Khloe Kardashian Sends Vanessa Bryant Gingerbread House With Sweet Tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Vanessa Bryant revealed that Khloe Kardashian gifted her a gingerbread house with a sweet tribute to her late husband, Kobe Bryant, and daughter Gianna Bryant, who passed away in January 2020 in a helicopter crash. 

The Kardashian Star's gingerbread house featured the names "Natalia," "Bianka," "Capri," and "Vanessa" on one side. On the other side, Gianna's and Kobe's names are written with angels and hearts over them. Vanessa, who was very grateful for Khloe's gift, wrote a short thank-you post. "@khloekardashian Thank you for this sweet gingerbread house! Xo," the model/philanthropist/businesswoman, wrote below the image of the gingerbread house.

"Tomorrow isn't promised to us," Khloe tweeted following the accident. "So live as if today is your last day on earth. Love like you've never loved before. Dream deeper than you've ever imagined you could dream. Experience all that your heart desires. If tomorrow you wake and everything still remains, REPEAT."