Mother Cries After Discovering What Her Children Were Doing In The Bathroom In Secret

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "I didn't raise you like this," she said, sobbing. Her children looked at each other and smiled.

"We didn't do anything bad," Susie said. "This is how I express my love." The mom was in complete shock. "This isn't normal behavior for siblings!" she shouted. "You're both grounded!" What had happened? 

Timmy And Susie

Timmy was five-years-old, and Susie was seven, and there was no one they loved more than each other. Their parents worked almost 24/7, so the two siblings often had to stay home alone and care for each other. 

They were two little children who felt neglected and unwanted by their parents. But everything got worse when Timmy got sick. 

Feeling Sick

Every day, Timmy would tell his parents that his stomach hurt, but they were convinced that he was lying since it coincided with the beginning of the school year. 

Six months had passed, and Timmy was still in pain. He also started to vomit at night. Susie told her parents that her brother was throwing up, but they thought he had just gotten food poisoning and would be fine the next day. They were wrong...

Feeling Worse

The two siblings eventually realized there was no way their parents would believe Timmy was sick and decided not to bother them anymore. 

But what was wrong with the little boy?

A Horrific Scene 

Timmy was losing more and more weight, and his face was pale all the time. 

The teachers at his school asked Timmy's parents if their son was ill, but they denied it.

Only Support

Only his older sister was able to understand what he was going through. 

She was the only one who believed him. Then, one night, their mother entered the bathroom and saw Timmy covered in bloody vomit. 

In Shock

Susie was helping Timmy hold himself while he was vomiting blood. When the boy looked at his mother, she realized how stupid she had been for not believing her son.

Timmy was very sick, and she didn't know what was wrong with him. 

Calling An Ambulance

Naturally, Susie and Timmy assumed they were in trouble, seeing how shocked and upset their mother was. Neither of them realized how dangerous it could be for a little child to vomit daily.

The mother called an ambulance, and little Timmy was taken to the hospital. When the diagnosis finally came, the entire family was devastated. 

Terminal Cancer

Little Timmy had cancer in a terminal state, a tumor that could have been treated if his parents had paid attention to his symptoms from the beginning. 

Timmy's parents felt like the most miserable people in the world. Every day, they ignored their own child's pain, and now he was on the verge of death. 

Too Late

The doctors explained to Timmy's parents that there was nothing they could do to save the little boy. It was too late. Timmy passed away two weeks later in the hospital. 

Susie stopped speaking to her parents after her brother died. And as soon as she turned 18, she went to study in another city. 

Oncology Nurse

Susie became an oncology nurse. She had learned how to stand up for herself, and although she remained in touch with her parents, she was never able to forgive them.

The memory of her little brother was still too painful. 

Painful Memory

She dedicated her life to helping children with cancer, and she didn't stop working for a second until her retirement day. 

Almost every night, Susie dreamed of her little brother and cried in her sleep. She blamed herself for not taking Timmy to the hospital. 

Mature Child

Susie was only seven years old when her brother passed away, but she felt much older than her age. 

Since both of her parents had always been so carefree, she had learned many things on her own and transferred her knowledge to her little brother. 

Neglected Kids

That's how they got through life with no support from an adult. Susie and Timmy wanted nothing more than to be taken seriously by their parents, and every day they tried hard to make their parents notice them.  

But this never happened. 


Susie never married and spent most of her free time in the hospital looking after sick children. 

She helped them until the last of her days because her brother never stopped inspiring her.