Rare Photos Show Real Life in Russia

Moscow girls

The Soviet Union, turned Russia, is a nation that is as mysterious as it is beautiful. The traditions go very far back, their military is one of the strongest in the world, and the landscape is diverse. Going to Russia these days isn’t a problem at all, but there was a time when the only insight into the country and it’s people was through photographs.

These days, photos are still a good way to get a look into the real life of those living in Russia and the traditions and culture that they abide by.
It is known that Russian women are tall, blonde and beautiful. They are also known for loving wearing short skirts, tight dresses and high heels. This mostly applies on girls who live in Moscow and in several other big Russian cities.

The graduation tradition

In Russia and Ukraine there is a famous graduation tradition to jump into a fountain in the last day of high-school. It’s perfect because the graduation happens during the summer, when it’s already very hot in Russia.

Jumping into the cold (and hopefully clean) water is a perfect solution.

Celebrating students

These college students in Moscow are celebrating the end of their exam period. And how does one celebrate anything in Russia? Drinks, that’s how!

The women are all decked out in their very best dresses and heels, while one of their male peers is pouring them drinks. Oh the joy of being done with exams!

Classic grocery store shot

It seems that this girl wanted a photograph with the selection of meats and cheeses at the local grocery story in Yekaterinburg.

The woman is of Russian roots and must have been excited to see her nations production of her favorite salami.

The army ladies

The Russian army is one of the strongest armies the world. Their male and female soldiers are known for their strength and stamina.

They are also extremely patriotic, which makes this whole combination almost invincible.

The pilot

It’s unclear whether this soldier is actually a pilot in the Russian military.

It’s definitely clear that she didn’t keep the Russian army’s strict secrecy policy when she posted this photo.

The glamorous marathon

Russians are known for their love for high heels, maybe that’s the reason they have this interesting marathon when they run through Moscow in stilettos, or just regular heels.

Meanwhile in the metro

Yes, it’s a common knowledge that New-York’s subway provides the best and sometimes weirdest collection of humans, but the Russians are not far away from that.

Look at this beautiful example of a man, wearing a carpet-colored sweatsuit in the Russian metro, while the woman next to him looks like she just wants to jump off the train

Russian police

The crime rate in the big (and also small) cities in Russia is very high. There is a big problem with pickpocketing, especially in Moscow, and other tourist friendly cities.

That’s why you can see so many police men and women everywhere. Some of them wear skirts.

School uniform

In Russia, there is a school uniform which all students have to wear. There are basically two kinds of dresses, long sleeves for the winter and short sleeves for the summer, and on top of them a very controversial “accessory”.

The accessory can be called in many names, but eventually it looks like an apron. Boys don’t have to wear something like that by the way.

Tanning by the riverside

There are many places in Russia that are not by the coast. As such, women who want to get a tan have to do so near other bodies of water, such as this man-made lake.

This photo was taken in Moscow at Patriarch’s Pond (also known as Patriarshiye Prudy in Russian).

Breaking the ice

This Russian beautiful tradition makes most people shiver literally and figuratively.

Yes, bathing in an ice-cold water is something only the bravest can handle.

Strip for Putin

This young lady is a “Putin’s army” member. This army is not the official military forces in Russia, in case you were wondering, but just women who support Vladimir Putin, Ex-Prime Minister and current President of Russia.

These girls’ weapon is their shirts, which they “tear up” to support their leader.

The perfectly timed Russian police

Nothing interesting here….Just some Russian police men and women in a perfectly time photo.

We really want to know what they were talking about so passionately, with so many emotions and facials expressions.

Fruit and vegetable vendors

It is very common for older women to sell fruits and vegetables throughout cities and towns in Russia.

Here we see a group of women with buckets of vegetables ready to be sold to anyone who needs ingredients for dinnertime!

The winter attire

These girls didn’t listen to the weatherman, or just didn’t care about the fact that it was winter outside. Just at look how they walk in these high heels and short-shorts while surrounded by snow and ice.

That’s commitment!

Strong AF

There is something magical about strong women, and in Russia there are plenty of them. Especially the ones that serve in the Russian army.

They are really the badass as women can be.

Police swing

Who said all police officers in Russia are tough and harsh?

