Wedding Stories Of Bridezillas That Went Crazy

Wedding planning can be sometimes extremely stressful, especially for the bride. However, once she starts to get on your nerves or get way out of line, that’s where the chaos starts. Friendships may end or family ties may be severed.

Here is a compilation of Bridezilla stories that will surely make you scratch your head. Get ready to be amused or even greatly annoyed as we dive into these.

1. Insensitivity Kicks In

I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid at a relative's wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, she and her hubby got lucky and she conceived.

The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregnant in the pictures. 3 months later, sadly, the woman miscarried. The bride called her with a response along the lines of "Good, well now you can be back in the wedding."

Needless to say, she did not even attend it.


2. Color Fiasco

  At a wedding, I went to the bride. I replaced a bridesmaid of hers at the last minute because she dyed her hair a slightly lighter brown the night before.

It didn't match the dress, which was bright pink.


3. Tent Hell and Evil Bride

I used to work for a tent company and we would set up for weddings. One in particular wedding comes to mind. It was 95 degrees out, in the middle of July, and we were all suffering. This was a large wedding, with a large tent, stage, dance floor, tables, chairs, plates, silverware, and lights.

We arrived at her parent's house at 7 am. She was all nice and calm and said that she would buy us all lunch (6 or 7 guys) at around noon to thank us for our hard work. She also said that she would bring us water since it was so hot out and we could tap into the keg when we were done. Great deal, right?

Well, I was wrong. About noon we had gotten the tent up, the lighting done, and the stage and dance floor partially set up. She came running out saying that we needed to move the tent 3 feet. Yes, we needed to move the 240' by 60' tent, 3 feet. My initial response was, "Are you kidding me?" She wasn't.

After talking it over with her we decided to move the tent (we had to because the customer is always right even when they say this is where I want the tent to go, we put it up and she changed her mind). We take it down, move the tent 3 feet, and put it back up.

It is now pushing 8 pm. Still no water, lunch, or dinner. 10 pm rolls around and we are unloading tables. She comes storming out saying, "You are making too much noise!!! BE QUIET." One guy I worked with asked, "Can we please get some water now, we drank all of the water that we brought."

She goes, "The hose is around back, take some but not too much, water is expensive." We never got lunch, dinner, or beer. This lady was horrible. We worked from 7 am to 11 pm at her house (not to mention the 45-ish minute drive to and from her house). I never had a problem with working those types of hours if people tipped us, gave us food, and thanked us. She didn't do anything.


4. Aunt-Zilla

My auntie was 38 when she got married. She was the eldest of two sisters so she'd waited a long time for a guy to marry her. She'd been engaged three times before to three different men, each one had broken off the engagement.

My sister was one of her bridesmaids. During a practice at the church, my aunt shouted at my sister for walking out of time. My sister was only seven at the time and to have a seriously stressed bridezilla in her face because she didn't put her foot in the right place at the right time was terrifying.

She burst into tears and according to my mom, my aunt said, "Oh, and NOW she's crying. Can you remind me how old you are?!" My mum was furious with her, my aunt is stubborn so for a few weeks my mum told my aunt to find a new bridesmaid. My aunt wouldn't budge until my grandmother eventually begged her to for the sake of the wedding.

Even now my sister isn't fond of my aunt. My aunt is still extremely awful. She has a young daughter of her own now who she treats like a queen. If anything happens to her, she turns into the Hulk.


5. Muffs and Misunderstandings

I was a bridesmaid in this winter-themed wedding. We wore blue silk dresses with white fake fur capelets and MUFFS. At one point we were getting ready for the ceremony and the bride said, "Kittenhiccups, let me see your muff." I batted my eyelashes and joked, "I've waited so long to hear those words from you!"  

The look she shot me could have killed a moose. She started going off on me about not taking things seriously enough and maybe I should go hang out with the groomsmen instead if I was going to make lewd jokes.

Yeah. Maybe I should have.


6. Wedding Saga of Seating Woes

I had a friend who threw a temper tantrum, complete with screaming and foot stomping because her grandmother dared to pass away a few hours before her wedding. 

She said it would throw off the seating arrangements because now there would be a big space.  

She is currently halfway through her 2nd divorce.


7. Never-Ending Hair Tale

I'm a guy that used to have very very long hair. I was a groomsman at my friend's wedding. About 6 months after the wedding, I cut my hair off. 

