Soldier Catches Girlfriend Cheating, But Her Confession Made Him Drop To His Knees

Heart Breaks Into A Million Pieces

Andrew can feel his heart slowly break into a million pieces; like smooshed ice cream melting on a hot road. His body wants to either run far away or scream at his girlfriend in anger. But instead, Andrew remains where he is. All he can do is stare lifelessly at his girlfriend, fixated on the brown eyes of the woman who just broke his heart. 

He always thought her eyes were golden, but looking at them now he could see no trace of the vibrancy they once held, no trace of the 18-year-old girl he once knew. His heart is completely broken, and what beats in his chest is merely a mass of angry muscle that will function only until he can avenge her.

The Beginning Of A Romance

Andrew met the ‘love of his life’ Andrea, when the soldier himself was enrolled in basic army training in Rochester, New York. Andrea was 18 and in her senior year of high school, but he wasn’t much older, either. 

They started out as friends, and he soon found himself falling in love. Luckily, the feelings were mutual. But he had no idea his world was about to get turned upside down. 

Short-Lived Bliss

The young couple’s relationship was blossoming. After he finished basic training, Andrew invited Andrea to his graduation. He felt he couldn’t be happier. 

But he knew the bliss wouldn’t last long, as his first deployment was coming up soon. He asked her if she would wait for him, and she said yes without hesitating. But Andrew had no idea what was coming. 

Trying To Make Long Distance Work

The soldier was deployed to South Korea. He tried to talk to his girlfriend as often as possible, and he would go on Skype whenever he had any free time. 

Andrea seemed very busy and wasn’t online as much as he would have liked her to be. But he didn’t mind, as long as she told him what was going on in her life. For example, spring break was coming up. And a terrible feeling hit the pit of Andrew’s stomach. 

Spring Break Plans

His girlfriend told him she and her two best friends had a really fun trip planned for spring break and both had found a temporary job in California, which would pay enough money for their spring break vacation. 

She didn’t go into detail about what the job entailed, but she was ecstatic so he felt happy for her. He was also happy because the end of his deployment was coming up, and he’d be able to go home and see his love again. Everything was looking up for Andrew, but little did he know how wrong he was. 

Caught In The Rumor Mill

After spring break, the soldier finally came home. The first few weeks were pure joy, and he relished every moment he got to spend with his girl. But soon, he started hearing some upsetting rumors. 

People were saying his girlfriend’s “job” in California was something shadier than she wanted to admit. He brushed it off at first, but he couldn’t get the thought out of his head. He knew he had to confront her.

A Stunning Confession

When he asked her what she really did in California, she tried to avoid the subject. But he wouldn’t budge, and she was forced to admit it: she had done an adult shoot. 

Crying, she apologized and told him she’d done it only for the money, but she loved him and didn’t want him to break up with her. The soldier was devastated and didn’t know what to do. 

An Attempt To Forgive

The girl kept calling and texting the soldier, begging for his forgiveness. One day, she came to his house and asked to borrow his car for a family emergency. He relented, and later they got to talking. 

He decided he loved her too much and he would give her a second chance. She promised she’d never step out on him again. They managed to patch things up… for a while. 

Apart Again

Soon, the soldier was notified of his next deployment. He was being sent to Scandinavia. He was nervous about leaving his girl again, but he flew to Europe hoping for the best. 

While overseas, she became a model girlfriend. They talked a lot, though he still felt uneasy and insecure. In an effort to convince himself that their relationship was on the right track, he took to social media to brag. But little he did he know he should have stayed quiet. 

Not So Humble Brag

The soldier went on a message board and posted a picture of him and his girlfriend at his training graduation, bragging and calling himself an ‘alpha’. 

But it didn’t take long for other users to recognize her from the adult videos she had starred in. The soldier replied, saying he knew and it was only a one-time thing. Then he discovered something that shattered his world. 

A Heartbreaking Revelation

People on the message board found the footage where his girlfriend appeared. They questioned his claim that it was only ‘a one-time thing’, pointing out that there were two videos, posted months apart. 

In one of the videos, she was even wearing the same clothes she wore to his graduation. It was the last straw.

Out Of Second Chances

The soldier went on Skype to confront his girlfriend, again. To his surprise, she didn’t deny it. She admitted she’d done a second video, and even said she’d cheated on him with almost 60 other men. 

He was heartbroken and told her never to contact him again. Time passed, and the wounds began to heal. But when he saw an opportunity to get revenge on her, he didn’t hesitate to take it. 

An Opportunity For Retribution

He soon learned his ex-girlfriend had found a job at a daycare center called Toddler’s Workshop in the town of Webster. He sent the company an anonymous email revealing her past.  

Not long after, he learned from a friend that she’d been told by her employers to take down the videos. Her job was on thin ice. 

A Lesson In Karma

Though she tried to get the website to take down her videos, the website had the legal rights to the footage and refused to budge. 

In the end, she got fired by the daycare center. She never found out it was him who outed her. But she never called him again, even after he returned home. Hopefully, she learned her lesson and realized karma will always make you pay.