Here’s a Peek Into Queen Elizabeth’s Strange Possessions

The Royal family has always been a source of intrigue among the people. It seems despite the fact that they’re public figures, most information about them is still shrouded in mystery, Of course, not everyone has access to the information about the royal family’s private lives.  But did you know that Queen Elizabeth actually enjoys collecting strange items over the years?

Here’s a peek into the Queen’s possessions from the most luxurious to the most eccentric. 

This is a priceless collection of art pieces that the Queen has to take care of. It’s a huge responsibility in her part, as there are over 1 million items in the collection.

Artists such as Rembrandt and Raphael have over 150,000 pieces of their art in the collection. 

The queen has often been applauded for being fashion-forward. Aside from her good taste in clothes, the queen is also obsessed with Launder Handbags.  These handbags cost around $2500 per piece.

The queen seems to be loyal to the brand as she owns over 200 Launer handbags with each of her outfits having a matching handbag. 

The queen seems to enjoy playing real-life monopoly.

Aside from having a place, the queen also owns more than half the shoreline of England, Ireland, and Wales!  But the queen has a special reason for this…

By the power of the statute from 1324, the queen actually has a claim to every dolphin within 3 miles from the seas of the United Kingdom.

The queen had a special song composed for her by none other than former Beatles member, Paul Mccartney.

It was for her 50th Jubilee, the song was called “Party at the Palace.”  It sold nearly 100,000 copies in the UK and because of this, the record company sent her a golden record of her own. 

Just like most of us, the queen is also fond of dogs. The queen currently has two dogs, she named them Vulcan and candy.

Her dogs are a mix between a corgi and a daschund - people commonly refer to them as “dorgis.”  They’re adorable and obedient, so it’s no surprise that the queen loves them!

Rappers around the world could never! The queen owns a car collection worth around $10 million. She owns several Bentleys and Rolls-Royce cars.

Funnily enough, did you know the queen doesn’t even have a license?  She’s allowed to drive without one. After all, she is the queen. 

It sounds crazy but it’s actually true!

The Balmoral Castle, which serves as the queen’s summer castle is not only a vacation spot for the queen, but it’s also where she takes care of her colony of bats.  The queen is fond of collecting various species and rumors even say that she catches these bats herself with a butterfly net.

This busy street in London is famous for housing several businesses. Every day, thousands of retailers and shoppers flock to the area.

But little did people know, this street is just part of several properties that the queen owns!  That’s right, the queen actually owns Regent street. 

The queen owns an evergrowing collection of Faberge eggs.

These are just one of the stranger things the queen owns.  Her massive collection of ornate Faberge eggs dates back to the turn of the century.

The queen owns Queen Victoria’s sketchbook, it’s not just any sketchbook but this sketchbook is considered an artifact and a historical marvel, and the queen is the sole owner of the priceless sketchbook. 

As if the queen couldn’t be extra enough, this tiara made way back in 1821 is covered in diamonds and the queen wore it in every State Opening of Parliament since 1952.

The crown was so heavily embezzled with diamonds that it weighs around 4 karats in size.

This historic building has witnessed a lot of weddings, funerals, and coronations. Citizens are free to get married here, but with the queen’s approval of course.

After all, she also owns it!

Aside from owning various strange animals, the queen also owns and breeds her own racehorses. These aren’t just regular horses, but they’re actually champion racehorses!  All in all, her horses have won over $9 million!

The queen sure knows how to breed the best.

Yes, you read that right. The queen also owns all the swans in the Thames River.

In fact, each year, she hosts a special event where all the swans will be counted just so she knows how many she owns!

Whether it’d be Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Greenpark, or Primrose Hill, the queen has ownership over all these parks.  So if you decide on taking a stroll in any of these parks, you might be lucky enough to see the queen herself walking around too.

It seems the royal family actually enjoys watching tennis matches. They even have their own private box in Wimbledon!

Although they don’t really make it every match, their seats are always reserved.  It’s said that their spot actually has the best view in the entire venue.

It’s no surprise already, of course, the royal family lives in their own castle, but they don’t just own one castle. Did you know the queen actually owns multiple grand castles?  The queen owns six, that’s right, six different castles.

Windsor Castle, Holyrood Palace, Hillsborough Castle, Balmoral and The Sandringham Estate serve as the queen’s resting place for several different seasons. But the queen isn’t as luxurious as people take her to be… 

But this nail polish brand isn’t as expensive as you’d expect it to be. In fact, this is a surprising revelation!

Despite all the luxurious things the queen owns, she’s actually frugal by heart.  Her favorite nail polish is called “Ballet Slippers” by Essie, and it only costs $9/bottle.