Your 90s Crush Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Two Decades Later...

It doesn't feel that long ago when we sat down to our favourite tv shows and stared google-eyed at our biggest celebrity crush. It was a simpler time back then, when cable television was our Netflix and blue mascara was cool.

But that was two decades ago and a lot has changed since then. A lot has changed with those celebrity crushes too. Ready to see what they look like now? Let's go!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Then

Hewitt’s role on “Party of Five” was the act that launched her career. But who could also forget her role as the lead character on “Ghost Whisperer”. This show was all the craze back then!

Not only did Hewitt act, she also released four albums over the years with her last one being in 2002. She also penned a book of dating advice titled, "The Day I Shot Cupid." But then family life took over.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Now

After Hewitt’s role in “Criminal Minds” which ended in 1015, she didn't act for three years and got pregnant with her second child with husband Brian Hallisay. 

She remained off screen during those years to focus on her family and private life before returning to TV in 2018 with a role on "9-1-1".

Yasmine Bleeth Then

It's been nearly 20 years since Bleeth rocked that iconic red swimsuit on the unforgettable show, "Baywatch". But she was working way before then.

At 10 months old, she was hired for a johnson and johnson commercial and went on to continue to pursue a career on screen since then. However, now things are a little different.

Yasmine Bleeth Now

Now, the former glamour gal prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She had a run in with the law and addiction and has attempted to keep a normal life since then as seen above, walking her dog! 

“Consciously trying to stay off drugs is now part of my life and always will be,” Bleeth confessed.

Courteney Cox Then

The below picture was taken of a young Courteney Cox right before her days on the hit tv show, 'Friends'. Initially, Cox was actually offered the role of Rachel Green, which was then given to Jennifer Aniston. 

Cox then told producers that she should actually play Monica. She spent the next decade playing the role we all know her from today. And now? 

Courteney Cox Now

Although Cox appeared in numerous sitcoms since, Monica Geller is still her biggest role. And one that she still feels close to.  

In an instagram live, Cox explained that she feels close to her most famous character because “we're kind of the same person”, as she showed off her immaculately well-kept kitchen and uniformly laid out spices, and appliances. 

Pamela Anderson Then

When Anderson moved to LA in the '80s, she quickly took over Hollywood. Who could forget her numerous magazine covers or her years spent starring in Baywatch?

Even Though Anderson worked all the time, she was never recognised for her skills as an actress. Instead, she had a cult following in dorm rooms all around the world. And now? 

Pamela Anderson Now

She may not be all over our screens as she used to but she still pops up from time to time. She likes to use her star power on TV to call attention to things that she believes need to be noticed.

Anderson is an extremely well-studied woman who works for various causes, and continues to be incredibly successful. While we’re speaking of Baywatch stars...

Gena Lee Nolin Then

Gena Lee Nolin is another Baywatch star that made the list. She made her TV debut as Neely Capshaw in Baywatch in 1995 and remained on the show for 66 episodes until 1998.

Gena Lee Nolin was an actress and model, who of course, became best known for her role on Baywatch. And after nearly two decades, here’s what she looks like now.

Gena Lee Nolin Now

Gena Lee Nolin, 48, was last seen on screen playing herself in Killing Hasselhoff in 2017. She also founded the podcast Thyroid Sexy and hosts The Gena Lee Show podcast which is enjoying moderate success!

The years seem to have been kind to Gena Lee Nolin's career!

Milla Jovovich Then

Jovovich was best known for her role on “Dazed and Confused”. She played Michelle Burroughs, the girlfriend of Kevin Pickford.

The producer later said that she was supposed to have a bigger role on the show, but her character didn’t gel and he couldn’t deliver on what he promised her. Where is she now? 

Milla Jovovich Now

Jovovich continued to have a more successful career after her role on Dazed and Confused. She is now mostly known for her role on “Resident Evil”. She also featured in the Zoolander films. 

Now, she enjoys a quieter life and looks back on her acting career noting, “It was tough for me - I wasn’t the best actress”.

Elizabeth Hurley Then

When Elizabeth Hurley first appeared in the promotional pages for Estée Lauder in the mid-90’s, it wasn’t surprising that everyone took to her. 

