People Share Their Shocking "Nobody Would Believe This" Stories

We all have at least one unbelievable story. Either escaping a near-death experience magically or something so funny/crazy that no one believed it really happened! Here, people are sharing their best stories that nobody believed. Maybe you will!

1. Sounding Like A Liar

One time, when I was a teenager, I was playing pool with friends. The pizza arrived or whatever and I took one last shot just as everyone was leaving and sank like five balls. 

It was the single best move I have ever made in any game I have ever played, but no one saw it and there was no way to take credit for it without sounding like a liar.


2. Weird Goat Behaviour

I was doing a service call at an equestrian farm. I went to the bathroom in the barn to take a leak, the door was slightly ajar and the light was off.

I pushed open the door and hit the light only to see a goat dressed in a fleece vest eating toilet paper off the roll. He gave me this look like to say “What the hell are you looking at?” I turned off the light and left.


3. The Poor Chickens

My grandad raised a crocodile in my mum's backyard pool on an island, while she was growing up.

Every so often, they would take him out to sea and try to release him, but a few days later, he would come crawling up the local boat ramp, going home.

He unlived the neighbor's chickens a few times. They didn't like him so much.

When he was taken into care at a crocodile park, they flew him on a plane to the mainland. He is one of the top 5 biggest crocs at his wildlife park.


4. You Forgot One Small Detail

I started out in the normal math class until my teacher realized I should switch to the advanced class because I got perfect scores on everything. We were just about to start the chapter about telling time when I made the switch. 

The advanced math class already knew how to tell time. I had all the digital clocks at my house. I didn’t actually learn how to tell time til I was about to start high school and thought I should learn.


5. Stuck In A Loop

My ex (American, met him in the US) and my other ex (Dutch, met him three years later in Argentina) work at the same office in Amsterdam. They are colleagues. 

I found out cause I saw a post on social media in which they were at the same office (2 years after me and Dutchie broke up). And I still live in Argentina!

Also, some years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy. We lived together in a tiny apartment. The relationship ended in a terrible way. 

Four years later, I started dating another guy. He takes me to his house. It was the apartment I used to share with my ex. And let me tell you, Buenos Aires is a HUGE city.


6. Itsy Bitsy Spider

I was lying in bed watching a movie and I was too lazy to move; I saw a small/harmless spider drop down from a thread on the ceiling obviously heading for the far side of my bed.

Even if it wasn't venomous I didn't want to share my bed with it, but also didn’t want to move; not thinking it'd actually do anything, I reached out my arm towards it (but still quite a few feet away) and started waving my fingers at it in annoyance.

To my absolute surprise, it immediately stopped its descent and actually retracted back up its line while I was sitting there in surprise. 

Took me a couple of seconds to realize that my hand must've looked like the most giant freaking spider he'd ever seen standing on its back legs and waving the front 5 in the "Back off or I'll wreck you" dance.


7. No Way!

My SO was at a coffee shop many years ago in Amherst, MA when a guy walked in, head down, and just sat on the stage. He pulled out a steel guitar and started playing. My SO ignored it for a bit before he realized the guy was playing Zepplin tunes. 

He walked up to ask the guy where he learned to play those tunes on a steel guitar when the guy looked up. It was John Paul Jones. He just stood there speechless and then walked away to fangirl.


8. The Mysterious Eyes

The Owls. When my grandpa passed away in November of 2008, I was at my dad's house. The front yard is almost enclosed by pine trees. I kept hearing weird noises, so I decided to go outside and see what it was. 

We were shown a light on the trees and were greeted by many many pairs of eyes. There had to be at least 20 owls just hanging out in the trees. My grandpa had an interesting way with birds and we had a very close bond. That was the only time the owls had ever been to our house.

Until my Mastiff passed away last year. I was home alone, brushing my teeth when I heard the familiar sound. I thought I was going crazy, but no. There they were, owls in the trees. A completely different time of year, twelve years later. The owls keep watch.


9. Unbelievable

My old boss has a NXIVM brand. I saw it when she reached up to get something and panicked because it just seemed rude to POINT OUT THE BRANDED SKIN on another person.

I immediately recognized the symbol and it was surreal. I was immersed in podcasts and stuff about that at the time.


10. Gut Feeling

  This is pretty sad but the night my mom went to a better place (I lived in the same house, sleeping down the hall), I was asleep and I suddenly woke up to a cold sinking feeling. 

