Close Calls Where People Avoided Disasters At the Last Moment

World War I Luck

There’s nothing more relieving than seeing you narrowly avoided a huge disaster. Everyone has had at least on such terrifying moment in their lives. It’s that second that karma chose to be on your side and you realize you should start playing the lottery with that luck coming your way. We’ve made a list of those moments, and while some are funny and some a bit more serious, they are all incredible!

“My great-grandfather was shot in the chest by a German soldier during World War I.

Luckily, the coins in his breast pocket absorbed the bullet and saved his life. You could say he didn’t need much money to survive,” shared the man who decided to tell his great-grandfather’s unbelievable story. Now we’re a bit scared, since we’re all walking around with cards.

While at a baseball game, we’re all eager to catch a ball, but not the bat as well. And certainly not in the face!

This kid was texting his mom some photos from the game when the dad was paying attention and simply saved the day!

This cat was really trying to use one of those 9 lives by “chilling” on the stove!

One redditor commented to this photo, saying that their cat constantly tries to nap in the oven every time it’s open: “I've had to start locking him in my room when I cook to keep him from getting hurt.”

A 14 year old was lucky to be alive after she met a shark. She was off Galveston when a shark bit it, but it seems she wasn’t tasty enough.

It is said that sharks can take a small bite and decide whether the prey is good enough to eat or not. It seems she was not plum enough!

Can you believe this guy even had the patience to take a photo of the wedding band he nearly dropped in the drain?

We’d just sweat like crazy trying to successfully pick it up.

This man was nearly robbed at the ATM before he thought of checking the card reader.

Someone even said that if you call the police, an officer dressed as a civilian will scout the ATM and wait for the thief to come and retrieve it.

“Almost stepped on this little nope-rope while shooting,” shared a man on his Instagram page. He explained that it was so camouflaged and little that he nearly stepped on it.

The rattlesnake was only the size of a silver dollar.

A man was lucky he was wearing a tungsten carbide ring, or else he could have lost a finger! “I work in lumber and had a customer shift a pile of 4"x4"x12's that my hand was next to.

One came tumbling down right on to my fingers. I heard a snap and thought my finger had lost the will to remain unbroken, turns out my tungsten carbide ring caught the full force, broke, but didn't bend and potentially saved me a really chewed up finger,” he shared in an Imgur post.

“Being late to work saved my life. If I've left home 2 seconds earlier, this car would have fallen on top of my head!” - said the man that snapped this photo.

And if you were wondering where the railing is, it’s that small thing squished under the car. That fence didn’t do its job!

This person nearly yelled Curt with an ‘n’ instead of an ‘r’: “I work at a burger joint where customers fill out their order on a ticket and they put their name on it. When the food comes out we call the name on the ticket.

Almost slipped up on Curt's order today.” You’d think you’d precisely write the ‘r’ if you were called Curt, but why not have someone yell the wrong word and have a good laugh?

“I was looking for our thermometer when I spotted this. Apparently the wife thought one of our dogs overheated (we moved to Las Vegas a few months ago and it is HOT) so she used our regular thermometer and thoughtfully labeled it,” explained a man on Imgur, thankful he noticed the label.

It’s not life-threatening, but it certainly is not fun to use a ‘dog butt’ thermometer.

“If you're feeling like a crappy parent, don't worry, you're doing better than I am,” said one stunned mother who wasn’t paying attention to her kids for just two seconds. They were only a few feet away, and then when her husband glanced at them, he was horrified: “Thank God he looked over and saw that the stinkies piled pillows in front of our fireplace.

It was smoking. It was terrifying.”

“We almost had a very bad day today,” said one cat owner who nearly stepped on her cat that loved the bath rug and literally merged with it!

It would have been a CATastrophe, right?

This is definitely not a scene from Transformers.

It is an actual crane that’s on the edge of a demolished building, meanwhile, two workers are chilling next to it.

When they say safety specs save your life, don’t you dare think it’s an overstatement. This guy’s eye was saved after an angle grinder disc exploded.

He should send the glasses manufacturer a very long thank you card!

Somebody up there loves you very much if the tree was just a couple of centimeters away from destroying the car.

It didn’t even scratch it!

A boulder fell from the mountains, ripping just a small part of this Italian farm house. That small part was probably the shed, so the homeowners were lucky.

The weird part is that a few days after that, another boulder nearly missed the house again!

“I'm a lucky [woman] to get away with this for 20 minutes driving around town,” said the relieved owner of the camera.

It would also have been fun of the camera was recording the journey.

The boat was sideways, but did you see the guys in the background, in the right top corner? They were trying to tip the boat back.

This is a close call photo, but we cannot stop but wonder if the boat went down after the photo captured this moment…

The truck driver had quite a close call when this enormous mud slide came his way.

Also, on the left you can see the Pacific Ocean.

Another dad that saved the day was this one that grabbed his son before he’d fall face-first into the rocks: “I almost died today, and my mom got a perfectly timed picture of my dad saving me.” This dad deserves a great gift on Father’s Day!

It hurts just by looking at this image! Thankfully, no body part was harmed.

We’re very curious to learn the story behind these photos, but there are no other details other that the images themselves.

We know who should play the lottery. It’s definitely the owners of these two cars that weren’t even scratched.

The only issue is the SUV getting out of that parking spot.

…It will be fun, they said! This guy nearly got hit in the face when he raised the beer to drink.

A golf ball hit his can at that very second. His face was saved by beer!

“Almost caught my office on fire today.

Glad I had this glass separating my laptop and wood desk,” wrote another fortunate owner of a rather questionable old laptop (or old cable).