Girl Hears Loud Barking Up From Mountains - Climbs Up And Makes An Unbelievable Discovery

She really loves animals

Trinity is a big animal lover. She is known around the town to help homeless dogs and cats every chance she gets. A kind soul. One night she hears continuous strange noises up from the mountains. It sounded very much like a dog who needed help, but no one really did anything. People kept saying that the dog was vicious and barked almost every night. 

No one really enquired why the dog continued to bark for so long and left the matter as it is. But, unlike the town people, Trinity couldn't sit still without checking on the dog. So she decided to do this...

Strange Barking

She started her trek up the mountain. As she got closer, she became more sure hearing the loud barking that it was definitely a dog. With this assurance came another realization that the dog can be dangerous or even mad. Fear crept up slowly.

But nothing could stop her at this moment. She kept on climbing up, with her heart racing in her chest. You will not believe what she decided to do next. 

On The Top

On reaching the top of the mountain, Trinity found this amazing scenery spread as far as she could look. But no matter how beautiful it was, it did nothing to calm her down.

The strange barking was still coming. She could hear it very well but could not pinpoint its origin.

Alternate Solution

As time passed by, it started getting dark. Trinity knew very well how dangerous it could get real quick, up in these mountains past the sunset. The search for the dog seemed futile at this hour. 

She decided to return to her place. But her thoughts kept going back to the mountains, with the sound of barking echoing in her head. So this brave girl comes up with an alternative solution, to come back the next day. But this time, not alone.

New Search Partner

Come the next day, Trinity shared this whole incident with her friend Sean Nichols, and with him, she started her search mission up the mountains. Along the journey, they heard flocks of birds singing and the noise of grass crunching under their feet. Nature was stunning. Each astonishing view made their hearts beat faster.

Just like that, three hours passed by with no luck. They shouted out for the dog but did not receive any response. As the day got older, they almost gave up, deciding to come back the next day. Until something strange happened...

Same Barking Again

They heard the sound again. It came from somewhere very near. They were sure it was a dog. But the sound was so strange that it scared both Trinity and Sean. With doubt in their head and heart drumming against their chest, they got closer. The sound became much clearer, and it definitely seemed like it was a dog in distress making the sound. 

The two friends ran towards this sound, hoping that it wasn't too late already. 

Dog On The Ground

The sound led them to the location. They came across a dog. Skin and bones. Clinging to a rock. No doubt that the dog desperately needed help.

It was a miracle that Trinity And Sean found her there and then. The dog won a second chance at life. But they did not have much time left seeing the condition of the poor dog. They needed to act fast.


The dog was 14-year-old, Chloe. She had escaped six weeks ago. Her owners have searched for their lovely dog every day since her disappearance. 

Everyone was curious as to why this dog decided to leave her owners. But what mattered more was that the poor animal must receive proper help. The faster the better.


Trinity and Sean had posted a message on social media about the dog in hopes of finding the owners.

The owners had lost all their hope to find the dog. Six weeks had passed by. It was a long time. The couple was sure that Chloe was dead. And suddenly, between all lost hopes, Trinity brought them this unbelievable news!

The Owner's Reaction

When Trinity and Sean had first found the dog, she weighed only 26 pounds. The owners were grief-stricken seeing their dog and were deeply concerned with her health.

But nonetheless they were happy that their dog was finally with them after surviving such heart breaking ordeals.

Emotional Reunion

When the owners met the dog, they couldn't stop their tears. It was a very painful and emotional reunion. The dog needed medical help and proper caring for months to come.

Days after the rescue, Chloe was already showing signs of recovering.

Trinity, Sean and Chloe

Trinity and Sean visit Chloe frequently. They have become really good friends. 

The owners greet Chloe's new friends with open arms every time. They have been in touch with the two rescuers ever since.


Meanwhile, Chloe's health got better and better with each day. She was grateful to Trinity and her courage. Only a handful of people could do such courageous selfless act like what Trinity did days back.

What Trinity And Sean did, became an inspiration for the people around them. The strength and bravery they showed was commendable.

Happy End

Whoever comes across this story will surely be amazed and grateful to such great people. A lot to learn from this small but brave act.

We must remember to stay kind to the helpless creatures. They ask for love and nothing else. Be kind and generous to homeless dogs. Give out help to dog shelters. Karma will surely shine on you.

Dogs Are Friends

Not only humans but animals are also capable of showing love and emotions. And their love is always unconditional. Be kind to animals, and they will be kind to you.

A beautiful end to a beautiful story of a brave selfless girl. A hero among us.