People Share Deal Breaker Moments From Their First Date

1. I met a baby daddy

Prior to our first date, he said he didn't have any kids. While he was driving me home after our first date he mentioned that he hated letting his baby mama use his car because she always messed with the radio stations and that it took forever to get his seat adjusted back to how he liked it.

I was just out of high school and wasn't looking to date anyone with kids. 

With how disrespectful he was during our date, finding out he had a kid was an automatic deal breaker for me. 

He then kept calling and texting me and after I blocked his number he kept creating new social media accounts to get a hold of me because he wanted to go for a second date and kept bringing up that he was making good money so I'd be an idiot to say no to him.


2. He had issues with my hair

My date kept trying to braid my hair. At first, it seemed weird, but not like a dealbreaker, but then he kept asking. The first time he asked, we were walking through the park, and I was telling a story, but he interrupted me, asking, "Can I please braid your hair?" 

I laughed, politely said no, and continued talking, but he kept interrupting, asking to braid my hair. 

I asked why, but all he said was, "I just want to braid it," and kept reaching for my head. 

I swatted his hand away a few times, and when that didn't work, I told him I was ready to go home.

It was so creepy!


3. Hookup on the first date

The date went well as we just did the typical coffee and chat then decided to go back to my place for a movie. As soon as we walked in the door he tried to shove his tongue down my throat no warning. I backed away because he caught me off guard. 

He asked to use my bathroom (I thought more to escape embarrassment and to start over.) 

He walked out completely naked crawled onto my bed and started talking about inviting his friends over to watch.

I was so confused because while we were messaging I asked him about hooking up, like what he was into and looking for. His response was he didn’t want to get hooked up on a first date.


4. More house-hunting than dating

I think she was in love with her best friend and didn't realize it. She told me she and her long-time best friend who she called her "wifey" lived together in a single room with the friend's baby. She said that this friend always comes first and they're inseparable. 

They also have gotten kicked out like 3 times from house to house. 

She left the date early because whoever they were renting from was threatening to kick them out. 

We never really talked again but I wanted to tell her she shouldn't be dating because she's already in a relationship.


5. Shouting inside a car

I was on my second date with a guy and our date was at a place you had to valet your car. So to save money, we drove together. It was a ten-minute drive to the place from my house and we were very early so there was no reason to rush. 

  We were at an intersection waiting at a red light during which an old man was crossing.

The light turned green but he was still a few feet from the curb and in front of our car. The guy rolled my window down and screamed over me, out my open window, "go a little faster you old man and maybe I wouldn't think about running you over, oldie!"

I immediately told him to pull over and I got the hell out of there.


6. Living on mom’s credit cards

Technically this was after a second date but I was so impressed that he’d treated me and the person who introduced us to sushi. I was 18 and he was 27, so I guess it just impressed me because most 18-year-olds can’t just treat a group to sushi.

But then he let slip that he’d paid for it all with his mom’s credit card. He didn’t have a job. He is a recovering addict and his mom’s credit cards were financing his whole life.

So….it was a deal breaker.


7. He used offensive words

He referred to every woman in his life as the ‘C’ word. His ex-wife. His coworkers. His son’s girlfriend. The ladies he came across at work (correction officer). 

He must’ve used it 12 times in a two-hour conversation.

I think that’s more than I’ve heard that word used in conversation in the previous 20 years combined. 

He was not British. There was no cultural slang going on. It was very off-putting.


8. He had kids but didn’t talk about it

He forgot to mention his three kids. Also, in the same breath said his ex was a psycho. When I questioned why he hadn't mentioned his kids before, he said it didn't matter because they lived full-time with their mom.

I have divorced parents. Guess how I reacted?

Another one kept talking about how he wanted five kids but didn't want to get married. I said that I wasn't down, sorry. He countered with "But Europeans do it all the time." I was sitting there like, who the heck sitting at this table is European because I’m really sure I’m not.

