“They’re Not a Part of this Family!”: People Sharing Horrible Experiences with Their In-laws

1. Forced Homelessness

My DIL decided, after years of manipulating my son, to walk out on him and their two kids. A few hours later she changes her mind and bombards him with all kinds of crap for a week. 

And then she gains access to the house when he’s out and changes the locks causing him and their two young kids to be homeless. She sucks! 


2. Causing Havoc

This crazy girl I was dating gaslit my whole family and tried to drive a massive wedge in. My mom swears that the crazy girl even maced her pillow when she stayed one week as a warning to back off. 

Normally I hate it when my mom interferes with my personal life but the day I came home to find she’d turfed the crazy girl’s things out on the lawn and had the locks changed was one of the most relieving days of my life. 

I went from not being able to find my way out of a terrible dating mistake to being free to live my life again because my moms intuition and lion instincts kicked in. 

We only dated for 5 months but crazy chicks work hard and fast to secure their forts. 


3. Food Rations

A friend’s brother married this girl who was his college friend. They were very happy and had a baby girl. Suddenly her father passed away and her mother went to stay with son and DIL. At first she was ok. But after like a month, DIL started to lock the fridge (in india fridges come with internal locks) and pantry doors. 

She started cutting down MIL's food. When my friend came to know about this, we went to her brother's place, packed her mom's stuff and brought her back to my friend's house. Scary lady that DIL. Brother didn't say anything to his wife.


4. My DIL is a Beast

We lived on the other side of the country from them so we didn't have many visits -- one or two a year. When we visited, all was well -- the house was clean, the kids were cared for, etc. She was fun to be around.

However, once we left, life went back to "normal" for my son and grandkids. She would say she was going to the store and would not come home for 2 to 4 days. She did drugs. 

She did not clean -- anything. My son traveled for business and when he was gone she had many different men in the house. He would come home to a trashed house, trashed car, trashed everything. She would put the kids to bed, then leave to party. She kept the two oldest kids home from school when he traveled -- she was too busy sleeping from partying all night to take them to school. As he was making plans to leave her and take the kids, she killed the youngest child and is now in jail awaiting trial. All of this came out after the child died. I wish they had never met. 


5. Difference of Opinions

I'm apparently the crazy DIL. One of our kids asked to change pronouns and live as a girl which we fully supported. It wasn't a surprise to us, we've seen it coming for a long time, and had gone so far as to let some family members know that it seemed like our child was on that path. Well my FIL told my husband that he thought I was forcing our child to do this because of, "how much I hate men," at which point we decided that our children would no longer be going to their house unsupervised because we weren't going to subject them to that attitude. And then covid hit which meant they couldn't really see the kids at all anyway. 

MIL threw a fit about how unfair all of this was to her. They've both decided I hate them. I have very little sympathy for the corner they've backed themselves into. When they apologize and commit to supporting their granddaughter then we can talk about reforming a relationship. 


6. Highly Irresponsible

My mother always tried with my ex SIL but she was a nutcase. XSIL and my brother were separated after she abandoned their son at the daycare center to run away and start a new life; my brother ended up with full custody of my nephew.

The straw that broke the camel's back for my mom was when XSIL tried to kidnap my nephew and steal my brother's car during a visitation period (my mom was there to witness the whole thing) she didn't secure my nephew (2yo) into his seat and she crashed into a light pole in her haste - luckily nobody was hurt. My mother never forgave her for that and had to step in for my brother a few times during law proceedings to make sure that XSIL never got more than visitation rights. XSIL currently has every other weekend visitation and hasn't seen him in 5 years but has 4 other children by all different fathers - trying to tie one down.


7. Sister-in-law from Hell

My brother's ex wife instigated a fight with him over the phone, recorded him once she got him mad, and reported him to the police. She then told them exactly where to find him, as he was employed as a high school teacher at the time.

She stopped making payments on the house after she got him out and eventually it was repossessed. She started cavorting around with our younger brother, and dated him for like two years after they divorced. We think that they had been running around behind his back for at least three years beforehand, and personally I'm pretty sure she groomed him from as young as 16. 

And the real kicker: she was running around with our younger brother mostly at our mom's house.

Just a completely disgusting sociopathic monster. I've told my brother if he needs her tires slashed so she misses a court date, I'm in. 