Mostly they are, but not when it comes to taking a little break from all that crime-fighting and just chilling on a swing with the future generation.

Forever Adidas

Russians love their Adidas sweatsuits and their high heeled shoes.

Not sure if a combo between these two would be approved by the fashion police, but it clearly doesn’t matter for this lovely red-hatted girl.

The perfect umbrella

Next time it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella, you can definitely use this Russian hack and wear a tub on your head.

Afterwards, you can do some old school laundry.

The broom hack

The famous Russian broom is used in many creative ways besides its original purpose. It is used to sweep the floor and any other surface available, it’s used to spank each other in the Russian Banya (sauna), and now we find out that it’s also a great windshield wiper.


The perfect smile

There is a vicious rumor that Russians never smile.

These two Russian police officers have the perfect smiles to prove everyone is wrong about that.

The hockey team

Russian’s are very competitive when it comes to wars and sports.

There is probably a good reason they are winning all that gold, just look at this hockey gate keeper lady (here name is Elizaveta Kondakova), who is not kidding around on that ice rink.

A Siberian shaman

A rare photo indeed, a Siberian shaman is seen here in traditional garb. This photo was taken at the shaman’s place of work on Olkhon Island that is in Lake Baikal, located in eastern Siberia.

A shaman is a healer in the spiritual sense, an individual who has powers over good and evil spirits, or so it is said.

Parkour in the park

For those of you who don’t know, Parkour is an urban obstacle course that is made up of urban structures and jumped through by locals. The sport was founded in France back in the 1980s.

Here we see a guy mid-jump through the course in the city of Perm.

Soviet milkmaid from the 50s

Just because she is a milkmaid doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to look her best!

This young woman used a car’s side mirror to make sure her hair was in place and she looked as presentable as possible for delivering her daily milk.

Furry weather

Russia gets cold, that’s nothing new to us. However, since it is no longer very popular to wear fur in the US, we don’t see many women wear a fur hat and full coat like this woman.

In Russia, fur is a closet staple and is used to keep warm through the cold winter months.

Boat wedding

Weddings are serious business in Russia. In this photo we see a couple getting married on a boat directly in front of the fountains that are on the River Neva in St.

Petersburg, Russia. It really is a sight to behold as the fountain makes the view an interchanging wall of water.

Karaoke at a wedding

It is faily common that karaoke be part of a wedding party. It is very important for Russian nationals that weddings be an interesting and fun party, that goes on for hours and has guests entertained the entire time.

Weddings are loud and large and last for a long time.

Soviet memorabilia collector

A man named James Rowlins took this photo of his uncle in his Russian summer house. He stated, “Uncle Andrei has a treasure trove of Soviet memorabilia!

Here he is sporting a Soviet pilot’s headgear. The t-shirt is more modern.” Many men and women like to collect historic items, especially ones that are within their family.

Siberian summer

When we think of Siberia we think of endless winters and snowfall. In fact, during the summer months, Siberia is a warm place with a bustling farming community.

Here we see a young man collecting hay for the animals with his family members beside him.

Table tennis in the park

In the States, you will see people playing chess or skateboarding in the park, but you probably won’t see too many people playing a game of table tennis. In Moscow, however, it is a huge thing!

As you can see in this photo where there is table after table of table tennis and each of them is being played on.

Cozy beach setting

This photo was taken in Sochi-Adler. The beach is seen packed with people, barely a couple of feet between each party.

There is also no sand but small rocks, that can not be comfortable for the people sitting on it!

Russian BBQ

A BBQ is usually done in the spring or summer time, but in Russia, they don’t let the cold stop them from grilling up their favorite kebab, a shashlik! This man and woman are waiting for their BBQ coals to die down before placing the meat on the grill.

They look like they’re freezing.

Ride to school

This kid looks like he’s going to school on a horse! However, the horse is actually on it’s way to the city center of Nizhnevartovk, right by the Ob River, for the annual Christmas celebration of Maslenitsa.

The women are in furs and the kids are bundled up, it gets well below freezing in those parts.

Moscow winter

Moscow gets very cold in the winter, with snow piled up everywhere and a white coating to the entire city. As we can see in this photo, the Red Square in Moscow is entirely covered in snow around Christmastime.

Th Red Square is the open area between the Kremlin and the Kitai-gorod.