I don’t know why it's always about some kid-related issue. Maybe because they find out I work with children they think I'm like a Duggar and/or willing to accept a gaggle of other people's children. Not happening.


9. She was about to cheat

She mentioned that I should check out her pics from a trip she took recently on Facebook. I went on her account, and there were pictures of her with a guy with the caption "I love this man." 

I asked her about him, and she said they had been broken up for a few months.

 The pictures were only posted two weeks prior to our meeting. I clicked on his tag, and there were pictures of him and her being a couple that were posted the day before she and I met.

It's obvious she was lying to me, and I'm not a fan of cheaters. I blocked her.


10. So many red flags

He had a record because he beat his ex-girlfriend. Like broke her face, bad. My "friend" set me up with him to boot. It was the worst date I ever went on. 

He "Joked" about keeping women chained up in basements. Bragged about tipping poorly, while he knew I was a waitress. Kissed me without my consent in my car. 

He still texted me nonstop afterwards, wanting me to join his church. When I found out his history the next day, I was sick to my stomach. Friendship didn't last long either.


11. Hookup after a party

This was in college… we met at a friend’s birthday party. She was a friend of a friend of a friend type deal. I should have known she was trouble from the start because at the party she told me she was a sophomore, turned out she was a freshman. But whatever…

We went out on a date for dinner, walked to get some ice cream, and then she invited me up to her dorm room to watch a movie. Her roommate was out for the night and we ended up hooking up. She was fun, and she was hot. Great combination.

Two days later she came over to my place and my roommate and his girl were there too and we cooked dinner. After dinner, I drove her back to her place because she had a test the next day and needed to study. I go to walk her to her room and she stops me outside the building and says, “So, I have to tell you something….I have a boyfriend. 

He goes to school 8 hours away from here but my roommate knows him and I can’t have you come up to the room to walk me home.”

Yep, that was the end of that. Told her that was cool. Call me if things ever ended with your boyfriend. She tried to call me to hang out the next weekend. I asked her if she was still dating the other guy and she said, “Yes…no… It's complicated,” so I hung up. Never went out with her again.


12. Dirty lifestyle

We had a great start to the first date, we’d been chatting online for quite some time and met at a mutual local pub and really enjoyed each other's company after the nerves wore off.

He invited me back to his place, with the warning that he hadn’t tidied up. I’m tidy but not even remotely picky about a bit of a messy house. But it was more than just a messy house.

Not only was every inch of the kitchen counters covered in beer and alcohol bottles, but the place looked like I walked into a place 15 years after a zombie apocalypse. The layer of dust on every item was shocking. He had some really nice belongings, but all of them just rotting under the mess.

I actually felt really bad and asked if he was okay and had considered getting professional help. His answer was “Nope, this is how I live.” I politely excused myself.


13. Contrasting world views

On the first date when I let the dude pick me up, we went to the driving range and dinner. We both had a lot in common. I was really enjoying myself and getting more and more excited that I could see myself with this dude!

I didn't want it to end so I suggested dessert. During the car ride there, it was a total 360. He started talking about how women are meant to breed for one man and men are designed to sleep around and impregnate many women. 

How "he's not like those guys" but that's how the world works and "304s" are anomalies and commented on the way these women wear revealing clothes (cue me looking down at my skirt).

 After my initial shock, I challenged him. Then realizing this wasn't working, I disagreed and politely asked to change the topic. He wouldn't let it go.

He continued, for over an hour about the "biology" of women and men, and then had a bunch of religious "wisdom" in there for me that I just can't remember. Looking back I totally could've gotten an Uber home, but at the time he was my ride so I just politely smiled and nodded.

The next morning I texted him we had different world views it wasn't going to work. He tried to argue that we had a good time and "screw the world views, what if I just didn't tell you all this, we coulda been happy together". Yeah, but no thank you.


14. About to become a babysitter

Apparently, she thought I was going to shuttle her children, whom I hadn’t even met yet, to and from school. That I was going to drive her to the hospital for a surgery she never told me about.

