15 Items You Should Never Buy At Target

15. Infant Forumla

Target is typically associated with great prices and good quality. However, some of the store's items may be a total rip-off.

If you're an avid Target shopper, you'll want to avoid buying these items during your next trip.

For the best deals on infant formula, check out your local Costco.

14. Bedding

Kirkland brand formula is a better price than Target's store brand, up & up.

Target has neither the best deals on bedding, nor the best quality.

13. Gift Wrap And Greeting Cards

However, if you're looking for a great deal, the experts recommend heading to Walmart for one of their inclusive bedding sets.

12. Kitchen Appliances

If you really want to budget, you can easily find cheaper gift wrap and greeting cards at dollar stores, or even Walmart.

You can find the same kitchen items and small appliances at other stores, such as Walmart and Home Goods, for significantly cheaper.

11. Electronics

If you do find appliances on sale at Target, it's probably to make up for the price hikes.

Experts found Target to have some of the highest prices for televisions.

10. Printer Paper

They recommend sticking to Walmart, Costco, and even Best Buy when it comes to making electronics purchases.

Target's brand of printer paper was $5.39 (in 2015) for a 500-sheet ream, while Walmart offered the same for only $3.72.

9. Batteries

Office supply stores also offer coupons and discounts on occasion, which may make their selection a better deal as well.

8. Workout Wear

Experts found Costco batteries are a bit cheaper than Target's by a dollar or two.

7. Underwear

Walmart offers the best deals on exercise clothes, unless you're seeking name-brand attire, of course.

Walmart also offers better deals on underwear.

6. Exercise Equipment

They have better deals on packs of multiple pairs compared to both Target and Costco.

5. Books

If you're looking for yoga mats and weights, your best bet is to stick with stores such as Ross and Home Goods.

4. Movies

It may seem like Target has great deals on books with its 20% off deals, but Amazon is the way to go for buying books at the best price.

3. Groceries

Once again, you can't beat Amazon when it comes to purchasing the best-priced DVDs.

You may find deals on some food items, but others have extreme markups at Target.

2. Toiletries

For example, it was found milk, produce, and some canned goods were surprisingly more expensive at Target than stores such as Costco and Walmart.

Walmart has some of the best prices on things such as shampoo, while Dollar Tree is great for things such as toothbrushes and deodorants.