Woman Sues Teen Over Fence Fire, So He Leaks Her Photos

Patricia's eyes fell on Kristopher, her 18-year-old neighbor. They both were standing in the court and everyone was watching them. "It's all because of you..." she said angrily. 

Wary of all the humiliation, Kristopher decided it was time to take revenge. He had a "weapon" to do so - her personal pictures. When he leaks the photos, Patricia becomes speechless. Will there even be a chance for her to get her reputation back now?

Neighbors To Rivals

Kristopher Hess was an 18-year-old boy living with his father. Due to some financial crisis, the teen also had to contribute to the family with finances. He had somehow managed to finish his high school and instead of moving to college, he took up small jobs to support his father. 

Satisfied with whatever they had, the father and son lived happily in a small house. Of course, at the time, Kristopher had no idea that his life soon was going to face a lot of ups and downs.

Phone Call

Young Kristopher had recently taken up a job as a security guard. It was a tiresome job. He pulled 16-hour shifts and returned home each day at eight AM. 

It became a boring routine leaving him lonely until one day when he got a phone call. A phone call that would change his life forever!

Exciting News

It was a call from his childhood friend telling him that he was going to be in town over Independence Day weekend. Kristopher was beyond excited to hear the news that he took time off of work to spend quality time with his friend.

Kristopher had intentions of spending the weekend with a few beers and snacks while catching up with his friend. However, Mark had other ideas. 

Independence Day Celebration

Mark suggested that the best way to celebrate was with some fireworks. Afterall, who doesn’t love to see those colorful sparkles in the sky! Kristopher used up his entire savings to buy fireworks. After getting home, they laid an entire exhibit of all the fireworks on the floor.

 Their collection included Roman Candles, Cakes, Bottle Rockets, and Sparklers. The boys gleamed at their purchases with excitement. That’s when Kristopher got an idea that was incredibly ill-fated. 

Reliving Childhood

He thought that it would be a good idea to play around with some sparklers because it wasn’t dark yet. Kristopher put his plan in action by lighting the first sparkler. 

The boys started waving the sparklers around and drew patterns in the air. It was a care-free time for Mark and Kristopher as they relived their childhood memories without knowing the harm it was going to cause. 

Alarming Sight

While waving the sparklers around, a small spark fell off the ground. Before the boys knew it, a fire had erupted and quickly became an alarming sight. 

The fire was spreading closer and closer towards the neighbour’s yard and was getting out of control! Before they could do anything, it got too late. 

Fire Hazard

Seeing this hazard, all Kristopher could think at that moment was to call 911. While he made the call, Mark made an attempt to extinguish the flames. 

But the fire wouldn’t stop spreading, instead it lit up the neighboring fence. Their neighbor, Patricia, ran out and was incredibly shocked at what she saw.

Bad Fate

Thankfully, the fire department sent some help and things were under control. After the hazardous weekend, Kristopher returned to work. 

It was a tiring day at work, all he wanted to do after returning home was go to bed and call it a night. However, that’s not what his fate had planned for him. 

Unaffordable Mistakes

That day, when Kristopher returned home from work, he was shocked to find two quotes from his next-door neighbour. One of the quotes was for the cost to replace the fence and another one was the cost to replace the lawn that was damaged in the fire. The quotes read $4,000 and $6,000 each for the repairs.

These quotes seemed unreasonably high! Kristopher and his father inspected them closely and noticed that they were prepared on Microsoft Word. Along with the quotes, they also found a very rude note stating that Kristopher needed to pay for her water bill for three months. This made them furious!

Taking Advice

Kristopher was determined to expose the fake quotations, therefore, he reached out to one of his contractor friends. After speaking to his friend, he understood that the costs had been blown up tremendously. 

He then got professionals to come out and prepare an estimate. That’s when things got really ugly.

Unhappy Neighbor

Kristopher met with the contractor to inspect the lawn. However, as soon as they arrived at the property, Patricia ran out and stated that he didn’t have permission to get an estimate on the fence and called the cops.

After this big ordeal, Kristopher finally got an estimate of $1,200 to replace the fence and $800 to re-seed the lawn. Copies of these estimates were given to Patricia, who was less impressed.

Bad Timing

Kristopher had just returned home from a 16-hour shift when his neighbour came banging his door demanding to speak to him. He politely told her that now wasn’t the right time and that he needed to sleep. 

This was when she went on to call him lazy. "You just carry your weight around and do nothing all day," she screamed. Kristopher was on the verge of losing it.

Final Offer

He told her that she could either accept the $2000 or get nothing. She remained quiet for a while before finally accepting the offer and agreed to meet at the notary the next morning. Kristopher woke up the next day and began preparing to meet Patricia. 

He brought along the money and the contract he had drawn up and waited for more than three hours, but she never arrived, instead demanding the full amount over text. After this disappointing experience, Kristopher returned home to another shocking development.

Sudden Transformation

Kristopher was shocked to see his neighbor’s yard turn into an oasis. It was equipped with a small pond, flowers, and new Sod, along with other features. This explained everything. 

She had been planning to make such remodels and was waiting for an opportunity like this. Now the ball was in Kristopher’s court.

Correcting The Wrong

Kristopher had admitted that he had made a mistake and was willing to pay the right price to fix it. However, he was driven to other measures when she demanded more money. 

That’s what led him to take some harsh unacceptable measures against her. It was now personal and Kristopher was not ready to back down!

Interesting Find

Kristopher switched on his computer and opened Facebook in search of some personal stuff regarding his neighbour. While going through her posts and personal information he came across some pictures that were just of interest.

He scrolled through her pictures where she was seen sipping cocktails at an expensive Hawaiian hotel. Now was his chance to take revenge for all the trouble she has caused.

Justice Served

Four months after the fire hazard and all the remodelling, Kristopher served papers to attend court for more than $10,000. While in court, Kristopher laid out everything that he had against the entire ordeal.

The judge went through all the evidence and immediately sided with Kristopher. He defended saying Kristopher had offered her more than what she was entitled to. The amount owed to her was actually $1200, and the judge deducted Kristopher’s lawyer fees from it.

Financial Crisis

After the case was settled, Patricia bore a massive financial loss. It’s not yet clear how much her Hawaii trip cost, but she was surely under a huge amount of debt.

Patricia sold her house and moved to a more affordable place considering her financial obligations. It was the only way out for her!

Responsible Act

Since the unfolding of this incident, Kristopher hasn't used fireworks. But he has learned a valuable lesson - that he should always fight for what's right!

He also realised that apart from starting the fire, the fireworks could have also hurt someone. It was a good thing that he took responsibility.