She also expected that I’ll keep her kids at my place overnight then bring her back to her place and be her housekeeper/ babysitter while she recovers. This after one date. 

So there wasn’t a second date. And she didn’t understand why I would balk at all this since “You’re my boyfriend now and that’s what boyfriends do.”


15. An alcoholic

She was an alcoholic in denial. She told me she was on day 3 of a 90-day sobriety challenge and she was “struggling”. Her words were she didn’t think she’d been on a date sober before, she wasn’t sure what we were supposed to do.

She had been to court-ordered AA for a DUI but knew she wasn’t an alcoholic cause her life “wasn’t as bad as those people.

Then at the end, she threw out “I kind of hate dogs”. She should have led with that.


16. No future together

The first date was great. What ended up being the dealbreaker was what I learned on the second date:

I got to know that her purse contained morphine which she had stolen from the educational hospital she worked at in the Bronx in case her hangover from our date was bad. 

Also, she had watched a stab victim die on the table earlier that day and was acting very chill when she decided to tell me about it. Also at the end of the date, she told me "You know if you had been more of an asshole to me I probably would have tried to sleep with you." 

You know... if stealing morphine and nonchalantly telling your date the second time you've met them about the murder victim you tried and failed to patch up wasn't enough for you.


17. Fight from the first date

During the first date, I was catfished with pictures that were of her 15 years prior, but I figured maybe I’d make a friend. So I had the prime rib, while she started downing wine and said she wasn’t that hungry. (She also asked if I could give her a ride home if she had another glass of wine, and that she was in the next little beach town over).

  After dinner (and her 3rd glass of wine) we take a walk on the beach to get to know one another, you know… where are you from what do you do kinda chat. Turns out she’s the head of our local chamber of commerce. But she spent the last 10 years at a Pray the Gay away church in Texas.

  That’s when I interrupted to tell her my daughter is Pansexual and she said “We should go get some more wine.” I said my back hurt and needed to go home, but she started a public temper tantrum like a 5-year-old being ripped out of a Chuck E. Cheese.   

I’m also actually friends with the owners of the restaurant and try to de-escalate the situation. She’s mad I’m not giving her a ride home and just generally being a horrible person.

So I begrudgingly agreed to take her home. First, we have to go to her car and get her stuff. The car is a 1980s piece of crap with a Blow and Go in it from having too many DUI’s. And she brought 3 bags of stuff out of her car, a hair dryer and a suitcase, but wait, it gets worse!

Not only does she not live in the little beach town next to mine she lives 45 minutes away so now I’m stuck in the car with her while she’s trying to violently jerk me off. I literally had to say “If you don’t stop, I will pull this car over and call the police” 

So then, when we got about a mile from her house, she rolled down the window and just started screaming “Why won’t you let me pleasure you!” At the top of her lungs. I pull into her driveway grab all of her stuff, take it up to the front porch and run back to my car because I have to take a piss like a racehorse and I know if I went into her house I probably wouldn’t have made it back out alive…worst first date ever!

The one funny thing that came out of it. The restaurant owners thanked me the next day and said if I ever get in a situation like that again we should have a SafeWord! So now if I’m on a first date and I ask if they still have the blueberry pancakes, security will escort my date out of the restaurant. I stopped dating for a few months after that one.


18. Too carefree

He parked his car in a parking lot that apparently closes with a gate after a certain time and his car got locked in there. He had to drive to work in the morning and was more than an hour from home, so I drove him all the way back.

He asked if he could smoke in my car, and I wasn’t about that but he had a rough night and I felt bad, so I said sure.  

 He proceeded to chain smoke 2 packs of cigarettes over the course of one hour.

And then had the audacity to ask if he could play some of his raps that he had on SoundCloud. 

After an hour of that and the interior of my car forever ruined, that was the end of that.


