Woman Takes Horse To The Vet Unaware It Has A Bounty On It

Logical Reaction

It made sense to take the horse to see the vet. She waited in the waiting area with her daughter. She could feel the sweat dripping off her forehead. She was consumed by nerves. 

When the vet finally came out, her heart dropped. He had a very concerned expression on his face. She asked what was wrong with the horse. What he said next stunned her.

Starting Over

Madeline has had a love for animals for as long as she could remember. She was raised on a farm in North Carolina. She learned how to ride a pony at age four and never looked back. 

Madeline wanted her daughter Suzy to have a similar upbringing. She saved her money for years and bought a beautiful home in the countryside. However, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. 

Peaceful Living 

Living in the countryside made Madeline reminisce over her days living on the farm as a child. Madeline and Suzy took a few weeks to settle in, and then they went to pick a pony for Suzy. 

Suzy dashed into the lush green pastures, where a herd of horses grazed quietly. She chose a beautiful brown horse. However, there was something off about the horse... 

Icy Blue Eyes

The horse had icy blue eyes. The closer Madeline got to the horse, the brighter its eyes got. “Her eyes look like stars, mom!" Suzy loved the horse's eyes. “Let’s call her Starlight.”

Madeline did not intend for Suzy to choose a horse, but rather a pony. But seeing how happy the horse made her she had no choice but to choose her. 

Something Was Not Right 

The pair went home with their brand new horse, Starlight. Madeline could not shake the feeling that something was off with the horse...

Starlight was not as aggressive as most mustangs usually are. The horse was likewise smaller, with rich, soft-to-the-touch hair. How could the ranch possibly justify the price Madeline was asking for such a beautiful animal? Something was amiss.

Getting Answers

Starlight felt instantly at home with the family. They provided her with ample hay and apples, and Starlight could not have been happier. 

Madeline perused Starlight's documents, searching for answers to her questions. Starlight was worth infinitely more than what she paid for her. She did not sleep at all that night and just as she was about to throw in the towel, she noticed something interesting. 


According to her medical history, Starlight had not been to a vet in ages. She contacted the ranch where she purchased Starlight in attempt to get some answers. It was odd that she did not go to a vet at all in two years...

It was not her job to remind them that mature horses require at least one full veterinary inspection every year? Her jaw dropped when she received their response.

Still Not Adding Up

Madeline was informed that Starlight was a recent addition to the ranch, and they were still busy updating her medical records when Madeline purchased her. 

They admitted that it was unprofessional to not immediately have informed Madeline. In an attempt to right their wrongs, the ranch offered to take Starlight back. Madeline thought about the information she received, but something still was not adding up... 

What If? 

Madeline considered returning the horse, but in the end she knew it was not an option. Her daughter already shared a strong bond with Starlight, it would be cruel to tear them apart. 

She could not focus on anything else that day. She could not help but wonder if the ranch got Starlight through unsavory means... The thought of that made her sick to her stomach. 

The Right Thing

If she were to take Starlight to the vet was a risk. If it was reported on the system that she was missing, the vet would alert the authorities and her daughter would lose her. 

She couldn't bare the thought of taking the horse away from her daughter. She don't know if Suzy would forgive her if she did that. Taking a deep breath, Madeline called the veterinarian's office.

Confronting Her Fear 

The vet's office was empty when Madeline, Suzy, and Starlight came. The receptionist booked them in for the next hour, and after a short wait, the three of them were in the consultation room.

After a quick rundown of the situation, Madeline and Suzy left the vet to run his tests on Starlight. He returned after an hour. What he’d found was more than Madeline expected. 

A Star Shines Among Us

“I think you should hire a bodyguard,” the vet whispered, smiling. “These records say Starlight is a mustang, but that’s wrong.” “What?” Madeline stood. “Starlight is an Arabian horse,” said the vet. “They are costly and in very high demand.”

“What about her health?” Madeline asked, her breath bated. “Arabian horses are quite resilient,” the doctor answered. “Starlight is no exception. But there is something else.” 

A Star Shines Among Us

“I think you should hire a bodyguard,” the vet whispered, smiling. “These records say Starlight is a mustang, but that’s wrong.” “What?” Madeline stood. “Starlight is an Arabian horse,” said the vet. “They are costly and in very high demand.”

“What about her health?” Madeline asked, her breath bated. “Arabian horses are quite resilient,” the doctor answered. “Starlight is no exception. But there is something else.”

Do Not Take Our Horse

Madeline’s heart sank. What could it be? She looked at Starlight across the door, and the horse neighed sweetly at her. 

A warm sensation blew over Madeline, and she smiled. Like Suzy, she was getting attached to the horse. “What is it, doc?” she asked. Whatever the answer was, she would fight to keep Starlight home.