I went into my living room to check on my mom and she took her final breath soon after. There was no way my body could've known as I couldn't hear nor see her from my room.


11. A Once In A Lifetime Experience

When I was a kid, I got a shoebox and filled it with some sand, a pile of sugar, and a few ants, like three or four. I brought that box into the house and put it in my cabinet. I forgot about the box for like two days.

When I went to check the box, because I thought the ants couldn't get out, I saw something that still seemed insane to me. But I know what I saw.

A military-style formation of ants, in a large rectangle, sorted by size with the smallest ones in front.

Like two (might have been four) big ones in front of the others facing the formation. The large ones were facing away from the cabinet doors. The ants remained still for like two or three seconds then scattered in every direction.


12. Something Truly Shocking

I was at a local jazz bar/ club. After enjoying a few cocktails, I have the urge to use the ladies' room. So I walk in and plop down on the toilet when suddenly... a large woman BURST in and proceeds to pull down her pants and PISS on the damn ground. 

All while making eye contact with me and while my pee was still coming out. I was in shock. And all she said was "Oh girl I just couldn't hold it any longer". It was so surreal. I just walked out. I didn't wipe and didn't wash my hands. I was shaken to the core.

Edit: It was a one-person stall in a really old bar. If I remember correctly the door locked but if you jiggled it enough it would open. It all happened so fast and I had already had a few drinks lol so some details are blurry. This was about 3 years ago.


13. Truly Shocked

Sean Astin (goonies, lotr, stranger things) was in my bar one night. I was outside sneaking a quick smoke when he randomly walked up hugged me and said “You got this”.

I didn’t even recognize him at first until someone mentioned who he was and I closed his tab. I was the only bartender and had been at capacity for 6 hours.


14. Not Even Their Dad Believed This

My sister and I shared a room in high school and would get ready together most mornings without saying a word as we would just be too tired to interact. I was sitting at the vanity one morning and her on the bed, when I had a sudden urge to flick my scrunchie. 

All I said was "Watch this", and released the hair band across the room. I don't know how to explain this but the scrunchie went right around the post of the bed which was a sphere the size of a big fist. When I tell you, LOGICALLY THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! 

We didn't even celebrate, all we could do was stare at each other puzzled. The silence was then broken as my dad walked in. 

I can only imagine how insane we looked as we tried to explain to him what just happened. Honestly, it's not that serious and this is my first post, but I think about this a lot.


15. It Really Happened, I Swear!

I, a totally average nerdy teenager in the late 80s, hooked up with a famous blonde sitcom star a few years older than me in an NYC nightclub. I wasn't even old enough to be in legally and ended up having my one and only one-night stand.

Given the way both of us looked at the time, it's not worth telling anyone that I know it happened because they would never believe it. 

The one good friend I told back when I was in college, instead of responding with any sort of disbelief or claiming I was lying, instead said 'I never really thought she was hot'.


16. Missing Out

I was once in an auto parts store and one guy on the stock shelves called out "Charrlllieeee." Then someone starts talking about Candy Mountain. 

One customer starts quietly singing the Candy Mountain song. I start in with magic liopleurodon talk, and we're all having an awesome time. Except for this one customer. 

He has no clue what the hell is happening. He sets down the [box of something-or-other] he's holding and backs away to the exit, trying not to let any of us out of his sight as he makes his escape.


17. Such A Coincidence

  I live in Belfast, Ireland, and one day I was walking to work with my earphones in listening to Fozzy, turned a corner and there was the lead singer and WWE superstar Chris Jericho! 

Even showed him my phone and that I was halfway through a song so he didn't think I was kidding. Anyway, spoke for about 30 minutes, taught him some Irish Gaelic phrases, and took photos. He even posted me on his Instagram!


18. Maybe He Was Stealing Their Money

One day, I noticed my dog standing at the glass door with something in his mouth. It was a $5 bill. We went to a fast food and grabbed him a cheeseburger for a reward.

The next day, he was at the door with a $1 so we got him another burger. I figured it was only fair as he paid for it. I miss Spam. He was a good dog. 


19. I Gave Him A New Chance To Life

  I once actually had to give legit CPR to a man when he had a heart attack. He was dead when the paramedics got to the house but the medics took over and got him back.

He died again in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but they brought him back again. If it wasn't for me, he would've never had a chance. Also, doing CPR for real is so damn exhausting.


