Wife Looks Closer At Photo Then Files For Divorce

With tears in her eyes, Susan showed the photo to her husband and demanded an explanation. She felt betrayed and hurt. 

How could he do this to her and their children?

Meet Susan and John

Susan and John were high school sweethearts. They lived in a lovely house in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. 

However, their relationship wasn't easy at first. The pair struggled to provide for their children, and it took them several years to become financially stable. 


When Susan brought up the photoshoot idea to her husband, he seemed hesitant. John didn't want to take photos and wouldn't tell her why. 

But she ignored his complaints and organized a quick photoshoot with the best photographer in their city. Little did she know that she was going to regret this decision. 

Not A Good Idea

She booked a photographer for the weekend and informed her husband about it. But once again, John told her he didn't want to spend the day taking photos. 

His strange behavior only made Susan more determined to take a family photo. 

The Day Of

At that point, she was convinced that John was hiding something from her. On the day of their anniversary, Susan, John, and their kids went to the park to take photos. 

The photographer was already there waiting for them, having already decided where he was going to take their photos. When John saw the photographer, his face suddenly went pale, and he gave Susan an angry look. 

Not Up For It

John looked oddly nervous. He made it obvious he didn't want to be there. "Do we really have to do this?" he asked Susan. 

When she asked him why he was so against taking a few family photos, John said he was tired. But Susan could tell that he was lying. 

Strange Inquiry

Suddenly, John approached the photographer and asked him if he could send the photos to his work email instead. 

Susan found his request odd but decided not to argue with him in front of the photographer. 

The Next Day

The next day after the photoshoot, the photographer sent the photos to John's work email, and he forwarded them to Susan. 

Excited, she opened the folder and started looking through the photos. But when she took a closer look at the photographs, she noticed something strange. 

The Photo

Her daughter was holding John's hand, which Susan noticed was fidgeting all day. She zoomed in on their hands to get a better look at what was happening. 

Her jaw dropped when she saw the ring she gave John on their wedding day.

Shocking Realization 

Confused, Susan looked at the ring on her finger. "There's no way this is happening," she thought to herself. 

With tears in her eyes, she compared the two wedding rings. How could he do this to her?

Not Her Ring

The ring John had on his finger wasn't the one Susan gave him on their wedding day. She finally understood why her husband was acting strangely before the photoshoot. 

But if the ring wasn't hers, then who gave it to her husband?


Millions of questions were running through Susan's mind. Whose ring was on his hand? Why wasn't he wearing her ring anymore?

As soon as John walked through the door, she showed him the photo and demanded an explanation. 


John sat her down and told her everything. Four years ago, someone stole his wedding ring at the gym while he was taking a shower. 

He didn't want to upset Susan, so he bought another wedding ring that looked similar. But Susan didn't believe him. 


John told Susan that he didn't want to take photos because he feared she would notice he was wearing a different ring. That's why he asked the photographer to send the photos to his work email. 

When he realized he couldn't photoshop another ring in, he sent the photos to Susan, hoping she wouldn't notice it. 


Susan wasn't buying it. She continued to ask him where he bought the ring from and why he couldn't have just told her the truth. 

John said he bought it himself and didn't remember the store name. However, it was clear that he was hiding someone from Susan, and the next day, she filed for divorce.