  It is now about a year later and his wife still whines for not having cut it for their wedding. I told her I'll cut it for her next one.  


8. Red Solo Cup Reception

I had a bridezilla moment once. I'm generally pretty laid back and wanted to have a stress-free wedding. I gave my girls a color and let them wear what they wanted. I was more excited than nervous or stressed.  

But this awful caterer, who from day one went on and on about no hidden charges and his price was all-inclusive, called me the day before my wedding to ask if I had found a rental company to supply the glassware and chairs for the reception. I nearly lost it. It ended up being a red solo cup reception.


9. Last-minute hair choice chaos

As a hairstylist, I've seen a few bridezillas. This one affected me directly. It was midweek, and a woman came in and asked about updos for a wedding that upcoming weekend. She told my boss that she wanted something "funky" done with her hair.

My boss then booked this awful woman with me. Saturday morning came, she was in my chair and I got started. I am nearly finished and she started complaining that she wanted more of a classic Audrey Hepburn style. Now I'm confused and it's too late to change now, plus my next client has arrived.

This twat loses it. She said I wasn't listening to her and called her mother to come talk sense into me and was almost in tears wondering how she was going to explain her hair to her future inlaws. Her mom showed up and told her that her hair looked beautiful, paid me, and dragged her out of the salon. It was a total effing experience.


10. Sweet BFF to Psycho Bride

My best friend, who is normally very sweet and quiet, was quite rude when she got married. First, she told me when she would be having her bridal shower. She set a date without consulting because it would be held at my house, and what I would be serving. I was in the middle of my honors year of my bachelor's degree in another city, a 15-hour drive away, and she set the date right in the middle of exams.

She also planned on making all sorts of things for her wedding to save money (aisle runner, centerpieces, arch, veil, etc.). I came into town the night before the wedding, and she said,  "I didn't have time to get anything made, so I need you to do it." I stayed up all night sewing and arranging flowers while she slept.

It was in the middle of winter and when we arrived at the hall the floor hadn't been cleaned and was covered with salt stains. There was nothing to clean it with but a bucket and a cloth. So after staying up working all night, I had to clean a floor on my hands and knees. I was exhausted, sore, and hated every minute of her wedding.

I didn't talk to her for months after that.


11. Wedding Day Meltdown

My sister was a self-centered woman for about 6 months with her coup de gras being the wedding day. I know it was all the stress of wedding planning so I don't harbor any grudges, but I wouldn't relive that day for all the money in the world.

My strongest memory is her holding a bag and SCREAMING on the church steps, "Why am I holding something WILL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I AM HOLDING SOMETHING ON MY WEDDING DAY? Someone better take this out of my hands immediately."


12. Bearded Humour

  It was years ago, my brother was the best man at a wedding. He wore a beard at the time. For months before the wedding, the bride pestered him about his beard.  

She wanted him to be clean-shaven for the wedding. So, after many moons, he gave in and promised that he'd shave before the wedding.   

The night before the wedding he shaved it into a fu manchu.


13. A Tale of Jealousy and Wedding Stress

My fiancé's best friend of 20 years (who was each other's maid of honors) got engaged about two years before we did. It was only after we announced our wedding date that she officially decided hers. It was four months before our date.

She has ordered that my fiancé grow her hair out even though she normally has a very short cut, and feels very uncomfortable with long hair. She has started pushing diets in my fiancée's direction knowing fully well she has body image issues and suffered from eating disorders in the past. She has refused to talk about our wedding, changing the subject to hers at every chance.

She also wants a second wedding, about 6 months after the initial one, in Mexico. It will cost us about 3000 each, and we're just barely middle-class ourselves. We'd rather save that money and put it towards kids. When that was mentioned she got very passive-aggressive and said that we were too young to have kids and it was a stupid idea.

She went wedding dress shopping without my fiancée, her maid of honor. She has thrown fits about how stressful and busy her wedding has made her. Whenever fiancée brings up how we did something together or finished something ahead of time, she gets whiny about how lazy and stupid her husband-to-be is and she has more to worry about because she's doing all the work herself.