19. Told me I had a fertile womb

He said he liked manipulating people for fun and could tell that I’ve been abused in the past, which is why I'd end up marrying him. It got way too sexual way too fast, didn’t want to wear a condom & said he didn’t like pulling out. 

Also, he said I had a “fertile womb” after I said I had a big family and he said that was great because he always wanted 5 kids.

The dude got cut off and posted on one of those “Are we dating the same guy” Facebook pages and had other girls commenting about how much of a creep he is to girls at the gym and how he told a single mom she wouldn’t be able to find someone to date/marry because “no one wants used goods”


20. Date with a crazy guy

This happened a very long time ago when I was young. I went on a dinner date with a very handsome guy I met at my huge apartment complex's pool. While we were talking, he mentioned that his father was the minister of his church and proudly showed me pictures of this big beautiful church with a high ceiling.

It was paneled inside with wood.

He didn't mention anything about his denominational beliefs. But later in the discussion, he made some rather racist comments. I finished the date as gracefully as possible and went home.

I never went out with him again.

As I said, it was a very long time ago. So a few years later when shows like Jerry Springer and The Geraldo Show were on they interviewed members of a crazy church group called the "Christian" Identity Movement (CIM).

It turns out that his father was rather famous. 

The church that he had shown me a picture of was also pictured on the Jerry Springer Show. It was crazy. I never would have expected someone who looked like him to be so mentally ill. 

It really hit me hard in the gut to learn that some things can look so nice and innocent and beautiful. But be so completely rotten and evil.


21. She hated gays

One hour into the date. Everything's going pretty awesome. She's a hot, eastern European chick. well-educated, smart, the whole package. No red flags.

As we're finishing our last drink she just casually mentions how gay people should be banned from going out in public, and should preferably be executed.

I stood up and said "Thanks for the conversation but I'm going to leave now." Left a 20 for the drink and walked.


22. He hated African-Americans

After the date, we walked out, and as I walked to the passenger side, I said, "Hey, did you leave your window down?" We got a little closer, and it was apparent it was broken.

His immediate response was a n-word. I froze totally. He got into the car, and there was a police report left.

 The person had been caught doing the act, was arrested, and the officer left the information for my date. Unfortunately, it included a description that included the person was African-American.

He started yelling at the top of his lungs, "I knew it! Freaking (N-word)!" Over and over. People were looking at us. I was so embarrassed. Honestly, I didn't even feel safe having him drive me to my own car. But, I wasn't familiar with the area.

Obviously, I never spoke to him again afterwards.


23. She had no standards

I had a fun first date with this woman who told me about all the creeps that she had been on dates with. Guys that showed up and looked totally different than their dating app, guys that were way older than they claimed to be, other lies, etc. It was sort of a hoot to hear her tell these stories.

On the second date, it came out that she had slept with all of them. That was a turn-off learning that she apparently had no standards. Oh yeah, we didn't hook up after our first date either.


24. Late to our first date

He was super close to finishing a new route at the climbing gym, so asked if we could push dinner 30 minutes later. Assuming he’d be just a little late - I got a beer with a friend.

I got a text, letting me know that that 30 minutes was going to be even longer.

  I cancelled the date and went to dinner with that friend who I got a beer with. Fast forward 2 years; that friend and I are engaged. Fast forward to now; we’ve been happily married for 3 years.

We still joke about how our accidental first date would have never happened without a very shitty first date that never happened.


25. Experience with a hardcore alcoholic

I met someone for dinner and we ended up going back to her place. It was a really fun night and everything seemed to go great. I called her the next day and left a message but never heard back. I thought it was strange because I would like to think I can tell if things go well or not.

  Anyway, I let it go. A couple of days later she called me up and told me she had been arrested for drunk driving and had been in jail. She had totalled a brand-new Mercedes after she ran a red light. She didn't remember anything that happened that night. How she got in the wreck, nothing.  

