Everybody Stop Everything Because WINE ICE CREAM

Last night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen: wine ice cream facebook.com/ourdrinkingcorner You saw that right: WINE ICE CREAM. And we're not talking wine-flavored ice cream, we're talking actual wine with 5% alcohol right smack in the carton. I know exactly how you must be feeling right about now, because I felt the same way when I first learned the news. kathie lee gifford excited giphy.com Right? Or maybe it was more like... lucille bluth giphy.com And because the magnificent people at Mercer's Dairy (the gods who make the WINE ICE CREAM) know that every wine aficionado has a slightly different palate, there are eight resplendent flavors to choose from. Read 'em and drool: • Chocolate Cabernet
• Cherry Merlot
• Red Raspberry Chardonnay
• Strawberry Sparkling
• Peach White Zinfandel
• Riesling
• Port
• Spice (red mulled wine) I know. I KNOW! kristen wiig excited giphy.com We need to have a slumber party right now. But here's the bad news. Evidently, WINE ICE CREAM has been around since 2006, so this glorious gift to the mortals has been in existence for a full nine years without me knowing. Thinking about all that time I've wasted eating ice cream and drinking wine separately is an all-out crying shame. Since I didn't know about it, I figured there must be other folks out there who were also woefully, miserably in the dark and I knew I had to rectify the situation immediately. So here I am, shouting it to the masses, screaming it from the rooftops: WINE ICE CREAM, everybody. WINE fucking ICE CREAM. You're welcome. Lead image via facebook.com/Mercers-Wine-Ice-Cream-83834150921