He Secretly Stashed Brother's Rent Money For Years

A Reunion

Alex Burkemper was happy to be staying on his brother, Todd's property. But it came with a catch, he demanded that rent be paid each month.

This wouldn't have been to bad if Alex wasn't fresh out of college and trying to save up for his own house. But then things took a turn when he found out where the rent money had been going.

Rent Money

Todd had been collecting rent from his brother 6 months into him staying at his house. After the 6 month free trial he wanted his brother to pay rent every month. This went on for two and a half years before he told Alex something that he couldn't believe.

He hadn't been spending the money on food or other essential items. Alex would find out the truth about where his money was going all these years.

A House Of His Own

Todd wanted to do something nice for his brother, so every dime of rent that came his way from Alex wasn't spent, it was saved. Todd knew having to pay rent would be a good lesson for his brother and it would pay off, quite literally.

Alex couldn't believe it, Todd had been saving up the rent money to give right back to him, so he could finally buy his own house. If that's no brotherly love, then we don't know what is.