I would like to say I put my foot down and decided not to see her again. Nope, I tortured myself for the next 5 months. She was a hardcore alcoholic. Often times she couldn't remember anything from the night before. She had just divorced some multi-millionaire.

She told me she became a problem drinker because whenever she couldn't get out of sleeping with him she would drink a lot.


26. Date with a drug addict

The guy worked Tuesday to Saturday, long hours and two jobs, but consistently had Sunday/Monday off. I actually worked with him very occasionally at one of his jobs and we had hung out a few times socially before we actually went on an official date. 

  He seemed like just a really nice guy, opened doors for me, had good conversations, and seemed close with his brother who lived in the same city. We go out to a fantastic dinner for our first date where he casually mentions that he had some issues with heroin when he was younger and living in the Northwest.

Okay, whatever, the past is the past. He also seems relatively well put together now. But I inquire a bit further about his life and quickly learn that my date has a fairly strict pattern for his days off.  Firstly, he's not really a recovering addict but an active user of almost anything he can get his hands on, though keeps it to "weekends" only. 

The guy also apparently gets blatto from Saturday night to Tuesday morning, every single week. This starts with a Saturday bender, rolls into spending 8 hours at the strip club on Sunday, followed by Sunday night football or whatever sports thing is happening, and then ends with industry night on Monday. 

He goes on to explain that he usually has no memory of his weekends. He laughs about this. We go out for drinks after dinner where my date proceeds to have three drinks in rapid succession and transitions into a sloppy, impulsive mess and gets ushered out of a local dive bar. It was a Saturday night and he was starting his weekend.

The guy showed up about a week later and thought the whole experience was totally normal. I noped out pretty quickly afterwards.


27. Older than he looked

He was a super cute handsome guy, who came up to me when I was 18, working in retail. He asked for my number and email. When we were planning a date, he sent me a planned-out email. 

We went to the pizza place and he told me how he decided to do law school, finished law school, became an attorney, worked as an attorney for a while, and now wants to write a book and find his greater purpose. 

The whole time, I was trying to count years of how old he could be. The date went well, but I felt kind of like jail bait by then, even at 18 years old, and he didn't look that old, but I didn't want to go to the movies with him. I basically ran away.


28. Date with a woman from Tinder

I had a date once with a 25ish woman I met on Tinder who was extremely attractive, so I probably overlooked the early warning signs. After 10 minutes on the date, I knew she was into astrology, had no education except for high school, a son, an ex-husband, a restraining order against her ex-husband, and had quite a lot of right-wing opinions.

  I left after the food and told her via text that I think we're too different for this to work and I don't want to have a second date. She wrote back that I'm arrogant and ugly anyway and blocked me. 

A couple of weeks later she added me on Instagram, I suspect to make me see the post where she announced she was back together with the love of her life (ex-husband).


29. Narcissistic guy

I went on a date with a guy and when the waitress would disappear, he made some gross comments about her. The way a person treats wait staff is incredibly telling. I didn’t really go out with him again but in the month that we were getting to know each other at our job, he was so narcissistic.

He would get mad when I didn’t laugh when he insulted people. Then, when a woman insulted him back, he looked at me as if I was going to do something. I was like nah, you deserve that. 

I literally told him (in front of her) “How are you going to call a woman fat to her face and then get mad when she threatens to push you down the stairs? Like dude, I’ll help her push you down the stairs too.” I had to tell him to stay away from me.


30. A weird first date

It was not a deal breaker but a weird first date. I met this girl online. She was a few years older than me. I was 21/22, she was 26/27 I think. She was also a single mom. I picked her up and we went out did dinner and a movie. Pretty typical date so far. After the movie, she suggested we go drive around a bit and I obliged. 

During the drive, she was on the phone with her ex telling him what a great father he is over and over. Glad they had a positive relationship for their son, but it seemed odd cause they were on the phone for what seemed like forever. It was getting late like 11 pm/midnight she suggested we go to Denny’s for coffee, ok sure. 

