Daughter Returns Hungry From School, Mother Finds Note Inside Her Lunch Box

Leeza was furious after reading the note from her daughter's teacher. How could one be so heartless?

She couldn't believe what the Aurora Children's Academy had done... 

Aurora's Children's Academy

Leeza's daughter attended Aurora's Children's Academy, the best preschool in the city. 

She was aware that the school was very particular about its students' meal plans, and she always made sure to pack Natalie a healthy, nutritious lunch. 

The Day Of 

One day, Leeza didn't have time to go shopping, so she put a small snack in her daughter's bag before sending her off to school.  

When Natalie returned home, she showed Leeza the note and burst into tears. 


Leeza couldn't believe her eyes. Natalie hadn't touched her ham and cheese sandwich, which was her favorite meal. 

But the worst part was the note that Natalie's teacher had placed inside. 

The Note

"Dear Parents," the note read. "It is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch."

"This is a public school setting, and all children are required to have a fruit, a vegetable, and a healthy snack from home, along with milk."

Important Part

"Lunchables, chips, fruit snacks, and peanut butter are not considered to be a healthy snack."

"This is a very important part of our program, and we need everyone's participation."


It turns out that her daughter's teacher had taken away her lunch because it was unhealthy. 

As a result, Natalie was starving the entire day. But the teacher had no idea who she was messing with. 

Just Some Cookies 

Leeza took a photo of the note and posted it on every social media app she had. 

“It’s not like I was offering cookies to the entire class, and it’s not like that was the only thing in her lunch,” she wrote in her post.  


This was the first time Leeza had given her daughter cookies for lunch. Moreover, Natalie was in great shape. 

So what was the school's problem? 

Handing Out Jellybeans

Once, Natalie's teachers handed out jellybeans to students as a reward for winning games.

So why would they make such a big deal over Oreo cookies when they feed the children jellybeans in class?


It didn't take long for Leeza's post to go viral. Some people agreed with the school, but most were with Leeza. 

Some angry parents responded directly to the Aurora's Children's Academy. But how would the school react to the news?

The Response

"From our end, we want to inform parents but never want it to be anything punitive," the school's spokesperson said. 

The school stated that they would “look into things immediately.” But Leeza wasn't satisfied with the school's response. 

Not Fair

“We’re not the parents that send junk food every day. She has a full, healthy lunch,” Leeza explained. 

The school never updated her on their "investigation," so Leeza decided to send them a little reminder. 


Together with other parents, Leeza went to the store and bought a bunch of mini Oreo cookies. 

They sent their children to school with the cookies and notes that read: “If you give them treats, we can too. We will know if you starve our children.”

The End Result

The school didn't contact any of the parents and the lunches came back eaten. 

Leeza hopes that the school will soon change its policy and allow the parents to pack their children whatever food they want.