Neighbor Won't Leave Woman's Doorway, She Follows Her And Sees This

When Talia Kepler first noticed her neighbor watching her through the window, she didn't think much of it. 

After all, there are many weird people in this world. But then, the lady began ringing her doorbell at all hours of the day. "This isn't normal," Talia thought to herself as she prepared to confront the strange woman.

Two Jobs

Talia had two young daughters: Justine and Simone. As a single mom, Talia had to work extra hard to provide for her children. 

She worked as a saleswoman during the day and telecommunicatior at night. 

Strange Woman

Talia and her children lived in a small house in a relatively safe neighborhood. She was on good terms with all of her neighbors, and they seemed polite and friendly. 

But then, one strange woman moved in next door. 

Walking Around

The first time Talia saw the new neighbor, she was walking on her property and looking through the windows. 

Talia thought the woman would eventually ring the doorbell or knock on her door, but she didn't. 

Something Is Off

When Talia opened the front door, the lady ran away. Something was off about this woman and Talia was determined to find out what her intentions were. 

Why was she acting like that?

The Next Day

The next day, Talia saw the woman again. She opened her door to say hello and ask if she needed anything, but the woman walked away without saying anything. 

Talia shouted after her, but the woman just kept walking. 

Weird Behavior 

Talia wondered if the new neighbor was maybe shy and needed help with something, so she walked over to her house, but the woman wasn't there. 

Then, Talia noticed her other neighbor peering over the fence and asked him if he knew who the woman was. 

Strange Recurrence 

“Did you see that woman at my door? Do you know who she is?” Talia asked him. 

The neighbor explained that the woman had been visiting Talia's house every day for the past few days. She would stand in the doorway and look into the windows. 


Talia was in a complete state of shock. What did the woman want from her? Why was she stalking her family?

She installed a few security cameras in hopes of getting some answers. 

Camera Installation

The security company that installed the cameras also set up an alarm system for her. Talia needed to gather as much evidence as possible in case something bad happened.

The next day, Talia woke up, opened the security camera footage, and pressed play. 

The Footage

Talia took a deep breath as she watched the woman appear on the screen.

She approached Talia's door and noticed the security camera. Then, she said something that shocked Talia to the core.

Taco Night

"We are having Taco night, so if you like to eat, you just come over. You're welcome to get it," the woman said. 

"Do you hear me? I called you, and you didn't answer because I think you're busy. But anyway, we are having Taco night. Goodbye!" 

Familiar Face

Talia laughed in relief at the stranger. Who was she? How did she know her family?

The woman didn't look familiar at first, but the more she looked at her, the more she reminded her of someone she had met at the convenience store a few weeks earlier.


Talia chatted with the woman after discovering they were neighbors, and she never saw her again. 

It turns out that her name was Christina, and she did ring the doorbell a few times, but it never rang. 

Good Neighbor

Christina remembered Talia telling her that she was a single mother who kept a very busy schedule. 

She simply wanted to invite Talia and her children for dinner at her house.