Her parents are paying for most of her wedding (they have also bought her a house). We are paying for everything ourselves and are keeping the wedding under 10,000 and she has constantly called our wedding 'more of a big party really' because we're not doing frivolous things like Hummer Limos or 6,000 dollar dresses. Did I mention we're lesbians? She's told us repeatedly that hers is the “real wedding.”

Finally, she recently ducked out of Maid of Honor duties, claiming she'll just be too busy with her wedding to handle the stress of MOH's duties. But she still expects my fiancée to do it for her. She instead volunteered my fiancée's sister, who will have an infant by that time, to take charge.

It's really weird because these girls have been friends for 20 years and before we got engaged I met her multiple times and she was always great. Then as soon as we started planning our wedding something snapped.


14. Bridesmaid Ditched and Family Ties Severed

I was dating my cousin's best friend. My cousin and his now wife were getting married. I was a bridesmaid, my boyfriend at the time was the best man.

My boyfriend and I broke up. I got an email from the bride-to-be telling me I was no longer a bridesmaid. 

I said that's not a problem, I saw that coming, but as I was living 3000 km away at the time, I politely explained that it was unlikely that I would make the trip out. 

She lost her cool. She severed ties with me and told me that my family was no longer welcome to the wedding. To this day, my family does not speak with my cousin's family because of her.


15. 2-drink Trouble

  I was a bridesmaid at my older brother's wedding. I had just 2 drinks at the wedding. I felt fine. My sister-in-law got mad because, in one of the wedding photos, there was one of me kissing a family friend of 15 years on the cheek. After all, I haven't seen them in a while. It was such a nice picture too.  

The woman said it was inappropriate and hadn't shown the wedding photos from the reception to anyone because I was drinking and ruined some of the pictures.


16. Bridesmaid Blues

My brother and I are very close, but I didn't know his wife very well before the wedding. I was happy to be asked to be a bridesmaid. I wore the dress she wanted in the color she wanted with the jewelry she wanted. I understood when she gave me guidelines about what style and color of shoes to purchase. 

I happily texted her a picture of the shoes I found for approval before I bought them. I flew in the day before the wedding day as I needed to get my hair cut. My mom is having her hair done by her stylist the morning of the wedding, so she offers to have mine done at the same time. 

The bride was having one of her good friends do the makeup and hair for the brides at the wedding site, so we are sure to clear this to her. She lets us know that we HAVE to be at the location by a certain time to have our makeup done, perfectly understandable. 

The only problem is that my mother is chronically late for everything. We get our hair done and show up at the location 15 minutes late. I run in first thing and slip my dress and shoes on so all I need done is my makeup and I'm good to go. I hear the bride yelling at my mother because she is late and is going to hold up everything, so I rush in to make my apologies.

When I get in, the bride is sitting on this throne (the only way to describe it) getting her hair done, and yelling at my mother. But all of the other bridesmaids are still in their regular clothes and no one has their hair or makeup done yet! So, while my mom and I were technically late, we were also the farthest along in being ready and weren't going to hold up anything. 

To make matters worse, the bride has never seen me in my dress, but she looks at me when I walk in and says "Well, look at you Barbie, you're late so you're going to have to get your makeup done last." in a very rude tone. Now, my name is not Barbie, but I am tall, thin, and blonde. I had my dress altered to fit me better, so it looked quite nice on me, and I thought she would be pleased. 

I end up sitting quietly in the corner by myself. The bride and other bridesmaids give me dirty looks and wait for an hour and a half to have my makeup. I thought about how I just got called a derisive nickname for looking nice in the outfit she picked for me on her wedding day.

I thought the worst was over when the wedding started, but then it started raining and the outdoor wedding got moved inside. We hadn't rehearsed inside, so when I walked up the aisle to the dais, I didn't move over far enough to leave room for the other 4 bridesmaids. I had to be told to shuffle down by the next bridesmaid and not only was I completely embarrassed, but the spot I had to stand had a very cold floor vent blowing up my skirt for the entire ceremony. Boy, did I hear about my screw-up for the rest of the reception?

I will be thankful if I'm never asked to be in another wedding.


17. Bridesmaid Nightmare

Bridezilla is putting it mildly. I once flew into a foreign country for this woman's wedding since I was a bridesmaid. During the time I was there I witnessed her shoving her daughter, starving, and neglecting her pets. 

