Chick-Fil-A Employee Pranks Customer And It Goes Horribly Wrong

As he tucked into his hot nuggets, he glanced at the receipt at the bottom of the paper bag, and his jaw dropped. 

Under the "special instructions" section on the receipt, he saw something that made his blood boil.

Getting Lunch

Daniel Graham and his girlfriend were driving home from Flagstaff, Arizona, when they decided to grab lunch at Chick-Fil-A. 

Daniel pulled the car into the lot and went inside to order a large fries and 30 chicken nuggets. 

Busy Restaurant 

He was informed by an employee named Jordan that he would have to wait some time for his order because they were busy. 

As soon as Jordan said that, Daniel heard someone laughing in the back. “If you’re so busy, how have you got the time to goof off?” Daniel thought to himself. 


As soon as his order was ready, Daniel thanked the cashier and walked back to his car. He was starving at this point, and so was his girlfriend. 

It didn't take long for the couple to finish the entire box of nuggets and fries. Then, as Daniel was ready to throw the paper bag in the trash can, he remembered that he needed the receipt for his personal budgeting. 

Not A Receipt

Daniel opened the bag and pulled out the receipt. However, this one looked different. 

And when he began reading it, he quickly realized that it had been placed in his bag by mistake. 

In Shock

One of the employees accidentally dropped a note instead of a receipt that Daniel wasn't supposed to see. And it was about him. 

“You should go back in there and have it out with them!” his girlfriend suggested. She, too, was furious with the staff at the Chick-Fil-A. 


But Daniel had another idea in mind. He placed the note on his lap and opened the Twitter app on his phone. 

He knew he wasn't going to let them get away with this. 

He Had A Large Following

Fortunately for Daniel, he had quite a large following on Twitter, and he was planning to notify every one of his followers about the rude employee he encountered that day. 

He took a photo of the note and uploaded it online. 

Ugly Sweater

Daniel uploaded the note together with his selfie, calling out Jordan on his unprofessional behavior. 

Even though Daniel told Jordan his name, he decided to call him "ugly sweater" instead. 

The Reactions

  "It was NOT MY PLEASURE TO EAT CHIC-FIL-A TODAY," Daniel wrote in his tweet.

Some of his followers agreed with Jordan that Daniel's Goodwill sweater was "ugly," and others complimented the sweater. 

Different Opinions

However, most users felt that his reaction was completely justified. Many followers agreed that Jordan was very unprofessional and rude. 

But that's not what Daniel wanted. He wanted justice. 

Not Mad

Daniel's post received over 17,000 tweets, 150,000 likes, and 700 comments!

 "I'm not mad,” he explained. “But I am sad, and I will take reparations in free chicken sandwiches."

No Luck

Daniel hoped he would get the attention of the restaurant's manager. However, many people insisted he was exaggerating the situation. 

Some people even went as far as saying that the term "ugly sweater' isn't an insult. 

A Misunderstanding 

Then, finally, Daniel received a message from Chick-Fil-A. 

The restaurant manager apologized for the rude note and explained that it had all been a misunderstanding. 

The Explanation

He explained that the receipt that Daniel found in his bag was used by the cashier to call out a name or order. They probably forgot his name and came up with a nickname for him instead.

 “OK, but ‘ugly sweater’ is what cute sweaters like that are called, sir!” one of his followers wrote.