20. Too Risky

Back in my substance addiction days, I was at a meth cook's house and he had just finished a batch off a day or so before and was gonna try it by slamming it.

He did the plunge, and about 3 seconds went by, and I heard screaming coming from the cook room. I stand up and go to the room and he's grabbing his arms and face yelling LOUD! 

He stands up and knocks a burner over and spills some kind of liquid all over it and it just basically explodes half the room. He moved out of the way just enough to not get fully engulfed in the flames and only caught his pants area on fire.

So I'm helping him move to the bathroom while 2 other guys are putting out the fire. (Since he was a cook he actually had multiple fire extinguishers in his cook room) and they're getting it surprisingly well.

I get him in the shower and I'm running water all over him and he keeps saying he's on fire. All I can see is little bits of blood from his eyes, nose, and palms of his hands. His leg was kinda of burnt but nothing crazy. He's screaming about being on fire still and I can't figure out what the hell is up.

Hospital time. Turns out he cut his meth all bad and it had lots of lye in his mix. It was seeping out his pours, eyes, nose, mouth, butt, everywhere. 

He was in the hospital for almost a month, went to jail for a little over a year (the fire department still came for the fire and saw everything), and got completely sober after that. He works as an off-the-books help for a caretaker at a local park now.


21. Sleepwalking At The Same Time

When I was 8 years old and my sister was 7, we both had the same dream and ended up sleepwalking together in the night out into the middle of the road.

Let me give you some backstory. Earlier that day we had new neighbors move into the house behind us. They had two daughters around our age that we quickly made friends with. 

Well, that night my sister and I both dreamt were running in a field full of sunflowers, picking them for our new friends. I felt so happy and carefree in the dream, and I could see my little sister running alongside me, also picking sunflowers.

Well, when we woke up, my mom and our neighbors were there telling us that we had both been sleepwalking around outside together holding hands, and about to walk into the middle of the street when my neighbors (not the ones we had just met) who had just got home, spotted us.

The wife ran to grab us, while the husband ran inside his house to get his gun before going into our house to check on my mom. Because we had left the front door wide open, they thought there might have been a break-in. 

My mom is hard of hearing. She is completely deaf in one ear and only has about 15% of her hearing in her other ear and wears a hearing aid but takes it off at night to sleep, which is why she never heard us go out the front door. 

Anyway, after we realized what had happened we talked about everything and literally recalled all of the same details and remembered seeing each other in our dreams. 

It's now been 20 years and we still remember everything the same and stick by our memories of that night I'm just grateful to our neighbors because who knows what would've happened if they didn't notice us.


22. Gross

I worked with a volunteer EMS here. I was the new guy so I got all the grunt work. One accident scene, head-on truck and car. The man is still in his seat with no seat belt, weird, I think. 

Boss hands me a flag and says so walk in those bushes till you find it. Find what I ask, afraid. You’ll know he says. So I go walking in there and I stumble on something. 

Turns out there was a female passenger who had her head in his lap, and then the accident happened her body went out the windshield and her head went out the side window. I puked and yelled found it! Gross day. Very gross day.


23. Massive Panic

I was at a friend's off-grid cottage with our combined amount of 16 dogs. It is a 1200-acre property with over 2km of basically off-roading to get to the cottage itself. With very poor cell reception. 

We were out for a romp in the woods to take out a problem beaver dam, it diverted a river from draining into the lack and flooding the road instead. 

So the damn is absolutely massive like a good 20ft drop on one side. So we finally got through enough that water started pouring through and my friend realized her key fob was missing. Cue massive panic. 

The other key fob is over a 3-hour drive away. One of her dogs that was up on the dam with us stuck his head into the moving water and pulled out the key fob. 

Had we not both witnessed it we would never have believed each other and trying to tell other people what happened (with both of us able to tell the same story) is still met with disbelief.


24. Anesthesia Is Doing Its Thing

I woke up during open heart surgery and 100 percent believed I had a ladder match at WrestleMania.

Not mine: My mum was only a kid during the troubles in Ireland back in the day. She was walking to school one day and someone got “pew-pewed” beside her, the bullet ended up ricocheting and went through my mas leg. She went on to school and was too afraid to tell my grandparents.


25. No One Stopped Me From Doing The Wrong Thing

A lady I work with wanted me to mow her lawn over the weekend and said she wouldn’t be home. She gave me directions and said there was a green mower underneath her porch with a full gas can. 

