20 Best Deals You Can Only Find At Costco According To Experts

20. Cooking Spray

Costco is pretty much every bargain lovers dream store. There’s the free samples, bulk products, and— of course— the deals.

While not everything you buy in bulk is a bargain, this retailer does offer some great prices. The experts weighed in on what everyone should be buying at Costco for the best deals.

19. Maple Syrup

Save money and stock up with Costco’s ridiculously cheap cooking spray, which can be a bit pricy in your local supermarkets.

Costco’s maple syrup prices are even lower than Walmart’s! At around 32 cents/ ounce, Kirkland brand’s maple syrup is a better deal than Walmart’s 55 cents/ ounce bottle.

18. Pure Vanilla Extract

Not to mention it has better reviews.

Pure vanilla extract is over-priced in other stores, but Costco offers amazing deals on this item.

17. Applesauce Pouches

In fact, in January 2016, an expert found Costco's vanilla extract was only 62 cents/ ounce, while Walmart's was a whopping $1.84/ ounce!

16. McCormick Taco Seasoning

Keep the kid in your life happy with applesauce squeezes that cost just cents per pouch!

15. Nutella

The experts found Costco's taco seasoning cost up to 50% less than other stores.

14. Fruit Strips

Not only does Costco sell Nutella in packs of two, but it's also up to 25% cheaper than other stores.

13. Scoop Away Kitty Litter

The Stretch Island Fruit Strips at Costco are priced at 22 cents each compared to 44 cents at Walmart.

12. Active Dry Yeast

Costco offers Scoop Away cat litter 20% cheaper than its competitors.

Costco's price on yeast is far lower than its competitors, such as Walmart.

11. Construction Paper

At only 14 cents/ ounce, yeast is much cheaper to buy in bulk.

10. Organic Spinach

You can find a great bargain on construction paper for 1.4 cents a sheet at Costco compared to 2.2 cents at Walmart.

9. Cheese

Costco's fresh, organic spinach is about 64% cheaper than other at stores.

Costco offers two pounds of cheese for less than $5.

8. Birthday Cakes

That's about 15 cents/ ounce compared to Walmart's 25 cents/ ounce.

Costco offers low prices on huge cakes.

7. Rotisserie Chickens

You can get a half-sheet cake at Costco for what you would pay for a quarter-sheet at a supermarket.

6. String Cheese

Costco’s rotisserie chickens are nearly a pound bigger and a dollar cheaper than those at supermarkets.

5. Adams Peanut Butter

Stock up on string cheese for less than 17 cents a stick.

4. Carters Sleepers For Kids

Costco sells Adams brand peanut butter for 5 cents less per ounce than Walmart.

3. Gift Cards

Costco sells Carters sleepwear cheaper than retailers such as Khols and Toys R Us.

2. Raspberries

You pay 20% less than face value for gift cards at Costco.

You can get a larger quantity of berries for the same— and even cheaper— prices than local supermarkets.