Mom Gives Birth To Triplets 10 Weeks Early, Learns They Are One In A Million

A Ride To The Hospital

When her water broke, he rushed her to the hospital as fast as possible. What they’d been waiting for was finally here, and he was elated to be a part of it.

They reached the hospital in less than an hour, and before he knew it, they were in the delivery room, ready to welcome their kids. But although the delivery would be successful, something would happen that would have him rushing her back to the hospital again. 

Ken And Tammy

Ken and Tammy were your average couple living in Topeka, Kansas. Recently wedded and looking to start a big family, the two did everything to ensure they’d live the best lives possible.

Now that they were married with a beautiful home and great careers, the next logical step was to have kids. They had no idea how a simple wish would come to claim all they’d built.

High School Sweethearts

Ken met Tammy while he was in his senior year of high school. She’d been a junior then, and although they hadn’t dated immediately, they’d become the best of friends.

Ken asked Tammy out for a simple coffee and movie date two years later. Their love life would only blossom from there, spanning a better part of ten years.

Tying The Knot

The young couple tied the knot two years after Tammy cleared college. Ken had already started work as a software engineer in Topeka while Tammy was making her living as a real estate agent.

As is typical with most newlyweds, the two discussed the possibility of having kids. Agreeing that they were ready to be parents, they tried to get pregnant. But soon enough, an issue would arise.

Sad Discovery

Ken and Tammy found out that they couldn’t get pregnant a year after deciding to have kids. The blow affected Ken the most, especially after the doctor shared that the issue stemmed from him.

But although all seemed bleak, the doctor suggested several ways out of their problem that would result in having kids. What Tammy would choose would leave Ken speechless.

Her Decision

Although Ken had known Tammy always wanted to be a mom, he wasn’t ready for what she had in mind. “Artificial insemination,” she said, locking eyes with him. She took a deep breath and asked the doctor what the process entailed.

The doctor explained the particulars of the process, explaining that it would increase their chances of having a baby. Ken and Tammy went home and discussed the matter at length. A week later, they went ahead with the procedure. They had no idea what they were stepping into.  

Moving Forward

Ken and Tammy went ahead with the artificial insemination process. Their doctor inseminated Tammy with two embryos to improve the chances of pregnancy, and a few weeks later, the signs of pregnancy came knocking.

The couple was thrilled when they found out they were pregnant. Ken did everything he could to ensure the love of his life was as comfortable as possible. He went above and beyond to take care of her. But in the end, it wouldn’t be enough.

Time Flies

The months passed by, and Tammy’s belly blossomed. The couple had learned the most fantastic news. The insemination of both embryos wasn’t only successful, but one of the embryos had split into two, resulting in twins.

As it stood, Ken and Tammy were now looking at triplets, a momentous revelation that had them crying in each other’s arms. But these tears of joy would soon turn into tears of pain. 

They Came Early

A week before Tammy’s delivery date, she screamed out to Ken. Her water had broke, indicating that the triplets were tired of waiting.

Trying his best not to panic, Ken took his wife to the hospital and joined her in the delivery room. As expected, Tammy had a successful delivery. But soon enough, trouble would rear its nasty head. 

A Hectic Week

Ken took his family home after the hospital was done with its preliminary post-delivery processes. But a week wouldn’t pass before Ken rushed back to the hospital with Tammy and the kids.

The days after the delivery were the most hectic for Tammy and Ken. But it got worse when Tammy began complaining about mild pains in her chest.

A Big Mistake

At first, the couple had brushed the pains off, thinking it was a side effect of Tammy’s body acclimating to not having the triplets within. If only they knew how wrong they were.

As the hours passed, the pain morphed from mild to acute, and it was then that the couple knew it was serious. One look at Tammy and Ken knew he should’ve taken her to the hospital as soon as the pains started.

A Heartbreaking Sight

Tammy’s face was drenched in sweat and leached of color. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she couldn’t talk correctly. Although she was quiet, Ken knew she was stifling cries so as not to worry him.

Since they didn’t have a nanny yet, he dressed the kids as fast as possible and helped them and Tammy into the car. They’d reach the hospital if it’s the last thing they did. 

Driving Back To The Hospital

Ken drove to the emergency room as fast as the city’s road rules could allow him. Tammy and his kids were his everything. He didn’t know what he’d do if he lost them.

Although he had no idea what was going on, he was sure it was tied to either the pregnancy or delivery. The doctor would tell him which.

The Emergency Room

Ken paced outside the emergency room as the doctors began their extensive check-up on Tammy and the kids. An hour passed, then two. The doctors and nurses were all quiet, rushing quietly with their eyes avoiding Ken’s.

It was almost three hours when one of the doctors came with an update. Ken shot to his feet, equally furious and worried. The doctor’s news would leave him in tears.


“There was a blood clot in your wife’s lungs resulting from her delivery,” the doctor began, and immediately, Ken’s eyes flooded with stinging tears. “The triplets are fine,” continued the doctor. “But we have to get their mom into an emergency operation.”

The doctor presented a few papers for Ken to sign before Tammy’s surgery which was successful after three additional gruesome hours. As Ken drove his family back home a week later, he couldn’t help but thank the heavens for how lucky he was.