8. Darned If You Do, Darned If You Don’t

My sister experienced it when she lived with our brother and his wife. SIL had a very particular way of doing things. So she told my sister to not do anything because SIL had an order. Dishes? Nope, leave it in the sink. Cleaning? Nope, you're not doing it my way. So as my SIL said, my sister didn't touch any cleaning. Then SIL got upset that my sister didn't clean. Made a powerpoint presentation on everything my sister did wrong. These presentations would last a minimum of 20 minutes and up to an hour or so. My sister was confused because when she did help, she was told she was doing it wrong and SIL told her to stop. Now that she stopped, SIL is mad my sister isn't helping.

My sister isn't dirty by any means, she knows how to clean up. It just wasn't being done the way SIL wanted it to be done. My sister had to sit through multiple presentations when she lived with them.


9. You Get What You Deserve

How my mom did not flip out on my SIL has always amazed me. My sister in law does everything in her power to be miserable about my mom. My mom sold her and my brother a truck instead of giving it out for free — she called her a horrible person.

My mom gave her boyfriend tamales on a real plate one Christmas instead of paper like the rest of us. She called her a witch.

My brother's family has colds. My mom doesn't drop everything to get them popsicles, soup, ETC. She had the audacity to wait a little bit to make them a care package (read sarcasm). She called her a monster.

She gets mad texts from my mom and calls my mom a piece of crap. My brother tried to keep the peace but it just rarely happened. I will never understand why she dislikes my mom so much. My mom isn't perfect but my SIL is nuts .

My brother passed away last April and my SIL made it a little weird and hurt my mom but that's a whole different post.  


10. Running Into Debt

My SIL is problematic and my mum can't stand her either. She was lovely at first, seemed really nice but then she started staying over more often until she was practically living with us and that's when the problems began.  

I was a teenager at the time and used to be allowed to bring friends back and my mum would provide us with a little alcohol because in her eyes it meant she could supervise us and it stopped us getting way too drunk out in the street somewhere. The only rules for this were don't drink too much and keep the noise down which we did, however SIL could hear a pin drop and would send my brother down to tell us all to shut up even though neither he or my mum could hear a thing from us. It got to the point where we would try to find somewhere else to go if we knew she was there which made my mum worried sick I was gonna end up dead in a ditch somewhere.  

So one night she's in the kitchen grabbing food while we're playing games in the living room, not making a peep because we're too focused on the game when once again my brother appears to tell us to shut up not knowing my mum’s there. She. Blew. Up. Shouted at my brother in front of all of us about how we weren't making a sound, the volume was even pretty low on the TV then she stomped upstairs and went off at SIL for it. She left shortly after and didn't come back for a while but eventually she apologized and started coming over again and once again things began to repeat itself.  

Fast forward a bit. My brother is planning on proposing to her, he has it all planned out how he's gonna do it in her favorite restaurant and it all sounded very romantic. Cut to the day, he's all excited, he knows she's gonna say yes because they'd been discussing it for a while and he decides that today at the restaurant he's gonna joke with her about how he doesn't want to get married. His joke about it doesn't go over well though and she blows up at him in the restaurant and leaves. He's now in a panic and trying to chase after her but he's lost sight of her so he jumps in a taxi to her mums flat only to see she's in the one in front of him. He catches up to her on the stairs, out of breath and crying and proposes to her there and then, trying to explain he thought she'd get that he was joking, he said it in such a sarcastic voice there's no way she would have thought it was real. 

So they're now engaged and saving for a wedding, or they're supposed to be but she decides she really wants to go to NYC (we live in the UK) for a holiday so the wedding gets postponed twice because she decides one trip wasn't enough. Brother is now beginning to fall into debt as she keeps jumping between jobs and can't afford to pay for anything herself so he asks us not to get him anything for birthdays and Christmas as he could no longer get anything for us and would feel guilty but we couldn't have him go without though. The expensive wedding she wanted isn't helping either and she's become a right bridezilla unwilling to listen to compromise or anything.  