She was constantly fighting with her fiance, trying to control what I ate, accusing me of stealing from her since I took a soda from the refrigerator after they said to make myself at home. She was freaking out the night before as we were setting up because everything was wrong. 

After the day had come and gone and I flew home I get an email about a month later, "You pissed everyone off! They all found you rude and lazy. My husband isn't calling you names he's only calling you out on how you are." I told her to have a nice life then blocked her from ever contacting me again.

The next thing I knew, my family and friends were getting threatened and harassed, fake profiles were made with my name and photo, and several message boards on Facebook had my name, number, and address up along with the biggest loads of lies for any random stranger to read.


18. Blonde or Bust

This situation made me lose one of my good friends. My friend is getting married in October. We were friends for about 8 years. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and I happily obliged. Little did I know she was going to be a big-headed ego bridezilla.

She demanded that everyone wear these hideous dresses that we had to pay for. I was okay with it since they didn't cost that much. She also demanded that all the girls dye their hair because she could be the ONLY blonde one there.

I have naturally blonde hair and I'm not going to dye it for a day. She got pissed at me that I wouldn't dye my hair and replaced me with a girl that she had known for years but recently become friends with. They used to talk crap behind each other's backs.

Next, she had to nerve to ask everyone who wasn't in her bridal party to pay 80$ per guest (160$ for me and my boyfriend) for food. She's having a buffet of BBQs. She also expected a present that was valued above 50$. She sent all of this via Facebook. I sent her a message back and told her I would either pay for the food or a present and for her to choose. 

I got a hard copy invite recently and realized that the date was the date my boyfriend is doing the race competition. I chose that over her wedding.


19. Exclusive Wedding

My brother's first wife wouldn't allow any of our family that she hadn't met into the wedding. Now, we've got a good-sized family. This would mean things like inviting one cousin that she'd met, but not their parents or siblings that lived out of town, etc. 

We offered to hold an engagement party so she could get to know some of our out-of-towners, but she declined. She said didn't want to feel obligated to invite these new family members that she'd only met once and didn't know very well.

In the end, we decided to go with immediate family only, we figured it would be less awkward and rude than to pick and choose between family. My brother ended up having 6 people at his wedding, along with around 65 from the bride's side.


20. Post-Nuptial Realities

I was at a wedding party and attended with my then-fiance. The bride refused to allow her to be in any of the informal friend and family photos and said, "Well, these things don't always work out, and I don't want to have a guess who this person is ten years from now."

I am now married to my then-fiance, and the other couple has had repeated separations. They are likely only staying together because of their kids.


21. From Vegas Dreams to Atlantic City

My cousin had a screaming hissy fit because none of her bridesmaids could afford to attend her "dream bachelorette party" in Vegas.

We're on the east coast. She even whined about it on social media. We went to Atlantic City instead. That blew.


22. Wedding Bells and Cellphone Alarms

  My boyfriend's brother got married, and in the middle of the ceremony, the groom's phone alarm went off in his pocket. The bride flipped out, interrupting the pastor, to reach into his pocket for his phone, which he had already silenced. She started whining about how "I can't believe you let your phone go off in the middle of our wedding."  

She hands it to the maid of honor and says, "Remind me to smash that later." In the middle of her wedding. She also rolled her eyes when the pastor was talking about God, chatted with the groom during the talk about keeping a marriage together, and during the vows part interrupted the pastor to say, "The father, the son, the holy spirit, yeah I know."


23. Shoe Crisis

My cousin married a vapid idiot. The night before the wedding at the rehearsal she figured out the flower girl had the same shoes as her, in a much smaller size. 

She flipped out at 9 pm and made the mother of the flower girl buy different shoes for her before the ceremony.  

That's what happens when you buy your shoes from Payless. Not much of a selection in white.


24. Post-Elopement Drama

The bride got trashed at their afterparty (not really a reception because they just eloped). Then, she came back to the hotel late at night and cussed out her new husband loudly enough that I could hear it downstairs, "You will NEVER BE ACCEPTED into my life.."  

The next morning she was hungover and rude to everyone. Fast forward, a week later and she gave the photographer a hard time because he made her look fat in her pictures. No, you are just fat.


25. A Wedding Plan U-turn

  I'm not a wedding planner but my friend is getting married soon. She planned this huge wedding with 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen. When she tried to arrange for the bridesmaids to get together and pick out bridesmaids' dresses, two of them couldn't make it on the day she picked.

