Filthy Rich: The Wealthiest Person in Every State

California - Larry Ellison - $52.8B

Alaska – Robert Gillam - $320M Robert Gillam made his fortune in money management. He founded McKinley Capital Management, which oversees $7 billion in assets.

Arizona – Bruce Halle - $6.1B Bruce Halle made his money by selling tires. He opened the Discount Tire Company.

Arkansas – Jim Walton - $37.6B Jim Walton is a Wal-mart heir. Jim is the youngest of founder Sam Walton's children and sits on the board.

California - Larry Ellison - $52.8B Larry Ellison made his fortune with Oracle. He stepped down as CEO in 2014, but still calls some shots at his database-software company.

Colorado - Charles Ergen - $18.2B Charles Ergan made his money in satellite TV.  He's the CEO of DISH Networks, and is considered one of the toughest dealmakers in the cable and satellite TV business.

Connecticut – Ray Dalio - $15.4B Ray Dalio is a self-made billionaire, opening the world's largest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates.

Delaware – Robert Gore & Elizabeth Snyder - $675M

elizabeth Snyder Robert Gore and Elizabeth Snyder's mother and father developed Gore-Tex.

Florida – Mickey Arison - $7.4B Mickey Arison made his fortune with Carnival Cruises. He stepped down as CEO in 2013, but is chairman of Carnival Corporation.

Georgia – Anne Cox Chambers - $17B Anne Cox Chambers and her family own media conglomerate Cox Enterprises.

Hawaii - Pierre Omidyar - $8.1B Perre Omidyar founded EBay, and sits on the board of both EBay and PayPal.

Idaho – Scott Simplot - $2.3B Potatoes made Scott Simplot rich. If you have eaten at MCDonald's, you have probably tasted the Simplot family fries.

Illinois -  Ken Griffin - $6.6B Ken Griffin made his fortune with the hedge fund firm Citadel LLC.

Indiana – Carl Cook - $6.7B Medical devices made Carl Cook rich. He is the CEO of Cook Group, a company his parents began in the spare bedroom of their apartment in 1963.

Iowa – Harry Stine - $3.4B Harry Stine made his fortune is agriculture. He sells his corn and soybean seed genetics to companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta.

Kansas – Charles Koch - $42.7B Charles Koch shares Koch Industries with his brother, a $115 billion company. He is one of the most politically influential billionaires in the US.

Kentucky – B. Wayne Hughes - $2.5B B. Wayne Hughes built his fortune with Public Storage. His company has been going strong since 1972.

Louisiana – Tom Benson - $1.9B Tom Benson is a sports magnate.  He has made his money owning the NFL Saints and the NBA Pelicans.

Maine – Bill & Susan Alfond - $1.2B Bill and Susan Alfond are brother and sister. Their fortune comes from their parents company, Dexter Shoe Company.

Maryland – Ted Lerner - $5B Ted Lerner became wealthy with real estate. He started off selling homes to developers, and then built homes himself.

Massachusetts – Abigail Johnson - $13.4B Abigail Johnson's fortune comes from money management. She took over as CEO of Fidelity in 2014, replacing her father.

Michigan – Hank & Doug Meijer - $10.1B Hank and Doug Meijer co-chair the family business, grocery store chain Meijer. Their grandfather opened the first store.

Minnesota – Whitney MacMillan - $4.7B Whitney MacMillan's fortune comes from Cargill, the agriculture company his great-grandfather founded.

Mississippi – Leslie Lampton - $1B Leslie Lampton founded Ergon, a refining and chemicals conglomerate.  The company began as a petroleum retailer with two employees.

Missouri – Jack Taylor - $12.7B Jack Taylor made his fortune renting cars. He founded Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Montana – Dennis Washington - $5.8B Dennis Washington is a self-made billionaire who made his money in construction and mining.

Nebraska  - Warren Buffett - $70.2B Warren Buffett made his billions with decades of smart investing, and his company Berkshire Hathaway.

Nevada – Sheldon Adelson - $29.7B Sheldon Adelson made his fortune running Las Vegas Sands, America's largest casino company.

New Hampshire – Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli - $1B Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli made her fortune when she sold her stake in her family's investment company.  Her wealth is from consumer goods.

New Jersey – David Tepper - $10.4B David Tepper made his billions in the hedge fund business, as a manager at Goldman Sachs, and with his own company Appaloosa Management.

New Mexico – Mack C. Chase - $650M

unmotivating,com Mack C. Chase made his fortune in the Permian Basin oilfields in Texas and New Mexico.

New York – David Koch - $52.7B David Koch shares control of $115B company Koch Industries, with his brother Charles.  Koch Industries has interests in oil, building materials, and dixie cups.

North Carolina - James Goodnight - $7.5B James Goodnight made his fortune after co-founding the business analytics software company, SAS.

North Dakota – Gary Tharaldson - $930M Gary Tharaldson made his money by acquiring and selling hotels across the country.

Ohio – Leslie Wexner - $7.5B Leslie Wexner made his billions in retail. He's behind the success of Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Express, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Oklahoma – Harold Hamm - $13.3B Harold Hamm made his fortune in oil. He's the chairman and CEO of Continental Resources.

Oregon – Phil Knight - $22.9B Phil Knight made his billions with Nike.

Pennsylvania – Mary Alice Dorrance Malone - $3.2B Mary Alice Dorrance Malone is a soup heiress.  Her money comes from Campbell Soup, her grandfather's company.

Rhode Island – Jonathan Nelson - $2.1B Jonathan Nelson made his billions in private equity, founding Providence Equity Partners.

South Carolina- Anita Zucker - $2.2B Anita Zucker's money comes from chemicals. She is the CEO of The InterTech Group, a conglomerate with interests in chemicals, commercial real estate, manufacturing and aerospace parts production.

South Dakota – T. Denny Sanford - $1.4B T. Denny Sanford made his fortune owning PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard.

Tennessee – Thomas Frist, Jr. - $8.2B Thomas Frist, Jr. made his fortune in health care, founding Hospital Corp. of America with his father.

Texas – Alice Walton - $36.4B Alice Walton's money comes from Wal-mart. She hasn't taken an active role in the company like her siblings.

Utah – Jon Huntsman - $1.1B Jon Huntsman made his fortune with his company Huntsman Chemical.

Vermont – John Abele - $600M John Abele has made his fortune in health care. He co-founded Boston Scientific, a medical device company.

Virginia – Jacqueline Mars - $26.8B Jacqueline Mars and her two brothers own Mars, the candy company that was started by their grandfather.

Washington – Bill Gates - $78.8B The richest man in the US. Bill Gates made his billions with Microsoft, and now uses the money for his philanthropic foundation.

West Virginia – Jim Justice, II - $1.7B Jim Justice, II's wealth comes from the coal business he inherited from his father.

Wisconsin – John Menard, Jr. - $9.1B John Menard, Jr. is a self-made billionaire, making his fortune with Menards home improvement stores.

Wyoming – Christy Walton - $39.1B