dog, they will also follow you but only after trusting you.

A Pack

The dog most probably believes that its owner is a member of its pack. 

If this occurs, your pet will accompany you even into the bathroom to avoid feeling lonely.


Dogs are terrified of being alone, therefore you can expect to see this adorable creature even in the bathroom.

A dog seeks company and so it offers himself as a friend.

Curious Dogs

Dogs are often curious about your frequent visits to certain locations. They may suspect you of something and follow you if you visit it very often.

They most likely want to keep an eye on things because there is always something happening.

A Reward For Dog

If your dog's toilet is in the bathroom, he may think that you want to take him with you when you go to the bathroom.

Often pet owners reward their pets for going to the toilet at the right time when they are young to promote this habit. This indeed builds a habit. So even after growing up the dog believes he would be rewarded for going to the toilet. 

The Dog Wants To Help

Dogs are constantly willing to assist their owner.

If you go to the toilet frequently, the dog may suspect that you are having trouble and will try to see if he can help you.

Dogs Love To Play

In addition, by following you, the dog wishes to express his love and affection. Perhaps he wants to play with you with toilet paper.

Dogs love to play with household items more than toys.

One Of 'Them'

The dogs identify other dogs by sniffing their bottoms. So, when you sit on the toilet, the dog may believe you are a part of its pack and will want to sniff you as well.

 He wants to show that you are one of 'them.'

Dogs Are Missing Their Owners

When you arrive home from work, your pet wants to be close since he has been missing his owner all day.

According to them, the bathroom is one of the most comfortable places.

Eye Contact

Your pet regards you as the most attractive creature on the planet. You take care of him by feeding him, cleaning his toilet, and playing with them.

Your pet would want to keep eye contact and confirm the emotional connection you have with them.

Interesting Storage

One of the reasons your pet likes to accompany you to the restroom is the belief that you might have hidden some treats there.

Dogs often try to find something in the lavatory pan. For them, it is an endless mystery and exciting device.


One of the most powerful sensations in dogs is the sense of smell. They enjoy smelling everything, and the restroom is the best spot to try out new flavors.

Soap, shampoos, dirty towels, and garbage bins are some of the unexplored dog items.

Be Prepare For Weird Habits

If you adopt a puppy, be prepared for its strange habits to follow you everywhere, even in the bathroom.

You won't be able to stop a dog from doing this because it's ingrained in them. So you might as well get used to it.