She ended up ordering a whole pie to go. That seemed odd, and no she wasn’t grossly fat either. She actually had a great body. By the time we got back to her place to drop her off, she seemed to be asleep in my car. I parked and just kinda sat there for like 10 min and she just sat in my car eyes closed. 

I ended up getting out and coming over to the passenger side. I took her seatbelt off and was ready to carry her to the door (she was not drunk, we hadn’t drank any alcohol the whole night). I reached behind her and as I tried to pull her up her hair slid exposing that she was wearing a black wig, underneath was platinum blonde hair. 

Again, kinda a shocker for me. She said just give her 5 min and she’d get up and she did. I walked her to her door and she invited me inside. I thought sweet, well not exactly. We did kiss a couple of times but that was it. She pulled a mattress out to the living room for us to lay on together, but she had an odd way of wanting to cuddle. 

She wouldn’t let me get my arms in a comfortable position. She wanted me next to her but she wouldn’t let me get close is what it felt like. Mind you, we’re on a full-size mattress. Not a lot of free room. 

After a while of trying to get anything comfortable with her, I got off the mattress and slept on her couch. I was out at 7 a.m. the next morning and didn’t hear from her again.


31. She should sort her family first

She invited me to her house hours after meeting online to also meet her drunk and pill-popping mom and drunk sister and boyfriend having a screaming match argument while complaining and telling me about her daughter who lives out of state with the dad and how she had never had custody because of "our screwed up state".

Then unleashed unhinged fury on me when I told her the situation made me uncomfortable. 

She told me I "Sounded like CPS" and that "Everyone has a crazy mom" and "Drunk people fight, it's what they told." 

She then mocked me for having a "medical condition" when my anxiety from being in a very uncomfortable situation was through the roof. I guess she thought living a life like you're shameless was normal and she saw no issues with anything that went on.


32. The date was all about him

Several things happened throughout the night. He was a coworker of my friend's husband, so we were set up that way. 

We went to dinner at a nice place, and there were no red flags at dinner. We went back to his place to watch a movie. He lived with his parents, but it wasn't that weird because we were in our low 20s and it was during the recession so not weird for people our age at that time to live with their parents.

Instead of going straight to whatever room we would watch the movie in, he introduced me to his parents. It was our first date, so kinda weird to meet the parents, but I met them out of politeness. I think he was a little more excited about the date than I was. His parents knew everything about me that he knew (where I went to college, where I worked, etc). 

At the time, I loved being single and dated a lot. I wasn't looking for any type of commitment, so I never told my parents, or even friends, about guys I dated because I wasn't in a commitment phase of my life and didn't want anything serious. Awkward, but it got worse from there.

He gave me a tour of the house. Strange since it was his parent's house, but whatever. He showed me every single room, including the garage and his parent's bedroom, which was only accessible by its own staircase because it was in a loft. It was a nice house, but not fancy or anything crazy that you'd want to show off.

After the awkward meet-and-greet with the parents and MTV Cribs-style tour, we sat down for the movie (luckily, not with his parents). He picked Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Didn't ask what I was interested in watching, just started it. 

As a 21ish-year-old girl, who was not high during this, not the type of movie I'd pick. He was quoting the movie the entire time and laughing hysterically. It reminded me of Lil Kev and Sweet Dee watching the cartoon for any Sunny fans. I had him take me home after the movie, and there was not a second date.


33. Her pictures were deceiving

We talked for a bit on a dating app, and we decided to go to the Vancouver Jazz Fest for a first date, I lived in a suburb, and she asked if I was driving if I could pick her up. I said I was on a motorcycle. She was excited to get a ride. So I grabbed an extra helmet and took off.

Her photos were when she was a person with much less mass. After I got on the motorcycle I had at the time, I had about 220 lbs of capacity, and when she came out, she obviously had much more mass than that.

When I explained why we couldn’t take the motorcycle, but I could maybe park it and take transit, that didn’t go over well. I’ve overloaded motorcycles before, and the front tire handling gets very poor, it’s unsafe.  

