Neighbors Laugh At Man For Weird Fence Until Rain Started Falling

Mother nature was not taking any prisoners. The rain and winds were only getting worse with every hour and the town was in a state of emergency. Randy knew he had to protect his family, but his choices were making everyone skeptical. 

He had one chance left to prove them all wrong. He had invested all their savings into this strange fence. If it didn’t work, he simply would be homeless and broke. Randy was about to risk it all, would it pay off?

A Family Man

Randy Wagner was a family man and always believed in working hard. He believed with hard work he could achieve all his goals, but there was one thing he could have never predicted. 

Randy and his family lived in Rosharon, Texas. They were friends with all their neighbors and lived a comfortable life. All of a sudden a rumor was going around town that threatened everyone’s happiness.

It Would Be Catastrophic 

In 2016, the weather in Texas was surreal. The surrounding towns kept getting hit with major flooding. Randy checked the weather forecast all the time and became anxious his family would have to relocate. 

He saw a lot of people accept their fate and begin to pack their belongings, but Randy had worked hard for his home. His children had grown up here and he was willing to put his life on the line for the chance to save them. 

The Daily Forecast Of Doom

100 miles away, the town was becoming submerged in floods. Randy’s neighbors didn’t take the weather as a serious threat. They thought their community was too far to be damaged, but Randy began to make a plan. 

From the outside, his plan looked sloppy. No one in their town had ever done anything like this before. Would Randy go down in the history books as a hero, or as a man that gambled and lost it all?

A Reckless Road Trip

For Randy’s plan to work he had to drive 260 miles to Louisiana. His wife couldn’t believe it! The news team was warning everyone to get ready to evacuate and her husband was driving 8 hours away from their family. 

Randy tried explaining what he needed to buy in Louisiana but his wife told him he might return to an empty house. Randy was devoted to his family, but they were having a hard time believing in his visions. 

After Eight Hours On The Road He Returned

Randy did the journey in 8 hours. As he drove to Louisiana and back he saw other places shutting down and getting damaged from the weather. In fact, he almost got trapped and delayed returning to his town. 

Randy didn’t have a second to spare. He opened his trunk and took out long sheets of material. All around him, people were frantically packing their cars and families to drive to safety. Randy’s wife watched through the window and prayed he knew what he was doing. 

What Was He Building?

Randy began running two generators. His plan would require a lot of juice. He then began laying down massive big tubes. This had been the clutch purchase he had driven to Louisiana for. He had spent a total of $8,300 USD, but still had no guarantee this would save his family. 

What it was doing was causing friction in his family instead. Didn’t they understand he was doing this to save them? Would anyone offer their support or would Randy be left alone in a watery graveyard?

He Kept His Vision Private

Randy had been researching for months online different ways to combat this impending doom. He didn’t want to freak his wife out so he hadn’t revealed the plans to her, but it was all starting to take shape.

Randy and his wife had been married for years. He expected her to trust him, but when he looked into her eyes, it was a lot of doubt. Without her support, this would all be for nothing. Slowly, the tubes filled Randy’s lawn, but was his marriage floating away?

Neighbors Couldn’t Help But Stare

As Randy’s purchase slowly took a bigger shape, his neighbors couldn’t help but stop dead in their tracks. Everyone else was running back and forth from their houses, loading up their cars and making decisions on what to leave behind. 

Randy stood in his lawn surrounded by something that resembled an adult floating tube. This was not time for fun or games. The neighborhood began to empty out, and the skies opened up with a storm that would change Randy’s life forever. 

AquaDam Aware

The item Randy was building was called an AquaDam. Online he had spent hours researching homes that had won the war against the elements and remained untouched by mass floods. He knew this was a secret weapon and invested everything he could to learn more.

Randy spent hours online looking at more sites and pictures of houses that were the only things left in a flooded town. After saving his family what would their future look like in a drowned desert?

It Would Be An Oasis

Randy had been months' worth of canned goods and stocking the freezer. He envisioned a future that was exactly the same as the life he was currently living, with one big catch. Randy knew his neighborhood would be completely flooded.

Would he be by himself or would his family stick by his side? It was the final test of their marriage, love, and devotion. Was Randy’s wife going to skip the evacuation and stand by her husband?

What Made This Dam Different

Randy’s neighbors yelled at him that it was pointless, but Randy knew his dam was different. He had carefully measured his property and bought a dam that was 450 feet long and 30 inches tall. It would protect every angle and entrance to his house.

While some families had bought sandbags, Randy knew this water would go too high and turn those sandbags into useless waste. He wasn’t prepared to go down without a fight, even if it was the last thing he would do. 

The Moment Of Truth

Finally, Randy and his family were the only ones left on the block. Everyone else had evacuated. It was now or never but Randy told his wife to trust him. The AquaDam was completely set up and engaged. 

The rain began and pounded against the roof of the house. From the windows, his family could see their neighbor's lawns being washed away, but the dam was working! Randy’s family was in awe at their father’s brilliant plan!

All Doubts Were Gone

Randy’s dam would work as long as the water on the other side wasn’t deeper than 30 inches. After a full day of rain, Randy was relieved to hear a moment with no raindrops falling.

His wife slowly opened their back door and walked onto their lawn. It was incredible! All around the house was water, but their house and property remained safe and dry! Randy had finally proven his point! 

The Eye In The Sky

While Randy’s family breathed a sigh of relief, everyone else was in shock. Their neighbors had been evacuated to a state facility and couldn’t believe what they saw on the news. A local team had taken out a helicopter, but the flood damage wasn’t in the spotlight. 

His neighbors recognized his house and unique fence immediately! They couldn’t believe his plan had been successful and that they had doubted him, to begin with! The helicopter crew was going to shine a spotlight on one local hero for weeks to come. 

Randy Was An Inspiration

Randy’s plan was to inspire other homes and families to build a solution instead of losing it all to nature. His determination resonated with Arkansas farmer James Hill. The farmer had lost everything to a storm a few years ago and vowed to find a different solution.

When he saw Randy’s home on the news and how he had prepared to battle against mother nature, a lightbulb turned on in James’s head. If Randy could protect his family, what was stopping James from doing the same thing?

It Was Time To Believe

James rallied his family and instead of buying an AquaDam, dug his own! To his wife’s amazement, he began to dig around the perimeter of his house. It was time to protect his family and land from any other environmental disasters.

Local news teams in several states began to have their phones ringing off the hook. Randy had inspired hundreds of people with the idea no one had believed in!

 Communities Grew Close

In several different states and towns, people began to figure out how to follow Randy’s ingenious plan. They didn’t want to lose their homes to flooding either. It was remarkable to witness as more people by the day began coming together to help each other. 

When Randy was told by a local news channel about what his project had inspired, he remained humble. At the end of the day, he just wanted to protect his wife and children. There was one other thing Randy felt proud about. 

The Chance To Say …

In the many years, Randy had been married to his wife, she was usually the one who was right. He learned a long time ago not to question her logic. This time though, he had stood by his beliefs and got the chance to whisper four words in her ears. 

She was relieved Randy had rescued their family but couldn’t stop laughing when he whispered in her ear, “I Told You So.” What would the future hold for the man who had stared into the eye of the storm with no fear?

A Truthful Testimonial 

Randy was thrilled to give a testimonial on behalf of the AquaDam. It had literally saved his family and he had never doubted the technology for a second. Randy’s testimonial on YouTube garnered hundreds of views and the community supported his decision!

It’s important to always follow your gut! Randy knew there was a way for him to think outside the box for his family and was able to keep them safe and dry! It would be a bright future for the Wagner family!