So nothing extraordinary happens on the wedding day and off they go once again to NYC for their honeymoon. Once they get back however she plans several more NYC trips for them and a few trips around the UK too just to get tattoos because god forbid she go to an artist that isn't Instagram famous and she just needs to go to these expensive makeup shops in London too. Of course this is all funded by my brother and his credit cards. We barely hear from or see my brother anymore because she doesn't like that my mum shouted at her all those years before, she makes absolutely no attempt to communicate with us whatsoever but fully expects my brother to take her mum out for lunches and dinners which really upsets my mum. This carries on until just before the pandemic when my brother's cards were fully maxed out, he's in debt that's gonna take years to get out of and can no longer pay for her expensive lifestyle. They split up.  

We don't know at 1st as they continue to live together but we can tell some things up since we begin to actually see my brother and hear from him more often again and not just when he's looking to borrow money. I was 1st to find out that his best friend works at the pub I always go to and he has the biggest smile on his face which is rare. He never liked her from day one and would constantly tell my brother to get rid of her so when he found out he was over the moon. He asked if I'd heard yet and then almost danced on the spot saying it was over with them and I must admit I was the same too. I immediately phoned my mum and she was so happy to hear the news too.  

He's doing alright now, unfortunately because of the debt and covid he still lives with her but he's getting his finances back in order though (with no help from her majesty who until travel bans was flying abroad to see her new boyfriend) and hopefully soon he'll be able to move out and finally be rid of the gold digging witch for good. 


11. Lack of Boundaries

In my MIL's POV, I am the evil snake that is ruining her family and its values. I'm manipulating her son into a man that rejects his family and won't let them into our lives. My husband suddenly has these boundaries and secrets. He doesn't want to be involved in anything with his family and refuses to invite them over to see our children. I must be changing him and turning him against them! It's all my fault!

Reality is... my MIL is a huge boundary stomper and doesn't have basic respect for us. We have very simple boundaries and she has fits about them because she can't do whatever she wants when she wants. For goodness sake, she literally bitched about how she had to "make an appointment" to come over to our house instead of just popping by whenever she felt like it. She expects my husband to be her personal free laborer and her idea of family is her being heavily involved in every aspect of my and my husband's lives. Her increasing ridiculousness just keeps pushing my husband further away from her with each issue she blows up on. 

So yeah, I'm a horrible DIL in my MIL's eyes, but I'm honestly neutral about it. I don't need or want her approval.


12. Ostracized

The son of one of my mum's friends was on track to become an engineer and then he met this girl. She was a teacher and wanted to be a "full time mummy" (which there was nothing wrong with).

He ended up dropping out of his degree as she told him she got pregnant, he works at a dead end job and she demanded she cut him off from all his family. She's very anti-vax/5G and is totally consumed with every conspiracy theory going.

He no longer talks to his mum, or any of the family. I grew up with him and he was always such a level-headed, confident guy and now his Facebook feed is full of anti-vax nonsense, baby pictures or messages between him and his now-wife about how they're going to have the best family forever.

The mother of the guy respects his wishes, but whenever my mum mentions her, she always says that she feels like she lost her son. It's a bit heartbreaking tbh.


13. She’s Divorced, Not Contagious

My sibling had the worst mother-in-law. This woman would not talk to our mother because she was divorced. Technically our mother had biblical grounds for doing this but when mom entered the room the MIL would leave. 

After a while it just got ridiculous and mom would just flit from room to room to freak with her at the kid birthday parties. No one felt strongly enough to put their foot down and stop the game.


14. Split Personality

My MIL has a very rocky relationship with one of her daughters-in-law. There are a few of us. This one time this particular DIL (with a rocky relationship) had started "being nice" to our MIL by going to lunch with her and giving her advice on how to change annoying aspects of her personality. This lasted for a couple of months. 

Finally the DIL had an absolute rage session and started screaming at the MIL saying how she could no longer be part of this ruse and that all her attempts at being friendly and trying to change the MIL's personality was pointless because the MIL was too stupid. To this day they don't get along and family gatherings are always super uncomfortable. This of course is from my POV so I can't say for certain what was actually going on in either of their heads, but there you have it.


15. Awkward DIL

When I met my sister’s now husband (then boyfriend), he was dragging her by her hair to the car because she left the house without telling him and he thought she was with a guy. She was having lunch with me.

The second time I met him they had an argument at my parents’ house in my room while I was in it. He kicked me out and shut the door, I had my ear on the door and I heard muffled noise, then loud gasping. I was banging on the door shouting and begging him to let me in. Turns out he was pushing my pillow on her face.