She was so upset that they couldn't come on that particular day that she sent out a nasty text to all the bridesmaids and canceled the big wedding. She is now having a destination wedding with just her fiance and their family.


26. Sisterhood Strained

The bride's sister became pregnant six months before the wedding. The bride had a cluster of a meltdown saying her sister had done it on purpose to steal her thunder. 

She threatened to kick her out of the wedding, and nearly tore the family apart.


27. A Downpour of Despair

It was an outside ceremony at a golf course, with an inside reception. About an hour before the ceremony, the skies went dark, and storm clouds began rolling in. I told my outdoor brides we need to call the wedding no later than 30 min in advance so we have time to move guests indoors, as well as any other items (flowers, etc). In this case, the bride had a beautiful indoor location that was easily used for both ceremony and reception. Which is why there was no tent.

I suggest to the bride that she move her ceremony inside. She said no. She wanted it outside. I showed her the clouds, "It's Seattle. There are always clouds.” Well yes, but these are storm clouds and you have 200 people sitting outside on a golf course. She won't budge. No amount of reasoning is helping.

20 minutes into the ceremony, it started to get windy. Nothing big yet, but this is just more signs that wet weather is upon us. She still won't reconsider. Several guests are seated outside. Many hover inside the reception area because it's cold out now. I warned her what happens if it rains during the ceremony. She still wants it outside.

The Ceremony began and it started to sprinkle. Bridesmaids are getting wet as they walk down the aisle and shoes are sinking into the grass. Guests are looking worried. The Bride walks down the aisle just as big wind gusts begin. The rain started to fall in earnest and the guests tried and used umbrellas but it was just too gusty.

We weren't even five minutes into the ceremony when the heavens suddenly opened and it POURED. Guests started screeching and moving inside. The ceremony was still happening for the bride, but guests were bailing. Musicians grabbed their instruments and headed inside.

The bridal party continued to stand there like nothing was happening, much like the band on the Titanic. There are maybe 20 guests left. Everyone else has bailed. It is an open downpour; anyone left is just soaked.

The officiant is rushing now; though there isn't anyone left to witness vows. Before they got to the kiss, the lightning began. At that point, they finally bailed.

The bride and bridal party spent the reception looking like drowned rats. The bride was just ruined with her runny makeup, and hair smushed. She had rashes on her skin from being wet all night. Wet lace and heavy ball gowns are not easily worn wet. 

All the decor that was meant to move inside following the ceremony was ruined. Thousands of dollars on flowers and centerpieces down the drain. Literally. In the end, hardly anyone witnessed the ceremony at all, and they didn't even get to finish.


28. Sister’s Saga Steals the Spotlight

Not a wedding planner but a wedding guest. So, it was my cousin's wedding and he was marrying this very awful girl whom no one, except his sister, liked. This Girl hated everything about everyone and liked to be vocal about those things. 

So, halfway through the reception, I was super bored. I didn't want to be there and only went because my mother insisted. The place is very awkward, no one is dancing and the bride is having a screaming contest with her dad outside. 

I noticed a woman, very young, sitting at the bride's family table, holding a baby and talking to some guy. I didn't notice her before since the baby was very quiet during the entire ceremony and they sat at the back. I recognize that woman as the bride's 17-year-old sister who by the way was a teen mom and the guy, I assume and later learn, is her boyfriend and baby daddy.

The bride came back, looked at her sister angrily, and then marched her way to the groom's family where she proceeded to talk about her sister. About how stupid and irresponsible, getting pregnant at 15 is and how her baby daddy was a drunk and useless father.

She was talking so loudly that her sister, the guy, and everyone was hearing her. The sister started crying quietly, hugging the baby who was now anxious. The guy looks ready to end the bride. The bride's father seemed angry and the bride's mother went to her sister to try to comfort her. 

Then the bride talked about how her sister was stealing her thunder, making the day all about herself and her mistakes. The bride's father goes to talk to her again, I realize then what they were arguing about. The guy went to his girlfriend to comfort her as well.

The bride left to "calm herself" but everyone could hear her having a tantrum outside. The guy and her sister said their goodbyes to her family and a few friends and went home, with her still crying and her baby daddy still comforting her.

