Ashton Kutcher Tears Up Recalling Twin Brother's Near-Death Experience

Ashton Kutcher recently talked about his twin brother's near-death experience. "So then my dad comes, picks me up," the actor told in a joint interview with Dr. Davis Angus. "And it's like, we're going to go see your brother, and I'm like, 'everything is not okay.' And he flatlines in the room."

Kutcher continued: "I know that noise because now I've been visiting occasionally and watching the thing go, and it flatlines out. And they're like, 'You've got to go,' and they're grabbing me, and they take me out, and I'm like, 'what the hell is going on?'" In the clip, the actor can be seen crying as his brother Michael comforts him. Michael was born with cerebral palsy and needed a heart transplant as a teenager.