When I was riding off to my favourite bar, the phone in my inside jacket pocket was vibrating almost continuously. It was over 10 years ago, and I still wonder if I screwed up somehow.


34. TikTok addiction

This is definitely not as bad as some people’s experience but there was literally nothing she could talk about that didn't have to do with TikTok. This was a while ago before it was as ingrained as it is now, but good lord. 

I was I think 28 at the time, she was 25, met through friends. 

It’s crazy as I haven't used the app, but even back then I didn't understand a thing she was talking about.   

This was long before the dances and bringing back early 00's emo/scene/numetal. That I can at least sound like an old man about.


35. Lied about her age by 10 years

We went out a couple of times. I knew she was a bit older than I was, but wasn't exactly sure how much. She said she was turning 28, I was 25 - okay great. So we're hanging out, talking about going to sporting events and she says to me that the first hockey game she went to, she was so happy that her favourite player was in the lineup.

I asked who it was, thinking we were the same vintage, and it was a player from the late 70s/early 80s (this was in 05). 

I said, are you sure that's who you meant? Oh yes, goes into great detail about him. Uh. Okay. Then there is no way you're 28.

Turns out she was 38. I honestly wouldn't have cared except she went to great lengths to hide it, then denied it (angrily) only to tell me she always lied about it. Seemed like a red flag.


36. School prom

Many years ago I went to a senior prom weekend at a school not too far from the one I went to. I did not ask my parents to buy me a prom dress because the situation didn’t seem to warrant it. 

A friend loaned me a beautiful white silk shirt and she made me a long black silk skirt. We got along well. His name was David. At the actual prom, his school had a great band. I remember them playing “Papa’s got a brand new bag.” 

We had dinner, which involved some sort of steak sort of thing. He insisted on cutting it for me. And I said no. He ignored me for the rest of the weekend. I don’t even remember his last name but he was from Bath, Maine.


37. Attempt to know each other better

I was a bartender in a popular area and was newly single for a couple of months. The people I worked with were pushing me to start dating again and suggested this girl who was a pole dancing instructor who had expressed some interest recently when she was at the bar. She was very attractive. 

I was intrigued so I invited her out to an area event where all the restaurants and bars on the strip celebrated and had food samples. It was casual but we both knew it was not just a hangout. It wasn't a "date" officially but we were definitely trying to get to know each other.

Things were going well and as the group left us to chat she started getting really aggressive. I wasn't shutting her down but I did gently suggest slowing down a bit until we got out of the restaurant where I was employed. She was practically trying to give me a handjob right at the bar. 

Her whole demeanour changed and her face went angry which shocked me so I stepped back a little. Then in the middle of a loud crowded bar, she slammed her hand on the bar and yelled "I wanna mate" so loud the whole place stopped and looked.

I just said you need to go and she stormed out. She called me a month later and apologized. We actually had a good conversation but I just lost interest after that.


38. My friend should be held responsible

This was in my freshman year of college. A buddy of mine asked if I could be a blind date for his girlfriend’s friend. I’d seen his girlfriend and she was fun and cute, so I agreed, thinking it was likely that this would be a fun date.

I arrived at my date’s apartment and walked into a floor to ceiling cage. A full-sized freaking raccoon is going ballistic inside and she walks out with a crazy grin and brown teeth. She latched onto me that night like we were newly married.

I could have done inhuman things to my friend, but he swore he had no idea what was happening. She pestered me for my number, but I gave her the wrong number.

She eventually went through my buddy to demand my number.

She called me daily for months. I tried to be polite but firm, but she wouldn’t back off. It was crazy. Eventually, told her that I really had no intention of dating her. It was the hardest thing I’d done in terms of being brutally honest. I was 19… quite eye-opening.