I made the mistake of moving in with them to help my sister with the baby because yes they thought having a baby was a good idea.

They had an argument and he lifted her up like something out of WWE and let her drop to the floor. I called the cops, she told them whoever called was a liar. They took him in anyway, she bailed him out cus she missed him. 


16. Wedding Disaster

My sister got married outdoors on a beautiful, calm, blue-sky day.  Just as the ceremony started, a big black cloud moved in over the hill.  When the minister said, "if anyone objects to these two being married..." a sudden wind came up, blew the set/stage/altar apart, and it started to rain hard.

I'm pretty sure it was a sign from God, and I'm a devout atheist. 


17. Compulsive Liar

My brother was married to a compulsive liar. I honestly didn't think the wedding would go ahead but it did and then the marriage lasted about 18 months. I was a bridesmaid and in the week leading up to the wedding I was trying to track down my bridesmaid's dress with the store my ex-SIL said she had ordered them through. Couldn't get any info out of the store, so the Tuesday before the wedding my Mum & I went down to the store to find out what was wrong.

The store had no record at either one of their locations, Mum blew up and lost her temper at the poor girls that worked there. We went away to calm down and call the bride-to-be to get to the bottom of it. It turned out that she had never ordered the dresses to begin with (and pocketed the deposits both bridesmaids had given her for the dresses). We had to go back to apologize to the girls in the store. Over the next few days we found out she hadn't booked a photographer or bought the flower girls dress either. I thought for sure my brother would cancel the wedding but they talked it all over and it went ahead. 18 months later she cheated on him and that was it, they separated. A lot of dirty laundry and secrets came out in the break up, including how she had been hiding bills and not paying others. 

He is so much better off without her, and I'm really glad that they didn't end up having kids even though they were trying when she cheated on him. He has since met a wonderful girl, who he is happy living with on the other side of the country and is now at university studying. She was really holding him back. 


18. Let’s Make a Bet

At my wife's sister's wedding myself, my wife and my mother-in-law had a betting pool with the groom's two brothers on how long the marriage would last. Lowest guess was 13 months by my mother-in-law. Lasted 10.

They started marriage counseling while engaged. The honeymoon involved separate vacations. Thank Christ there were no kids. Her second marriage was even worse.


19. Crazy Step-dad

So my mother recently married a man that she knew in high school (they didn't see each other for 20 years, then reunited and got engaged within 3 months). 

He had no car, no job, and was living with his dad at 40 years old. She didn't even know he was an alcoholic until after they were engaged. He slurred through the vows at their wedding!


20. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A few months back my sister married a super nice guy. They hadn't been dating that long, like right under a year. They were super happy and looked like a perfect marriage. So the perfect happy couple got married and literally 4 days after being legally married, my sister calls me crying and screaming that newly wed husband is attacking her. As the heroic little brother I rush over to her place as fast as I can burst inside to see him and her having a standoff in the living room he's bleeding holding a knife and she's screaming bloody murder so I think my sister is about to be stabbed to death so I grab the .38 off my hip yell at him to drop the knife, he spins around I blast a round into his left thigh he's screaming blood everywhere I call 911. Police, paramedics, everyone shows up. Turns out that my sister and him had a dispute about her 'guy friend' at work she's always texting. 

Sister gets mad, stabs husband with knife husband somehow wrestles knife away from my lunatic sister tries to calm the situation and I bust in the door and shoot the poor man. Great guy didn't press charges. We got it settled all nice like I paid his medical bills and they divorced. I gained a new best friend with a bullet scar and I don't really talk to my sister.


21. Forgetful

Not an in-law, but I was pretty sure about my buddy getting a divorce soon when he and his ex-wife would "forget" their wedding bands at home and then all night jokingly/not jokingly tell one another "Oh look, I forgot my ring! Guess we aren't really married then!"

They did it constantly and had only been married for like 3 months. They were divorced within a year.


22. Much Ado About Nothing

It was Christmas time and my sister and her husband were buying gifts at a mall. They stopped at a little cart selling spiced nuts. They bought some. They also each got to have a sample one. She was holding both his and hers and he asked her to hold some stuff for him and to free up her hand, without really thinking, she ate his sample nut. 