I later learned that the sister and the guy work when they are not at school to pay their bills and to support their baby. The bride was always jealous of her sister because she was the "baby and the favorite daughter." The bride and her sister are no longer on speaking terms because of other reasons.


29. Access Denied

Not a wedding planner, but at my sister's wedding. Part of the reception was held indoors, in an area that isn't wheelchair accessible. My disabled wife and I had to miss out on that part of it. We found out about it on the day, minutes before that part of the wedding was due to start. 

A little while after, we realized that there was a way to get into the area, we just needed to go through an inside room that had been set up with tables for dinner. I found my sister and asked them to ask the staff to let us through. 

My sister forbade us from going through the room, saying she didn't want anyone going into it until it was dinnertime.

She left me and my wife to sit alone outside while she and her friends had a chocolate fountain and open bar. I came about THIS close to giving her a loud piece of my mind and bailing on the wedding.


30. Makeup Meltdown

It was my aunt Twyla's wedding renewal. She ordered makeup artists, hairdressers, and even a team to set up where the party would be taking place. The hairdressers and makeup artists specifically were for her four sisters, four cousins, and an extra three cousins from her husband's side of the family. 

The only people who let the makeup artist and hairdresser fix them up hours before the renewal wedding were me, my mom, Jackie (my aunt's sister), my little sister, and my aunt herself. The other members wanted to do it all themselves for some reason. 

When we all arrived at the party, the other women who rejected the offer showed up with no makeup and nappy hair. My aunt stressed on the spot and blew up in their faces. Jackie, my mom, the makeup artist, and even the hairdresser got mad at the ones who disagreed. There was an hour left and these people weren't ready!   

The makeup and hairdresser would've been doing it without them having to pay because it was all coming from my aunt's pocket but no, they wanted to "do it themselves." Although my aunt was a bridezilla, she had every right to be. A lot of my family members are kind of a pain in the ass.


31. The Van Debacle

It was my brother's wedding, and I was one of the bridesmaids for my sister-in-law. We took all those cute, typical pre-wedding photos of the bride,  her bridesmaids, and her parents. We realized that only the bridesmaids' transport had arrived. The car for her and her dad was stuck somewhere.

She called up to find out what was happening and proceeded to scream at the poor guy who was stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Her skin erupted in a red sort of rash that was visible on her chest, and her arms. She screamed that she was not going to get married if she couldn't go in the car she paid for.

Half an hour went by, and no car arrived. We suggested she just come with us. We had a wedding-decorated van and had plenty of space for her and her parents. But, she said, "No, I can't turn up this late to my wedding. I'm not getting married!"

After a tense 10 minutes, she got in our van, and we continued with the wedding day.


32. Operation Fake Wedding

Not a wedding planner but I'm a former clergy.

So, let me start by saying that I was a deacon. Fully empowered to officiate weddings. But no one, in my experience, asks the deacon to do a wedding unless they are a family friend. So I was a little shocked, and somewhat suspicious when I was approached by this couple. 

They wanted two things: me to officiate the wedding and use our church. They were only two weeks away and their first venue fell through. Alternatively, they would just like to rent the church and they would have a family friend officiate. Unless the family friend just happened to be clergy of the same denomination as us the latter wasn't an option.

As I asked more questions I became increasingly uncomfortable with the couple. Something was off. Finally, they came out with it. The couple had broken up after the invites had been sent.

The bride was not going to be deprived of her "special day" of "being treated like a princess" for some technicality like she didn't have a groom. Deposits were already in place anyway. So they figured they'd throw the big wedding, have the reception, and then go their separate ways.

I asked the groom why he would be participating in this farce. The father of the bride, in an apparent effort to give his special princess her special day, was willing to give the groom the honeymoon tickets/hotel. So he got a vacation to show up and look sincere. 

The reason why the first venue dropped them was that they didn't want to stage a fake wedding. Neither did we.


33. Offer to Elope

My sister threw such a fit at my mother during the wedding dress search that my father offered her a blank check to "elope so we don't have to put up with this." 

  She of course declined. A few years later she divorced the guy.


34. Maternity Over Friendship

My friend is usually easygoing, but she was terrible to me when she was getting married. She was marrying a man who was a friend of my husband. They met because they were both at our wedding party. 