When I got there, it was empty, so I went to fill it up, came back, and mowed her yard. The grass was about 6 inches high and looked like it hadn’t been properly taken care of in years. 

It took me hours because I pretty much had to go over everything multiple times. Monday morning she asked me why I didn’t mow her lawn. I noticed people won’t stop a person who’s accidentally mowing the wrong lawn.


26. Great Survival Skills

When my autistic brother was in the 5th grade, he would bike to school every day. he’s got that thing where he’s bad at normal stuff, but amazing at weird other things. 

One day, he asks my mom if he can skip school. She says no. Without her knowing, he goes downstairs and switches his school bag with his bugout bag. 

He gets on his bike and dips. That afternoon, my mom got a call from the school that he was absent. She puts 2 and 2 together and goes looking for him. 

She found him hours later in the coulee, shirtless, with a tent set up, eating fish he’d caught from the river, cleaned, and cooked over a fire. He couldn’t understand why my mom was upset.


27. You Don’t See Something Like That Every Day

One very late summer night a few years ago, me and my gf were biking home from the beach and taking back alleys when we suddenly, stumbled on a spray of white powder all over the concrete. Like a ton of it.

In the center of it all was one of those plastic wrap casings like you see in the movies, a switchblade cut along the belly of the plastic.

You'd expect a scene like that to have more action but it was dead silent, no one around. There was a building beside where we were that it could have come from, maybe thrown out the window. We got creeped out and left. I wonder if it was like a pound of pure blow.


28. Amnesia As A Side Effect

I held an electric pole wire in my hand got shocked for a while and survived. To be honest, I do not remember this but I know this happened as everyone else knows, so I may have some amnesia or brain damage but I’m okay.  

I do not remember anything but that I was told not to go in the garden where the wire had fallen from the pole after the storm, so yeah. Also after this, all the wires in our area have been more secure in the whole colony and no incident since all because of me. No need to thank me.


29. Temptation

  When I sold a guy outside a bar, a burrito that was "The best he ever tasted" (never had green chili before) he offered me an opportunity to grab his wife's breasts, and before I could say yes or no, she rubbed my face in them!   

The funny part is I was with a group of friends that night and we're exclusively church friends! Haha, I'm out here trying to be saved and the devil tempted me with cleavage from a guy's wife.


30. Is It Betrayal Or Not?

My best friend from high school (who went to school in Norcal) is marrying my first girlfriend from Santa Cruz (where I moved after, 3 hours away).

Both moved to Oregon and she started frequenting his coffee shop years after I left Santa Cruz and further from when I left home. Their wedding is in September and I am so happy I was a bit character in a rom-com.


31. How Did That Happen?

  I saw a guy score off of another guy’s face in basketball. The ball was going out of bounds- he saved it in and it hit a guy in the face and somehow went upward off of the guy’s face and into the basket. 

For a second I didn’t believe what happened- but the 15-20ish guys in the gym all went crazy at once.


32. Too Many Details

I once spat in the back of a pickup truck that was driven by Chuck Norris. I was in high school and they filmed an episode of 'Walker Texas Ranger' at my high school. 

There was his truck and I spat the biggest, thicked wad of mucus that I could muster, into the back of his truck. This was long before those Chuck Norris Facts.


33. Run Fast

While smoking substances with some friends late at night, we go into a park and meet this random guy. He started to talk about different conspiracies and such.

He then mentioned that he had a rocket set up and sure enough, he did. The dude set it off and it went into the sky. It was loud and bright. We got the hell out of there.


34. Six Senses

I can actually smell it when someone is going to screw me over. The pheromones change or something, but it’s a specific smell. I can also, generally, identify whoever comes up behind me by smell (assuming I know them.)

I can also navigate a little bit by smell. (Plop me in an unfamiliar area with no restaurants and I can find restaurants several blocks to almost a mile away, figure out where the entrances to shopping mall interiors etc.)


35. He Got The Wrong Guy

I was doing a study abroad program for college in Germany and decided to grow out my beard. We’re talking pretty much two solid months of no shaving so it got pretty wild and bushy. 

Which was enough to convince this one random guy that I was a member of al-Qaeda. No one else I knew was with me so no one else can back this story up. I’m a blue-eyed white guy by the way.


36. So Close, But So Far

Well, a long time ago, I was in jail and there was this guard that kept messing with me. So I came up with a plan to have a buddy look into the bubble to see which way they are looking- the bubble is one-way glass. 