Even though they had just bought a package of them, he lost his freaking mind about it and wouldn't speak to her for the rest of the day because she ate his sample. His anger was always disproportionate like that. I knew it couldn't last much longer at that point.


23. Off the Deep End

My sister dated a guy for years. It was rocky and not healthy in any way, but it was by far the best relationship she'd ever been in. I was coming around to the possibility that he might become my brother-in-law.

She dumped him. 2 weeks later she had moved in with a guy who was still very much the junkie she had been trying to stop being herself. He told my Mormon parents stories about wandering around the highway on acid and being cursed in Africa. He had an explosive temper, zero prospects or desire for prospects, and brought out the worst in her. They got married 8 months later.

They stayed married for a decade. She stopped doing drugs (but still drinks, although only occasionally to excess), finished school, went to nursing school, got her master's. He kept a job for a few months once. When he fell off the wagon again and stole and sold a bunch of her stuff and then broke into my parents' place to steal and sell their stuff, they finally divorced. He kept stalking her for a while, mainly looking for fixed money. Haven't heard anything recently, probably because she has a boyfriend who is interested in being a better person and truly cares about her and her well being.


24. Terrible Match

This was my in-laws' cousin's ex. Her Facebook was literally nothing but booty shots and shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with showing off your nice body and things that you worked hard for. But this girl worked for nothing and really had no redeemable qualities about her.

But, she wasn't the only one to blame. He had broken up with a really nice girl. Rumor has it he hit her, but he said she was bipolar. Whatever. After they broke up, he met her. His family pretty much told him to watch out for her but he told them to butt out. They did, all while knowing inside it wouldn't work, but they were still hoping they were wrong.

He's very smitten with her and goes on bragging about how good of a husband he's going to be and how you should treat your wife, basically letting her have everything she wants no matter what. Family and friends saw this were all wtf and he began blocking anyone who tried to tell him he needed to think about it.

She changes her appearance (no more tight, revealing clothes) and tones down her Facebook and she gets the ring and the ability to update her status on Facebook.

Shortly after, they got pregnant and her mom moved in. So it's her and her mom ruling the house. At this point, she really begins showing her horns when she begins mass uninviting his family from her baby shower (my mom and I were still there since she made the cake). The baby comes around and she's having him tell his mom she can't see the baby. His mom beats some sense into him and he finally grows a spine and puts his foot down.

So she moves out and takes everything with her. He doesn't even get a couch to sleep on. They divorced recently and they're both still the same people. There's a lot more stupidity that happened during the time between the separation and divorce but... We all saw it coming.


25. Racist MIL

My MIL refused to even sit in the same room as me from the very start let alone meet me. Because I’m white, have tattoos and didn’t get a college degree (still successful with a great salary) and because I had been in a relationship before so won’t treasure her son. 

Actually it was because she wanted her son's money and affection all to herself. Well her son and I aren’t together anymore, you can have the SOB!  


26. Lacks Respect

Dad knew after bro brought my ex (thank god) SIL home to introduce her that she was trouble. They left to do whatever. Dad was very quiet for a moment, then said gravely, "That witch is going to be trouble."

And he was right. So very right. 

How do I document 20 years of craziness? I'd take up the whole page. Some of the million things she did... she started out by hating my mother right off the bat for no good reason. 

Now, Mom wasn't perfect by a long shot, but she was not a bad person by any stretch (both of her sons-in-law wept at her funeral and still miss her, if that tells you anything). She even tried to get Mom committed. She turned bro - who was already a lying narcissist - into a monster. She refused to let our parents have a relationship with their children, which is as much his fault as hers. There is so much more but I think you get the point.

Karma bit bro back for inflicting her on us, though - they've been divorced for about seven or eight years now, and she took him to court a couple of years ago to increase her alimony. She doesn't need alimony - she has a trust fund, her dad is wealthy. It's pure spite. She's just that nasty of a person. And she won the petition, too! I was amazed.


27. Selfish Woman

SIL here and I knew their marriage wouldn’t last when they announced their engagement. I had met her before and she had seemed a little high-strung, a little immature but seemed like an ok person and she and my brother hadn't been dating very long. I hadn't seen her in a setting where others were supposed to be the center of attention. 