I found out I was pregnant with my first just before she announced her wedding date. I was told by my doctors I was unlikely to get pregnant, so it was a huge deal for me. No one knew. She asked my husband and I to be in the wedding party so we took her and her future husband to dinner and explained we would love to be in her wedding party, but warned her I would be very pregnant at the wedding. 

She acted excited at first. Then we went for dresses with the bridesmaids. She made snide comments about me "getting rid of it," so I wouldn't be pregnant at her wedding. I was sick as a dog and trying not to cry. Also, I am on the larger side and made sure I could order my dress two sizes bigger as it was not very accommodating to a pregnant body. 

The consultant made fun of me for being fat. I found that out because when my friend tried to defend herself she said she had been defending me. Telling me that only hurt more. They were all going to dinner and I skipped out because I didn't want to be harassed anymore.

Then her bridal shower happened. It was a state over (where we were both from). First off, her maid of honor shook me down for money for the party. We never agreed to advance, but I gave in because I wanted to help.

I wanted to help set up, but I got there a little late. I had been sick all morning and had to drive an hour to get there. My parents drove me and begged me to go home and rest. I spent half the party in the bathroom vomiting. I still got there early, but a lot of the work has been done. I stayed and cleaned up.

Later, we got into it. At that point, I was done. I had found out there was something wrong with the pregnancy and put on bed rest and I told her I was done being treated like that. When she tried to say I was there enough for her party, I explained that I went there when I should have been resting, and even at 7 months pregnant I was helping throughout the party. I told her my baby was sick and I wasn't going to be putting myself under that kind of stress anymore. 

That is when she felt awful and I think she finally saw the bigger picture and we made up.

I wasn't pregnant for her wedding. My daughter was born at 29 weeks because she was in distress. We found out she had trisomy 18 and we only had six days with her. The wedding was 8 weeks after she passed away. We attended but opted out of being in the wedding party. We left during the father-daughter dance because it was too painful, but at that point, people were more understanding.


35. Bridezilla’s Beef

I went to a friend's wedding where through her bridezilla ways, she was not on speaking terms with her soon-to-be mother-in-law. The mother-in-law made some changes to a steak sauce, and my friend freaked out yelling.

She made her brother go and get her some biscuits from the grocery store. She ate biscuits at the main table of the reception. The marriage lasted about a year.


36. The Floating Cake Conundrum

I work at a bakery and part of my job is to help pair couples with the correct designer for their cake.

One bride wanted a cake large enough to feed 500 and she wanted it to float. This multi-tiered cake was going to be filled with fresh berries and custard, covered with buttercream and fondant, and decorated with edible flowers and more fresh fruit. She wanted us to somehow defy the laws of gravity/physics and make it float.

She had seen a floating cake in an anime show and decided nothing else was acceptable. When I told her we couldn't make floating cakes, she threw her coffee on the floor and cried that we were ruining her wedding. Her fiance ushered her out the door and I never saw either of them again.


37. A Shoe-String Wedding Adventure

I was just at a wedding a few months ago. We, the bridesmaids, had to wear black shoes under our floor-length dresses. Right before we left the hotel to head to the church one of the bridesmaid's shoes broke. Like, the sole of the shoe separated from her toe and dangled. We were trying to find a sewing kit to see if we could rig it but we had to go. 

We grabbed what we could (the bridesmaid grabbed another pair of heels that were tan) and went to the limo. We stuffed pins and other things into the shoe to try to make it stay, but one wrong move and the pin would go straight through her toe. We looked at the bride to show her so she could wear the other shoes and she wanted her to wear the black ones. 

The walk down that aisle was like 50 yards. She switched shoes without telling the bride, and I was walking in front of her so I made sure to walk as slowly as she was taking tiny steps so her shoes wouldn't show. I know what you're going to say. "Oh, she was prob just worried about the pictures!" Yeah, we were in no pictures once the ceremony ended.


38. Bridal Ink Dictatorship

My best friend got married two years ago to a bride who insisted that her maid of honor not get any tattoos leading up to the wedding or she would be removed from the wedding party. The reason is that “she will ruin the wedding photos with her tattoos.”

The maid of honor wanted to get a quarter sleeve from her shoulder to mid-bicep. She had been planning this tattoo for months when this ultimatum levied was over a year before the actual wedding date (a very long engagement period). I could understand her stance if she didn't have several tattoos already (none visible while in her dress though). Which made her look like a huge hypocrite to everyone else. This was just one of many awkward moments at that wedding.