39. An unnecessary flirt

We called to get more comfortable before the first date. Afterwards, we exchanged how much we enjoyed talking (over DMs). And then he promised me with this message: "I'm glad you had fun! Now it's the time you tell me that human-sized stuffies turn you on"

In our one and only call we spoke about very emotional and serious topics. There was no point we flirted. He could not understand why that made me uncomfortable and he even proceeded to call me judgemental. So I told him the next day that I wouldn't keep in contact anymore.


40. Fake handicap sign

I went on a date with this dude and we ate dinner. The chat was nice we got along fine. Nothing crazy happened at that moment. We decided to get ice cream after dinner and he drove us from the restaurant to the ice cream shop. 

On the way, I noticed he had a fake handicap sign hanging from his rearview mirror that had an offensive phrase using the R slur. I don’t remember the exact phrase but it made me uncomfortable. 

I was checked out for the rest of the date and immediately unadded him when I got home because I wanted nothing more to do with him. maybe I should have explained my discomfort looking back, and educated him but he was old enough to know better and that behavior is unacceptable to me. anyways. dodged a bullet!


41. Domestic violence ex-convict

I went on a date with a guy and found out that he went to prison for beating his wife and his kids were adopted out. He was a rigger on site for months at a time. All his stories were messed up shit he did at work or messed up shit he did in prison. 

He really didn't want to tell me why he was incarcerated but I persisted. I mean, he brought it up. I fled as soon as possible after that.

I don't care if you went to jail, I do care that it was for domestic violence. I also refuse to give a deadbeat dad the time of day.


42. A date and not a therapy session

I kept talking about stuff I like to do, or habits I have that I like. For example, sleeping in the freezing cold, or how much I like my hair long. He would then say stuff like “Oh, don’t worry that’s not that big of an issue, we can fix that”.

I wasn’t complaining, I wanted him to reciprocate how he felt about whatever we were talking about, and instead, he made me feel weird, and like I was talking to a therapist. He even asked me for money after.


43. He kept talking about his ex-wife

There were two deal breakers, actually. First, he kept talking about his ex-wife. I mentioned music I like; "Ugh, I can't stand that, my ex-wife loves that band!" She came up a lot in the conversation. I asked him if they had just separated, and he told me it had been seven years! So that alone was a deal breaker.

Second, he said his ex-wife told child support that she had their teenage son 100% of the time when in reality he had their son a couple of nights during the week and then every other weekend. So he shouldn't be paying her as much. 

He then told his son not to bother coming over because he blamed his son for not "sticking up for him" and "letting his mother get away with it." He blamed his son! The kid had zero control over his shitty parents, and his dad refused to see him because he's pissed off with the mum!


44. What I got wasn’t what I expected

He seemed so interesting and while chatting online, he looked well-groomed too. When we went out on our first (and last) date, he didn’t shower. He didn’t have to tell me, I could smell him meters away. 

  He didn’t even care to dress up. It was dinner and he was wearing basketball shorts and a shirt with a stain on it, and he couldn’t hold a conversation. He kept going off tangents that were like freemasons, reptilian shapeshifters, and that the world’s a huge simulation, though I’m fine talking about those things, he just kept mentioning them at random times, even after we’ve already talked about them.   

Plus, he made me run through the rain, which would’ve been fine if we had no other choice, but we had other choices, also, he said “You scared of the rain? Scared it will melt your face?” before running into a puddle and he didn’t even apologize to the people he splashed.

But the best part is that I told him I was uncomfortable and I felt lightheaded and might be having a panic attack he said “Then take tequila shots. It’ll help.” I’m convinced he’s a sociopath.


45. She couldn’t decide on the cocktail

This sounds really petty but on a first date we head to the bar for a drink and she couldn't decide on what cocktail to have for what felt like an infinitesimal amount of time, all the while keeping the barperson hanging, ordering then cancelling and chopping and changing their minds!

I stood there, the bar person stood there and I instantly thought if this person can’t decide on a cocktail (non-alcoholic I may add) then life decisions with her would be a nightmare. Petty I know.