She Couldn't Believe What Lies Beyond Their Fences That Made Her Dog Acted So Strange

Amber stopped at her tracks. Her eyes trailed at her dog, Lola, who was glued to the wooden fences again. Her mouth pursed.

It hasn't been a month since they moved out of their old house, and since that, Lola spent her whole day in that certain area of their new backyard. Amber’s face tensed as the thoughts of fear looped through her mind. There must be something behind her dog's strange behavior.

Amber was aware that moving to a new environment might be tough for her dog. However, it was beyond her expectation that Lola would entirely change. Her dog used to love running and going around their old house. She was very fond of humans as well.

But now Lola wouldn't even bother getting up or seeking their attention. Because she just stayed in one spot. Amber had to know who or what it was.

People said that Amber Monte and her husband's life was quite a dream. Both had good-paying jobs, surrounded by great people, and they had Lola, a beautiful golden retriever dog. The couple adopted Lola when she was still a puppy.

Then from that moment, Lola became their center of attention. So when they had to move to a different city, their greatest concern was her.

The golden retriever was also popular in their neighborhood. In fact, Lola was known as the dog that would greet every human she encountered.

Amber also made sure that her dog would get enough exercise as she was very active when it comes to walking and running. However, Lola wasn't as perfect as she seemed.

Lola obviously loves interaction, but not all kinds of contact. Even though Golden Retrievers were large dogs themselves, she was afraid of dogs that were the same as her size.

Amber noticed how she got easily petrified whenever a dog would approach her. However, there was an exception.

Amber was grateful that Lola had Skylar from the next door. The delicate Golden Retriever dog became friends with a Siberian Husky without any problem. It warms Amber's heart whenever she saw Lola's eyes lit up the moment she sensed Skylar nearby.

And when they found each other, their tails wouldn't stop wagging. Unfortunately, their friendship soon tested when Lola's health suddenly dropped.

The couple rushed Lola to the veterinarian where she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia – an abnormality in her elbow-joint. The veterinarian told the couple that Lola needed to undergo surgery or else, she would continue suffering through immense pain.

The couple agreed immediately. But they didn't expect that it was Skylar who made a huge contribution to their dog's recovery.

After dreading hours in the waiting room, the veterinarian stepped out with good news. Lola just had a successful surgery.

When they brought Lola home, Skylar was already waiting at their doorsteps. It seemed like the Siberian Husky understood what happened to his best friend because what he did next left their owners in awe.

Lola spent days lying on her bed, but Skylar never left her side. Having her best friend accompany her on the most difficult days, made Lola at ease. This helped her recover faster than the veterinarian's estimation.

In no time, the spring blossomed again for the two. And they went back from being a huge ball of energy. However, another inevitable situation came to the couple.

The couple had to relocate to a different city. Amber's heart dropped because this meant for Lola and Skylar getting separated. She knew how much other dogs would scare Lola, and it was Skylar that mended the Golden Retriever’s anxiety.

Amber feared that making her dog and Skylar apart would take a massive toll on Lola. And she was awfully right. 

The only thing that the couple looked forward in moving to Surrey, England, was space. Their new home was more extensive and had more rooms for Lola to move around. Amber thought her dog would love their new place, but the consequences she worried actually happened.

Lola just slumped at one particular spot of their house as if she was waiting for somebody... probably her best friend?

Lola stopped at the wooden fences of their backyard then stood there unfazed. The barriers served as borders to their neighborhood's properties.

Amber thought that it was just like any other barricades, but it seemed like it affected her dog's behavior in a most peculiar way. She had to understand what was on the other side.

An enlightening moment happened when the couple met their neighbor for the first time. They discovered that the house next to them also had a dog named Loki. This gave Amber a hunch that Lola was glued to the fences because she could catch a glimpse of Loki.

Curiosity took over Amber and asked the breed of their neighbor’s dog. But the response left the couple dumbstruck.

Loki was a Staffordshire Terrier, which was clearly a large dog breed. Not to mention that Terriers had an intimidating appearance that might frighten Lola.

However, the look of longing was evident on the Golden Retriever's face as she stared into the small spaces of the wooden fence. Amber couldn't fathom what was going inside Lola's head, and the only way to know was to let her dog meet Loki.

It was the time for the two dogs to meet, and Amber was already breaking out a cold sweat. She couldn't help but feel slightly anxious about what Lola might behave.

So when they let the Golden Retriever and the Terrier peered over the fences that separated them, their pet's faces became unreadable. Was this a bad idea?

When Lola and Loki's eyes met, it felt like the whole world stopped. The Golden Retriever's face shone brightly, and her tail started wagging again – a sight Amber thought she wouldn't see again.

Warmth and affection radiated between the two dogs. It was a beautiful moment for both of the pet owners, however, none of them was prepared for the following days.

The next day, Amber was stunned when she saw Loki right at their back door. He was anticipating for Lola to come out. A smile played on Amber's lips, so she rushed to her neighbor to let their dogs play up to their hearts' content.

This made Loki and Lola grow fond of each other until they were inseparable. But their story didn't just stop there, because their friendship began to develop into something else.

Both owners believed that their dogs were infatuated with each other. Amber proved it after she witnessed how Lola would whine so loud whenever she caught a sight of Loki's figure through the windows.

Plus, Lola never failed to check if Loki was out first thing in the morning. Amber had never seen this Lola's demeanor before, and she couldn't help but document their blossoming relationship. 

Loki, on the other hand, would always jump at the wooden fences to look for Lola because he knew she was waiting for him. And Amber made sure to take a photo or video of the adorable moment.

The way both dogs reciprocated their feelings looked like an entire movie scene. Amber then uploaded the materials on Lola's Instagram, but she was surprised by how many people followed their dog's love story!

Amber stated in an interview, "Now, usually in the mornings when we go to let Lola out, Loki sat waiting in our garden for her!" She added, "They are so excited to see each other when they play — there's lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing!"