Tennessee Couple Awake To Find This In Their Bed

A Rude Awakening 

The storm had raged on all night. It had been a restless night with all the wind and rain howling outside, but they must have fallen asleep at some point. It seemed to have eased, and Jenna couldn’t hear much noise outside now. 

Yet, something had awakened her; it was a strange feeling. As she felt something moving in the bed with them, Jason’s eyes opened at the same, and they both jumped up in shock when they realized what was in their bed.

A Peaceful Life 

Jenna Ryder and her husband Jason had been married for some time. The couple were happy and settled in their lives together.

The neighborhood of Tennessee that they lived in was relatively safe and a great place to raise a family. It was the kind of place where people didn’t even need to lock their doors, or so they thought.

Changing Seasons

It was the end of April. The weather had started to turn a bit but, all in all, it was as pleasant a time of year as ever despite spring coming to a close.

As May rolled in, the first signs of some rough weather began to show. The Ryders went about their days as normal. They had never had any issues during stormy weather before, so they had no reason to think otherwise this time.

A New Experience

The couple did not have kids as yet but did have three dogs. Being loving pet owners, they were accustomed to sometimes sharing their bed with one or more of the pooches.

Like everyone else, the couple’s home was their sanctum. They had never felt uneasy or in any danger before, but this all changed one day.

Changing Times 

Both had been Tennessee natives their entire lives. While they weren’t the type to keep their head in the sand, neither had ever had cause to worry.

However, it wasn’t long before some troubling news began to circulate. Just one town over, there seemed to be a bit of a burglary spree going on, and it was getting worse each week.

Normal Lives 

Jenna was an avid social media follower, and as much as she enjoyed staying in touch with the latest trends, she was aware that this form of news had its pitfalls.

With so much sensationalism and fake news, it wasn’t always apparent which sources could be fully trusted. The couple, therefore, decided not to let the troubling news affect them too much.

Closer To Home 

When burglaries started being reported closer to their neighborhood, it was concerning. Still, the couple had good fences and security. 

If all else failed, they also knew that it would be difficult for anyone to enter their home without rousing their three dogs. They never expected that they’d actually have an intruder in their home. 

An Ordinary Day 

The day in question started as an ordinary one. There was good weather during the day, and, being a weekend, the couple shared a typical day at home. 

By the afternoon, things slowly started to change. As Jenna settled in and began relaxing after all their errands had been run, that was when she noticed the first signs of trouble. 

The Warning

Local social media groups that Jenna followed online drew her attention to a weather warning. While it wasn’t unusual to have rain at that time of year, the warnings all spoke of possible “inclement weather.” 

Jenna told Jason about it, and the couple decided to keep their dogs inside for the night. As the evening drew closer, the skies suddenly darkened dramatically, and the storm began.  

A Rough Night 

The storm was intense, but it was soon apparent that the “flooding” threats that were being circulated were likely caused by unnecessary panicking. 

The storm was noisier than anything else, and the howling wind was soon punctuated by loud thunder too. As the couple settled into bed, they could tell it would be a long night. 

The Unexpected Surprise 

The couple eventually managed to fall asleep. Around dawn, Jenna was suddenly awakened. She turned over as she felt something stir beside her. The weather was calmer outside now, and her mind instantly thought of the burglary stories circulating. 

Jason awoke too, and it was suddenly clear that something or someone else was in their bed. As the couple moved aside the comforter and saw what it was, they both jumped back in shock.

A New Friend 

For a moment, the couple thought one of their dogs had climbed into bed with them. It was indeed a dog. However, to their surprise, they had no idea whose dog this was or where it had come from. 

The pooch, a gorgeous pitbull-labrador mix, was blissfully unaware of the fright it had given them. Despite being in a stranger’s home, the cute little intruder seemed to have spent the entire night snuggled up beside them. 

The Mystery

By the morning, the storm had passed, and the air was still. When the Ryders checked their yard, they realized that the wind, thunder, and lightning must have gotten rough during the night. 

Their yard was a little messy from all the stuff that had been strewn about by the storm. It was now apparent that the strange dog had likely gotten a fright during the storm and found its way into their house. Still, one mystery remained.

His Family

The doors were all closed, and no windows were broken. It was a complete mystery how the dog had gotten in. In any event, she was so cute and loving that they didn’t mind either way. The dog loved to snuggle and instantly got along with the couple and their dogs. 

They were happy to let her share their home for a while. Realizing that she was domesticated, Jenna took to social media to try and track down her family. 

The Reunion

Soon the doggy’s real owners came forward. The Ryder’s learned she actually lived 2 miles away and had likely run away out of fear of the thunder that night. She was reunited with her family but had clearly enjoyed her time with the Ryders. 

There were lots of last-minute snuggling and puppy kisses all around before she finally left. More than anything else, Jenna and Jason were left with some cute memories and one unusual story to tell.