12 Plank Workouts That Will Target Your Problem Areas

Body Trembles: Core-Strengthening High Plank

Lay facedown with both hands underneath your shoulders. Curl your toes while straightening your arms to lift your stomach off the ground. Your buns and abs should be tight!

Flabby Abs: High Plank with a Stability Ball

Place the stability ball underneath your shin area and then get into the plank position. Once you feel stable, lift your hips in an upward motion, moving the ball towards the tongue of your shoes. Don't forget to hold it there momentarily, and then slowly, roll the ball back.

Muffin Top: Side Plank with a Twist

Once you are stable in the plank position, turn to one side and lift your arm towards the ceiling, while staggering your top leg in front of your bottom leg. Then sweep your top arm down under your torso and return to your side plank.

Ab Strengthening: Cross-Body Plank

Once you are in the high plank position, slightly lift your left foot off the ground. Bring your left knee up to your right tricep and then return to plank. Repeat, but this time with your right leg.

Stubborn Belly Fat: Plank to Squat Jump

In the high plank position, you are going to jump your feet into a sumo-like squat (with your hands on the outside). Then you will lift your torso up into the "ready" stance. Place your hands back on the floor and hop back into the high plank position.

Flabby Arms: Inverted Dip Planks

Place your arms straight and low behind your body, against a chair. Dip once, while bending your elbows, which should allow your back to slide down the front of the chair. Then, extend your elbows back up, hoist your hips as high as your body allows, towards the ceiling.

Shoulder Strengthening: Power Push Plank

In the high plank position, bend your right elbow which will drop your forearms to the ground, then do the same for your left arm. Both arms should be parallel now. Then, press your right palm into floor and straighten your arm, then repeat with the left - you should now be back into the high plank position.

Back Fat: Plank Rows

With a 5-10lb dumbbell in each hand, assume the high plank position. While keeping your hips in place,
lift your right hand to your ribcage. Put your right hand back to the floor and repeat with your left hand.

Chest Strengthening: Push-Up Plank with Shoulder Tap

In the plank position, walk your palms out so they are slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend your elbows to lower your torso, bringing your nose down to touch the floor. Then, press your body back up into the plank position and tap your right hand to your left shoulder. Repeat with your left hand.

Booty Buster: Plank Hip Abductor

In the plank position, lift your right leg up and then out to the right, away from your body. Pulse your right leg out three times and then lower your leg back to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg.

Hip & Waist Slimmer: Plank Hip Dips

In the low plank position, you forearms should lay flat and parallel to each other. Roll and drop your hips to right side, touching your right thigh to the floor. Repeat with your left side.

Thigh Slimmer: Plank Jumping Jacks