Dogs Keep Running Away, Mom Sets Up Camera And Sees Why

She couldn't understand why her dog kept running away as soon she opened the door. It seemed like her pooch didn't like her and wanted to escape. 

Devastated, she set up a few security cameras around her property to see what her dog was really up to. But she wasn't prepared for the truth...

Meet Mariah

The 42-year-old dog owner Mariah was used to her French Bulldog running away and returning a few hours later. But one day, her dog disappeared and never came back. 

She dialed 911 and asked the authorities to help her locate her dog.


Sadly, the authorities couldn't do much. Instead, they advised her to keep looking for her dog and distribute flyers around the city. 

Half a year passed, and Mariah's dog still hadn't returned. Then, one day, she heard a familiar sound at her door. 


Mariah opened the door and saw her beloved dog Cindy sitting on her porch. Surprisingly, she was in great shape. 

She picked her up and carried her inside. "Where have you been, baby?" she asked her dog. But, little did she know, this nightmare was far from over. 

Disappeared Again 

The next morning, Mariah woke up to find that Cindy had vanished again. She had locked every door and window the night before. 

So how was this possible?

Searching For Cindy

Mariah checked her backyard and the neighboring houses, but Cindy wasn't there. 

What was her dog up to?  She decided to install cameras to get to the bottom of this mystery. 

Installing Security Cameras

Mariah had the security company install a few cameras around her property, hoping they would help her locate her precious baby. 

But what she would see on the footage was every dog owner's worst nightmare...

Home Again

A few weeks had passed, and Mariah heard the same sound at her door again. It was Cindy!

She picked her up and went straight to a pet store to buy a cage for her. There was no way she would let Cindy escape again. But Mariah couldn't understand one thing. Why did her dog look so well-kept? Was someone else taking care of her?

The Realization

Mariah wondered if one of her neighbors was looking after Cindy. Were they stealing her dog from her? What else were they capable of?

The following day, Mariah went to check on Cindy and saw an empty cage. "You've gotta be kidding!" she shouted. 

The Footage

Mariah rushed to her laptop and found the security camera footage from the night before. 

She took a deep breath and pressed play. Within minutes, she saw a stranger opening her front door with a key and grabbing Cindy. 


Cindy greeted the man and licked his hands. The stranger was none other than her ex-husband! 

Her dog wasn't running away from her. Her ex was kidnapping her while Mariah was asleep. 


Mariah was furious. How could he do something like this to her?

She lived in a house that used to belong to both of them, but since the divorce, it belonged to her and only her. 

Sneaky Man

Mariah hadn't had the chance to change the locks, and her ex-husband still had the key. 

As it turns out, he bought a house a few blocks down her street so he could sneak into her home whenever he pleased. 

The Explanation

Mariah rushed to his house and demanded an explanation. Her ex-husband calmly explained that the dogs belonged to him since he was the one who adopted them from the shelter. 

However, the court had already ruled out that the two French Bulldogs belonged to Mariah. 

A Warning

Mariah immediately called the authorities and had them issue her ex-husband a warning to not try this again. 

A few weeks later, her ex-husband sold the house and moved away to another state.