39. Wedding Clash of Themes

So there was this huge wedding I was planning. I had 2 other dudes from a different company helping because it was that big. The groom wanted this big huge Hawaiian-themed wedding, with sand on the floor. Guests are to wear flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts. 

The bride wanted a classic white wedding. The groom said it was too traditional. Long story short, The bride lost it. She went ballistic. Since our office was getting renovated we had a few builders resting here and there. She destroyed the place.


40. Maid of Honor to Social Media Snub

  My best friend got engaged in February, I was asked to be the maid of honor, and I agreed. She decided on a destination wedding. I asked a bunch of questions, mainly if I could book the trip myself because $2000 for 1 person was her cost. 

She freaked out because everyone was complaining about the costs so she "released" me from the maid of honor duties. 

We didn't speak until I got a random message on my social media account in May inviting me to the bridal shower, I said no and she was offended. We are no longer friends.


41. Control Freak Bride

My worst bride was an Ivy League educated shrink. She tried to play head games with absolutely everyone involved in the planning of the wedding. She frequently had fits. 

She and I butted heads because she wanted a carpet running straight from the bottom of the stairs to the doors of the chapel. I told her it wasn't possible because they didn't line up. 

She kept on asking me if I was sure, even after I showed her exactly what I meant. She narrowed her eyes and told me she thought I had a problem with the truth.

She was very controlling with the groom as well. I remembered their names and looked them up on Facebook a while back. They're divorced and he appears to be happily remarried.


42. Drunken Off the Contract Requests

As a musician, I've had several moments towards the end of the night. Usually, the incredibly intoxicated bride comes up with every other song either requesting to sing, requesting the groom or a friend to sing requesting a specific song that we don't know. Any special musical requests are always included in the contract in advance, and these drunken moments are of course never agreed on in advance.   

Usually leads to the bride throwing a huge tantrum if we don't do what she says or turns into a massive horrible show if we let her or a guest sit in and sing with us. The last time we did what Bridezilla said her drunken friend fell backward into the drum set in the middle of singing an off-key "Don't Stop Believing," and made a huge scene. But if we say no, then the bride almost always freaks out and causes a scene anyway.


43. Escaping Away

  At the last wedding I went to for my closest female friend, of which I was the man of honor, she made the entire wedding party slave away setting up the venue. A destination wedding in the woods for three days! After all that I still ended up on her list for some nonsense reason or another.   

We had the last laugh though. A part of the wedding party left during the dancing and fooled around in the woods without her. She was pissed later when she found out we were having fun by ourselves rather than showering her with attention.


44. Shotgun Wedding Drama

Just had an ex-friend get married, a shotgun wedding. She was pregnant and the family wouldn't let anyone know until they were married. Two of my friends were their best man and a bridesmaid and were dating. 

A few days before the wedding, my two friends broke up amicably. They were talking and hanging out normally not two days later, and it wasn't a bad negative thing or anything. The day after the breakup, the bride-to-be told her groom-to-be to call my female friend and tell her she was no longer invited to the wedding.

He did so because he was told to "always say yes to your wife."

The best part? He dumped his last girlfriend because she wanted kids and he didn't. His new wife frequently talked about how she never wanted children. So two people who don't like or want children are now bringing one into the world and getting married after dating for 6 months. It doesn't help she's clinically insane.


45. Wrong sent

I recently went to a wedding for a friend of my wife's family. The families have been friends for more than 20 years. A nice family, the oldest son was getting married. Unfortunately for him, to an awful woman from what I have been told. Now I did not witness things firsthand but heard from the mother of what had transpired.

There were a couple of messed up things that happened but the thing that was the most messed up was the bride asked the groom's sisters to be in the wedding. Neither of his sisters liked the bride one bit and one of them did not want to be a part of the wedding. Finally, the groom talked her into it, mind you the sister was not rude or mean to the bride. 

Once the groom talks her into it, the bride texts this message to her friend, "Finally that stupid sister of hers said yes to being in my wedding, she better not ruin it." Well, she didn't send it to her friend but she accidentally sent it to that sister. Then of course she said no to being in the wedding again.  

Somehow they talked her into being in the wedding for a second time. All I know is that the family is not fond of his new wife.