The Vet’s News

“Starlight is healthy, from what I am seeing. She’s also expecting,” the doctor said. Madeline couldn’t believe it. 

She expected the vet to say the authorities were on their way or that the ranch lied to her. She didn’t expect this. Her eyes teared, and she hugged Suzy. Could life be any more perfect? But the vet wasn’t done.

One Last Thing…

“One last thing,” the vet said, walking over to Starlight and gliding a small device over her shoulders. “I just need to check her microchip to make sure it’s working.” Madeline’s heart fell.

“Hmmm. It doesn’t seem like she has one,” the vet continued. “Ah, there it is,” he exclaimed as he moved the microchip scanner further down Starlight’s left shoulder. He pulled the information up on the screen.

Worst Fears

The vet read the information from the microchip and his eyes grew wide. “This horse is not registered to the farm you bought her from,” he said suspiciously.

Madeline felt her world collapse. “What do you mean?” she said, trying to fight back the tears. “I’m sorry, but I have no choice,” the vet replied, picking up the phone.


It turned out that this horse had been reported stolen a few months back. The Ladner family was shocked when they learned she’d been taken right out of their pasture.

The little girl, Grace, was especially devastated to lose her beloved horse. The vet had no choice but to call the authorities immediately.

The Real Owners

"We were going to get another horse, and I come to load my trailer up. When we came back through, I noticed the horses. They were all at the gate except for that one," James Ladner told the local news agency in an interview.

James also said that he checked the gate to the pasture, and it was clear that the chain had been tampered with. But what did this mean for Madeline and Suzy?

On Their Way

The vet made the call, and the local Sheriff's department was on its way to fetch Starlight. Suzy began to cry her eyes out at the terrible news, screaming that they couldn’t take her horse.

Starlight fitted the description of the stolen horse perfectly - and her microchip details were a match. The family was also offering a reward for the return of their horse. But did that mean Madeline was in trouble?

Her Family Arrives

The vet explained that Madeline and her husband weren’t in trouble, but the farm that sold Starlight to them was.

He could see that they had already fallen deeply in love with the horse and was worried that they might take her and run. Just twenty minutes later, the Sheriff, James, and his 10-year-old daughter Grace arrived.


As soon as Grace saw her horse, her eyes lit up. “Shadow, Shadow,” she yelled as she wrapped her little arms around the horse’s neck.

Suzy saw how much the other little girl loved her horse and went very quiet. Madeline’s heart broke as she walked over, but she knew what she had to do.

Blue Eyes

James quietly told Madeline that he had bought Shadow for Grace two years ago, just a few months after his wife had tragically passed away.

Grace had chosen the horse because she had eyes that reminded her of her mother - bright, blazing blue. She had cried and cried when she was stolen - she didn’t understand how life could take her away, too.  

A Huge Problem

In the U.S., an estimated 40,000 horses are stolen every year. They are taken from their owners by strangers looking to make a quick buck, or by opponents in civil and legal suits.

At first, Madeline was prepared to do everything in her power to keep their horse, but seeing Grace made her realize that they had to do the right thing.

Consoling Suzy

Madeline hugged Suzy and spoke gently, explaining how the other little girl also felt about the horse. “If your horse was stolen, how sad would you be?” she asked.

“Imagining not knowing if Starlight was safe and if she was ever coming home? That’s why we have to give her back. She doesn’t belong to us.” Suzy nodded through her tears. But there was a bright side.


James was so grateful that his daughter’s horse had been found he wrote Madeline and Suzy a check for $5,000 right there and then as a “finder’s fee.”

The amount was more than Madeline had paid for the horse! But for James, his daughter’s happiness was priceless. But that wasn’t all the happy dad offered.

Visitation Rights

James kneeled down and told Suzy that she could come and see Shadow (the horse’s real name) whenever she wanted.

But he could see that Suzy’s heart was still broken. What could he do to make it up to her? She reminded him of his own daughter. So he decided to make Suzy an unbelievable promise.

A Promise

Knowing that Suzy loved this horse as much as his daughter did, James suddenly got a brilliant idea that would make everyone happy.

Even though Madeline and her daughter could buy a replacement horse with the money he gave them, he decided to do something even better. He placed his hand on Shadow’s flank and said something that made everyone’s mouths fall open.

A Generous Offer

As Shadow was pregnant, James promised that Suzy could have her baby as a replacement. Madeline and Suzy’s eyes widened - they just couldn’t believe the man’s generous offer!

James also assured them that, because the father was also an Arabian horse, the foal would carry all of the characteristics that they had grown to love in Shadow.

A Happy Surprise 

Starlight delivered a healthy foal a few months later. Madeline and Suzy were overjoyed. They named the tiny horse Crystal as his eyes were brighter than his mom’s.

For Madeline, moving to the country was for Suzy to grow up in the meaningful world that she had. Everything that came after was a happy surprise.