The Price of a Grande Latte Around the World

Globalisation, delicious globalisation! Wherever you travel in the world, these days it seems you’re never too far from the comforts of home. Be it a sly veggie burger because that hunger’s too urgent to waste time translating the menu, or a comforting coffee made just the way you like it, there’s no shame in taking a moment off from the local cuisine to reboot your system between exotic meals and exuberant cocktails. One thing it’s worth looking out for, though, is the price. With store rental and labour costs varying widely across the world, you might order your regular Starbucks tipple only to be charged considerably more krone, francs or dollars than you expected. With a Grand Latte costing nearly twice London prices in the supposedly civilized environs of Copenhagen or Zurich, the well-informed tourist might consider an emergency espresso to be a favourable alternative – down in two swigs, then back to the museums! Indeed, wherever you are in Scandinavia, that tall milky one is likely to eat up a considerable chunk of your glögg budget. Far-flung destinations such as Seoul, Sydney or Toronto offer a far more sensibly priced latte, all coming in around the mid-point of this great new comparative chart, which sums up in one place the relative price (in British pounds) of the noble Starbucks Grand Latte all around the world. You’d be crazy not to stop off for your daily charge-up in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the latte comes in for under a quid. An Istanbul latte comes in at just £1.73, so in the unlikely event that you should grow tired of delicious authentic Turkish coffee, you know there’s a smoother alternative available at a decent price. Even if coffee is not your thing, it’s wise to bear in mind such international price discrepancies as they can be a reliable index for the general cost of living (and living it up) when travelling. Travel smart, and make sure you get the most beans for your buck! the-price-of-grande-latte-around-the-world-V2