Girlfriend Asks Man To Shave Beard, He Plans Epic Surprise Instead

Travis and Connie Herman had been arguing about his long beard for years, and he felt like he couldn't take it any longer. 

He loved his beard, but his wife wanted him to shave it. 

Connie And Travis

The couple had been married for several years and had two children together. As the years passed, Connie noticed that her husband wasn't taking care of himself anymore.

Travis stopped grooming himself and grew out a long thick beard. 

Signature Look

Travis was known in his town for his unkempt appearance. He owned a local brewery, and his employees all grew out a beard like his. 

He spent months growing his beard out, and he felt like it suited his theme. 

Not A Fan

However, Connie wasn't a fan of her husband's beard. It was too long and thick for her liking.

She no longer recognized the man she married all those years ago. Then, one day, she finally mustered the courage to ask Travis to get rid of his beard. 


Travis was now faced with a decision about what to do with his beard. If he wanted to keep his wife happy, he would have to say goodbye to his facial hair.

However, he also knew that it was his body, and it was his choice whether he would keep it or not. So what did he decide to do?

Epic Plan

After thinking it through, Travis came up with an epic plan. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and called the professionals. 

He was going to teach his wife a lesson she would never forget. 

Rachael Ray Show

Travis called the Rachael Ray Show to see if they could help him out. 

He asked if they could keep it a secret because he wanted to surprise his wife. 


The team happily agreed to do a makeover on him. "Don't worry, we got you!" the stylists said to Travis. 

Would his makeover be a success? 

A Lot Of Work

When his stylist Kyan Douglas saw Travis, he knew he had a lot of work ahead of him. 

It turns out that Travis hadn't brushed his beard in years!

The Plan

The two agreed he would sneak into the couple's house at night while Connie was asleep and do a makeover on her husband. 

But would their plan work?

Getting To Work

The stylists and camera crew arrived at Travis's house at 4 AM. They had to be extremely quiet so they wouldn't wake his wife up. 

They began removing his long beard piece by piece. 


The stylists decided to give Travis a fade haircut. "Hell yeah!" Travis whispered, smiling. 

He noted that one side of his face felt a lot heavier than the other as the stylists cut his beard. 


Travis couldn't wait for his wife's reaction to his makeover. The stylists also provided him with a new wardrobe to go with his haircut. 

He was finally ready to reveal himself to Connie. 

In Shock

Connie was in complete shock when she saw her husband in the morning. 

"Oh my gosh!" she said. "Is this really you?" So did she like his transformation?

She Loved It

Connie loved her husband's transformation. She believes he looks better without the beard, but Travis still thinks the beard suits him more. 

But he wanted his wife to be happy, so he did what he had to do.