People Share What Made Them Realize Their SO Had Fallen Out Of Love With Them

"When I made little mistakes, it would make him so him so angry that I could hear how much he hated me in his voice." -Reddit user Firm-Tap-3940

"My SO used to say "I love you" almost every night before bed. I noticed at one point she hadn't said it in a couple of weeks.

I was concerned but figured she was just going through a hard time, and we hadn't seen each other in person in a bit. A week later, she broke up with me." -Reddit user dhruvskayak

"When someone sent me a picture of him at a party with the girl, he told me not to worry about sitting on his lap kissing him." -Reddit user SugarNo5848

"I can tell by the way he talks to me, he seems to despise me and visibly has a hard time hiding it in his tone and his words. Loss of physical touch too.

He never compliments me or asks me how I am. Sad." -Reddit user Zealousideal_Nerve98

"We stopped having meaningful talks. He would just lecture me. Politics, current events, whatever.

He would talk, but nothing that required a response. If I tried to interject or change the subject, he would give me a look like, "I'm not done yet." I figured he was just stressed about work and tried to cook his favorite foods and plan relaxing weekends for us, but that seemed to make it worse. He just didn't enjoy being around me." -Reddit user Nobody_Wins_13

"When I went to put my arm around her during a movie, and she didn't react in any way whatsoever.

I've heard that people tend to emotionally tune out like this when they're cheating." -Reddit user SendMeMuffinRecipes

"When she stopped talking to me because her life and work were very demanding, but still found time to talk with her friends, then blame me for not communicating." -Reddit user tabletopsidekick

Two weeks before the wedding, I came home to my flat (where he did not live) and found him having a threesome in my bed with my flatmates.

Now he's miserable with his overbearing nearly 400-pound wife, and I'm happily married, so karma." -Reddit user owenaravenclaw0

"She never closed her eyes anymore when I kissed her lips. And there was no tenderness like before in her fingertips. She's trying hard not to show it.

But baby. Baby, I know it. You've lost that lovin' feeling." -Reddit userKlondike2022

"He would make fun of me in front of people that we were hanging out with.

I didn’t have the awareness to understand how odd that was, so I laughed too." -Reddit user DoubleRefrigerator74

"I was late to figure it out. He outright said, "You make me sick to my stomach.

You ruined my life." I finally got the hint after that." -Reddit user thisismy_accountname

"She came home from a work trip. I met her at the airport and kissed her, and she laughed uncomfortably and half-turned away. I planted the kiss, half on her lips and half on her cheek.

It's weird to feel awkward with someone you've known intimately for so many years. This kicked off several weeks of weirdness, deception on her part, snooping on my part, and the final realization that she cheated on me during her work trip, and it was still continuing. The worst feeling in the world." -Reddit user (deleted)

"She slowly started talking to me less and less. I had to make a lot of effort just to communicate with her, and when we were out with a group, she acted almost as if I weren't there.

I don't know if there was a point of sudden realization, but I slowly had to accept that she didn't want me anymore. It hurt." -Reddit user HorseMeatSandwich

"When, after 2 and a half years, he told me, "You will never be the girl I will marry; I just couldn't ever have kids with you." I had given him everything. He had cheated on me multiple times, would tell me he loved me, then take it back multiple times. He was emotionally abusive and made me feel like I was worthless every single day.

I was never good enough. He had said things to that effect before, that I just wasn't the kind of girl he'd pictured himself with. But for some reason, that day, the day he said those words, I just got it." -Reddit user thisisliss

"When she hit me, and it has gone downhill from there. Had a heart attack a few years ago. I was in emergency and crying because I was afraid I was never going to see my son grow up.

My wife leaned down and whispered to me, "Stop crying you are embarrassing yourself and me. I lost 22% of my heart muscle that day and lost all of my heart for her. Still together for the kid's sake." -Reddit user badgerb