Ex-Wife Starts Dating Husband's Brother After Divorce, He Decides To Investigate

5-Years of Marriage Down The Drain

Amelia and Mark lived happily with their twin daughters in California. Nothing could prepare Mark for the bombshell Amelia dropped: she wanted a divorce. 

Hurt and confused, Mark agreed to end their 5-year marriage but decided to investigate the matter.  

A Betrayal in Disguise

Amelia started dating Mark's brother, Alex, shortly after asking Mark for divorce.   

It seemed like they’d loved each other for years. 

Suspicion and Heartbreak

Mark couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal as he watched Amelia and Alex grow closer. 

This all was happening a little too fast. Mark suspected foul play.

The Social Media Betrayal

Amelia and Alex started posting their pictures all over social media.

 They didn’t hide their taboo relationship for too long.

Confronting the Truth

Unable to contain his hurt and anger, Mark decided to confront both of them.

 His ex-wife and brother basically told him to move on and to stop bothering them.

Fallout of Deception

Things got worse for Amelia and Alex when their family and friends came to know about their ‘stunt’. 

Everyone they knew had cut them off from their lives.

Seeking Justice

Mark decided to hire the best private investigator in town because of his suspicions. 

If there was any truth to Mark’s suspicions, he was the man to go to.

The Price of Betrayal

Mark was a millionaire which meant that Amelia would get a ton of money as a result of divorce. 

He also had recently landed a big promotion.

Uncovering the Truth

The PI tapped into all the conversations between Amelia and Alex. 

The messages went back 6 years, even before Mark and Amelia got married.

The Shocking Revelation

The PI decided to break the news to Mark. He told him that his suspicions were true.

 His brother and his wife had been having a secret affair for years.

Doubts and Uncertainty

Suddenly, Mark thought about his twin daughters

He wasn’t sure if the kids he loved more than himself, were actually his.

Legal Vengeance

Mark decided to tell everything to his lawyer and told him to do everything in his power to make his ex-wife suffer.

He was boiling with rage.

A DNA Bombshell

Mark’s lawyer asked the judge for a DNA test of the kids. 

  Amelia’s and Alex’s faces went white as a sheet.

Shattered Illusions

When the DNA tests came in, all hell broke loose. 

Mark was not the father. His whole world came crashing down.

The Pain of Deceit

Mark was left heartbroken, devastated all because of his own wife and his brother.

He would never trust anyone again.

Vowing for Revenge

Fuming with rage, Mark promised himself to never forgive the two people closest to him.

He had a plan.

Legal Battle Unfolds

During the hearing, Mark’s lawyer produced sufficient evidence of infidelity (with the help if PI) along with the DNA test.

The whole courtroom was in shock.


The judge not only gave Mark the custody of the kids but also gave Amelia only 10% of Mark’s assets.

Mark decided to love the kids as his own.

Was It Really A Victory?

Mark emerged victorious but at what cost? He was just glad that he got his daughters. 

He was worried about raising them without their mother.

A New Beginning Emerges

A couple of months later, Amelia called Mark and asked him to meet her for coffee. 

She sounded desperate so Mark agreed to meet her.

Desperate Pleas

Amelia told Mark that Alex showed his true colors after the court’s verdict. He broke up with her and started dating her sister. 

Amelia’s friends and family had cut her off from their lives. She wanted Mark to take her back.

A Rejected Appeal

The tears from Amelia’s eyes couldn’t melt Mark’s heart. He had already moved on. 

He told her to move on and stop bothering him. How the tables had turned!

Tears of Regret

Amelia sat there crying while Mark got up and left. He refused to give a second chance to a cheater

This woman had destroyed his family.

Love Rediscovered

A few weeks later, Mark hit it off with his daughters’ teacher Emily and they started dating. 

The girls loved her and she loved them back.

From Heartbreak to Happiness

One year later, Mark married Emily. 

They moved to a much nicer neighborhood with better facilities for them and the girls.

A Call from the Past

It had been more than 3 years since Mark and Amelia last spoke to each other. 

One day, Mark received a call from the police station, it was Amelia. She begged him to meet her.

A Cry for Help

Mark told Emily about the call and she told him to go meet her. 

Mark arrived at the police station only to see Amelia in handcuffs.

Confronting Reality

She told him that she had lost everything and had been homeless for a while now. 

She was shoplifting to survive but had been caught in her latest attempt.

Reflections of a Broken Past

Mark felt pity for her but deep down he knew he had dodged a bullet.

He didn't deserve that cheater.

Happily Ever After!

Mark wished Amelia farewell one last time. 

He then went home to his loving wife and beautiful children.