We were at a close family friend's rehearsal dinner. Brother brought his girlfriend as his date. The groom's family had picked this nice Italian restaurant that had needed to be reserved months in advance. Bro's girlfriend tried to get everyone to change venues because she "felt like Chinese food." When she didn't get her way she showed up to the restaurant pouting, arms folded, lower lip out. She snarled at the waiter that he had better have Pepsi or she was "going to mess things up." She ordered the most expensive item on the menu and then refused to eat it.

 As in it sat there untouched while she scarfed down her fifth Pepsi. Then in a moment of silence from the rest of the table, she slid her engagement ring on her hand under the table, lifted it up and screamed, "I'm engaged!!" At the top of her lungs and said, "I bet you all are sorry now you wouldn't let me have Chinese on my engagement night." My date convinced her to let us take her out for desserts at a little bakery up the street with the goal of getting her out of the restaurant hoping everyone else could give attention to the actual bride and groom of the weekend. As we were leaving, my brother's now fiancée  turned to my parents, her future in-laws, and said, "Don't think I don't know you all don't like me." 

She got up to similar shenanigans on every family holiday, their wedding, and their divorce.


28. Gold Digger

Thankfully this marriage never happened; the relationship ended shortly after the proposal, but I knew my brother's fiancee was a gold digger within an hour of first talking to her. My brother makes a ton of money, and I'm pretty sure that she latched onto him because she wanted him to pay her credit card and student loan debts. There were so many red flags, I'm kinda shocked that my brother managed to ignore them all. When I asked her what she liked about my brother, she said, "Uhhhhhh.... Well, he has a really high paying job and he's good at fixing things, so he's pretty useful, hahaha!!" 

She also kept talking about how she was taking time off from medical school, and it became really obvious to me that she was trying to use marriage as a way to drop out of medical school completely and live off of my brother's money. 

She also spent the entire time talking about designer bags and dresses, and how she'd been taking out loans to buy herself thousands of dollars' worth of bags. I hung out with her for a few hours, and by the end of it, I was 100% sure she didn't like him as a person at all. I ended up telling my mom, who told my brother, and he confronted her and she admitted to all of it and they broke up.


29. League of Disaster

My sister met a guy on League of Legends (first mistake right there) who lived a couple states away and was in the Air Force. She moved there to live with him, I was under the impression they were only dating. A while later I found out they had got married without telling anyone, including our parents. I found out after they had been married for a year, my parents found out a couple months before me and neglected to tell me for some stupid reason. 

Anyway, I knew it was DONE when her SO turned 21 (she was 25 and I was 18 at the time). They went out for his birthday and he drank his head off.

 He was super freaked out when he and my sister got back to their home, so she drew a bath for him so he could try to get a grip. He ended up going literally freaking insane; he threw a butcher knife at her as she was running to her car. For some reason, the dude literally thought he was satan incarnate and had to be manhandled by the police. 

The state pressed charges on him, my sister did not want to though. Despite the fact, he did not lose his job in the military. He was clearly abusive and my sister was a step away from suffering Stockholm syndrome. My brother, mom, and I ended up driving 12 hrs away to rescue her a couple days prior to Christmas (they knew we were coming under the intent of bringing my sister home). Definitely the weirdest Christmas day of my life.


30. Cycle of Abuse

It hasn't crashed yet, but much like the town of Centralia PA, near where they live, it is slowly burning to bits underneath.

She was in an abusive, cheating relationship for 3 years (from age 23-26) and they finally split when she got knocked up with his kid. I'm not sure if he ended it with her (on account of him having 3 other kids with other exes) or if she just realized this guy with no prospects couldn't be a father.

Cut to two years later, she has a beautiful son, finished her nursing degree, and is finally making decent money with a stable job.

She decides to get back in the dating scene, but is 28 and has put on some weight.

She moves in with the first guy she goes on a date with, literally 2 months after they meet. He is nice enough, and has a couple kids. But she left her beautiful apartment to go live in a trailer with him.

He has no prospects, is 15 years older, and barely pulls in enough income to live in the trailer. I'm just waiting for the day she wakes up and realizes she can do so much better. She doesn't deserve an alcoholic who makes 1/2 of what she does, leaving her to support his kids, as well as her own. She was just beginning to pull out of debt and the cycle of substance abuse in her family, too.