When she assumed her first high-profile role in 1994 as Lady Farthingdale in the ITV movie Sharpe’s Enemy, it was clear she was going to stay around for a while. So where is she now? 

Elizabeth Hurley Now

Between her jobs as a model and an actress, Hurley started what has now become a lucrative swimsuit business. 

Now, the 54-year-old stunner continues to model in her bikini line proving that age is just a number when it comes to fitness. She continues to keep her glamorous reputation and definitely still knows how to rock an outfit!

Alicia Silverstone Then

The below picture was taken of Alicia Silverstone on the set of ‘Clueless’ in 1995. She was only 19 years old when she starred as Cher Horowitz in the hit film.

It was so successful at the time that it became the model for every 90’s teen movie that followed to aspire to. But when it was being filmed, no one could have predicted it to be the cultural touchstone that it did, especially not Silverstone. 

Alicia Silverstone Now

Clueless was a film about real teens with real teens actors. But for Silverstone, the overwhelming success was both a blessing and a curse.

Silverstone has said that the sudden thrust into the spotlight was very isolating, and caused her to shy away from her friends and the press. Thankfully, she didn't shy away forever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Then 

There was nothing like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger ride around on his motorcycle, dodging explosions back in the day when special effects were still an astonishing achievement of the film industry. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he used to spend hundreds of hours in the makeup chair for 'Terminator 2' all in an effort to wow his fans. And now?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Now 

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t changed much over the years when it comes to putting effort into his physical appearance. He has found a way to maintain his great shape well into his 70s!

He explained that he has a routine that has a bunch of cardio mixed in where he wakes up at 5 am and gets two workouts in every single day “because the older you get, the faster you gain weight, the more the body picks up, because your metabolism slows, you have to be very careful”.

Gwen Stefani Then

Was Gwen Stefani the coolest woman in the 90s? We think so! Aside from her radical style, Stefani’s had the most hardcore fans we’d ever since. It wasn’t often you’d see a moshpit inspired by a female frontwoman in the 90s. 

For just over a decade Stefani rocked the MTV and VMA awards, making her wild hair colors, bindis, and black bracelets become the cultural norm.

Gwen Stefani Now

Today, Stefani holds an important place in pop culture history while being the host of one of the most watched shows on television - American Idol!

She also enjoys spending her time with her family. And loves to talk about music with her kids. When they went through a phase of listening to Green Day, she reflected how strange it felt that she toured with them! 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Then

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was possibly every school girl's crush in the 90’s. This “Saved By The Bell” star had almost every girl swooning the moment he stepped on screen. 

Rocking his cute blonde hair that seems so outdated now, he was one of the show's biggest characters. So where did he go from there and what does he look like now?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Now

Gosselaar continued to have a successful career in acting. He later starred on ABC's "NYPD Blue," and followed that up with spots on ABC's "Commander in Chief" and "Raising the Bar." 

He has four children, two with his ex wife and two with his current wife. Now, he’s back on “Saved By The Bell” in a recurring role and as the show's producer. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Then

This is Leonardo DiCaprio pictured on the set of “Romeo And Juliet” in 1996. It was a movie that saw him shoot straight into the hearts of teenage girls around the world. 

Simply, the film as well as his acting made us all want to see him more and more - and more! And that’s exactly what happened. His career took off, as did his personal life.

Leonardo DiCaprio Now

It’s hard to think of a time when DiCaprio wasn't one of the most famous people on Earth. After starring in Titanic, he irreversibly became a household name. 

Since then, we think it’s fair to say he has become an acting icon. ​​​​Today, DiCaprio pretty much does what he likes and continues to star in movies that become a big success, like The Great Gatsby, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, The Revanent, etc etc! 

Reese Witherspoon Then

Is there anything more '90s than Reese Witherspoon? Starring in shows like Pleasantville and Election and movies such as Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions, she was all over our screens in the 90s. 

But we were not put out. In fact, we loved every minute of Reese Witherspoon gracing our living room screens! And it turns out, time loved her too!

Reese Witherspoon Now

Although everything changed for Witherspoon after the filming of Legally Blonde, her humble personality and youthful face didn’t! 

Today, Witherspoon runs her own company, and loves to help women make it in the business. She struggled to be taken seriously as a filmmaker but now, shows everyone who’s boss by raising her family and working at the same time!