These Costco Products Will Never Be On Shelves Again

Outdoor Food Membership

You had to pay an annual membership if you wanted to visit Costco. But you could still access the outdoor food court without spending a penny. 

Well, this is no longer the case. You'll need a membership card if you want to buy anything from Costco's food court. 

Half Sheet Cakes

Remember those half sheet cakes your parents used to get you for your birthday? Well, Costco got rid of them not too long ago. 

The wholesaler shared an announcement with USA TODAY: “Currently, we’re not selling the product at any U.S. locations, and as of right now, we have no immediate plans to bring it back. We’re focusing on our smaller chocolate cakes that seem to be resonating with our members.”

Polish Dogs

The reaction to Costco's elimination of the Polish dog was so negative that the company had to make an official statement on its website about its decision. 

They claimed the all-beef ones were healthier anyway, but the customers were still unsatisfied. 

Kirkland Five-Pocket Jeans

Costco pulled these jeans out from all of its U.S. locations and replaced them with a new design. 

People were upset, and the backlash made the company put them back on the shelves. 

Kirkland Signature Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars

These protein bars used to be very popular. So it's hard to understand why Costco decided to take them off. 

You can't find these delicious protein bars in any of its stores anymore!

Beyond Meat Burgers

Beyond Meat Burgers was the brand that everyone hated. So it was no surprise that Costco decided to remove them from the shelves. 

Nobody wants their veggie burger to taste like cardboard!

Kirkland Body Soap 

Kirkland Body Soap was a good quality product, but the smell was so strong that many people simply couldn't stand it. 

Customers made it pretty clear that they didn't like this product. 

Fresh-Made Gelato

Back in the days, you could buy this fresh-made gelato for just $1.50. People loved the gelato and how cheap it was. 

But for some reason, Costco decided to remove it from their menu a few years ago, and no one knows why!

Kirkland Signature’s Frozen Four-Cheese Ravioli

This product used to be one of the most beloved items at Costco. So, when the company decided to remove it from the shelves, it's no surprise that people put up quite a fight to bring the four-cheese ravioli back. 

In 2012, one man even volunteered to pay for their production himself. What a generous man!

Flavor-Blasted Graham Goldfish

Unfortunately, these S'more flavored crackers never took off, and Costco removed them from the shelves. 

This product disappeared from the stores for good!

All-American Chocolate Cake

This product was a huge success when it was first released. It weighed 7 pounds and cost less than $17.

All-American Chocolate Cake contained over 13,000 calories, but that didn't stop customers from buying it.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Costco used to sell soft pretzels with different flavors such as cinnamon-sugar ones. 

Costco removed them from the shelves, and no one has any idea why they did it. 

Free Samples

Who doesn't love free samples! One of the main reasons people visited Costco was the free samples. 

Bus due to Covid-19, the company decided to get rid of them, too. We hope they'll bring them back soon, though!

 Food Court Calzones

Costco's food court used to sell two large calzones for under $7. Sadly, these dishes never took off and were dropped a few years ago. 

Why? Because they weren't profitable for the company. 

Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

When Costco decided to sell sugar-free gummy bears, they thought customers would love them. But they were so wrong!

They soon learned that the artificial sweetener maltitol, which was used to replace the sugar, acted as a laxative and caused extreme gastrointestinal distress.