So the next time, the guard came through to his rounds. I was gonna hit him with a ball made out of granola bars oats and honey. The size of a baseball.

When he came and looked up to change the channel on TV I got the “ok” and I threw it and smacked him right in the back of the head. I was on the 2nd tier and it had to be at least 50 feet away. 

Anyway, we all got locked down for it. But it was one hell of of throw. If I would have got caught not so funny.


37. Lucky Stars

A police officer hit me and then sped off...full blown hit-and-run. I called 911 who dispatched an officer who brought a K9 unit and ended up searching my car for drugs. No drugs and they messed with me in a dark parking lot for hours. 

Thankfully, I was able to leave that night without any charges. The next day, I walked the business fronts to see if there were security cameras. 

Thank my lucky stars, there was a video of the hit and run. A few weeks after submitting to the commissioner via insurance, I actually received a call from a detective asking if I wanted to press charges. What the hell?


38. What A Lucky Catch

I was tending bar at a restaurant, and behind the bar, we had these mini carafes that we served wine out of, specifically for glass pours in this application. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically a small cylinder-type vessel with an inverse arch at the top that makes it easy to pour liquid out of. 

Anyway, I had just gotten done washing a round of dishes in the 3 sinks and was polishing some of these carafes when I dropped one. So I panicked.

It bounced right back up essentially into my hand. I couldn't believe it. Now that I've tended to bar for about a decade after, I know glass just sometimes has a mind of its own.


39. A Rarity

  In third grade, something so crazy happened but I have no idea what caused it. About thirty troop-carrying helicopters flew over the park I was at for after-school care- it was around 4:00 pm.

This was followed by around 6-7 fighter jets, and then attack helicopters. I could see the troops with their guns and missile launchers, and they were so close I could hear them yelling. Also, I lived in a place where stuff like this NEVER happened. 

Literally in the middle of San Francisco, Cali. It was so weird, me and my friends stopped playing Foursquare to watch them go by


40. What An Intuition

I woke up knowing for sure that my grandpa would go in a better place that day (he was not sick at all). My mom asked me to help my grandma to get my grandpa dressed, she went to bring a doctor. 

I perceived "a scent" and couldn't help but think that was the "smell of death". Mom came back with a doctor in 5 minutes. Grandpa was already gone.

15 years after that. I woke up knowing that my grandma was to go as well, that day. I went to her room and perceived the exact same scent I smelled back when Grandpa died. 

Grandma was struggling to breathe. I called the ambulance. Grandma was gone before the ambulance arrived.


41. That Was Easy

A homeless person stole my phone in Los Angeles at a gas station one night. I didn’t realize until I walked home, then we tracked it with find my phone

My phone was AROUND THE CORNER and on the move. We ran out of the house and ran toward my phone's moving location. We ran up to a person pushing a cart and they just gave me back my phone.


42. What A Target

I remember a time in junior high (ah the good ol' days), we were doing a project that required colored pencils. A football player on the other side of the room asked me for a pencil. 

I was annoyed that he had to ask me but I tossed one anyway, underhand, of course, but even then I tossed it right in his eye.

Although his reaction wasn't quick enough to turn away, he squinted hard enough that he caught it in the inner corner. He wasn't hurt but he didn't remove it until everyone in the room saw.


43. A Peaceful Resolution

I stepped out of work one day to have a cigarette, and there was a woman smoking just outside the door with her back to me. She turned, and I was face to face with Liza Minelli. 

I looked at her. She looked at me. We said nothing. I lit up. We smoked in silence. To this day I find it so weird how it happened but it was one of the best smokes I ever had  


44. Life Is Hard

My life in a nutshell: in a hospital for a year from 4-5, mum and dad split up, mum kicked me out at 14 because I made her choose between me and my 27yr old boyfriend, homeless for a year, 8 miscarriages 2 of which nearly unlived me.

Stint In the funny farm, my little brother is gone, dad is gone, mum is gone, and my son is gone, don't think I mentioned 15 years of DV where I suffered a broken jaw, nose, teeth, cheekbone, etc.


45. Where Did He Go?

I saw a Saddam Hussein impersonator crossing the street in a small town in MD at 2-3 am in 2002.

In the winter of 2002, my brother and I are stopped at a red light across a fast food. No cars/ people in sight until a man who looks EXACTLY like Saddam Hussein in full foreign military garb walks across the street laughing and disappears into the darkness.