Charlie Sheen's Daughter Makes Controversial Career Choice

Like Father, Like Daughter 

Charlie Sheen has always been a controversial figure. Over the years, fans of the 56-year-old have watched him slide back and forth between moments of success and bizarre spirals into degradation. 

When his rollercoaster life culminated in a stunning revelation about his health status, fans were saddened by the news but not altogether unsurprised. Sheen’s publicly tumultuous lifestyle indeed came with such risks. Years later, his daughter turned 18 and may just be a chip off the old block.

Charlie Act, Charlie Do

Fans of the younger generations may know Charlie best for playing, well, himself. In the hit show, Two and a Half Men, Sheen also played a character named Charlie. The show certainly was hilarious and entertaining.

However, since the character’s on-screen personality and antics mirror Sheen’s real-life hedonism, this only fueled its success. So when the actor’s daughter, Sami Sheen, announced her racy career choice, many people couldn't help but think he had it coming. 


Sami Sheen is the daughter of Charlie and actress Denise Richards, who have another daughter together. Charlie’s been married three times, has five children and one grandchild. His highly publicized brushes with substances, infidelity, and the law, have led to a lot of negative publicity for him and his family. 

As a consequence, his parenting choices have always been called into doubt. Sami’s big announcement caused a lot more speculation as people waited to see how Charlie would react. 

Charlie’s Past

Since Charlie’s personal life and choices had been placed under a microscope many times, Sami’s announcement caused a new spectacle. In light of Charlie’s past indiscretions, the announcement put him in a tricky position. 

On the one hand, he hadn’t always set the best examples as a role model. On the other hand, he was the father of a rambunctious teenage daughter. 

Media Spotlight 

Charlie was accustomed to the media’s spotlight being on him. After all, he had been a TV and movie star for a long time and was also famous for his relation to his dad, Martin Sheen, and brother, Emilio Estevez. 

When it was time for Sami to grab some of that spotlight for herself, the media’s attention naturally also kept an eye on Charlie. It was a sticky predicament, to say the least. 

Relations With Sami 

Sami and Charlie’s relationship have been making headlines since her announcement. However, the relationship with her mom had previously grabbed more attention. 

Hollywood families are famous for their dysfunction, situations often worsened by the fact that their family drama usually has to play out in public. This was the unfortunate case again when it came to Sami’s relationship with mom, Denise Richards. 

Sami And Denise 

Sami and Denish Richards have had a fractious relationship in the past. The pair often clashed in ways that played out publicly. 

Richards has previously admitted that she has a “strained” relationship with her mother. On the other hand, Sami caused a stir when she once left her mother’s house and moved in with Charlie. The mother and daughter appear to have reconciled recently. 

Denise’s Take

Richards took a pragmatic approach when asked to comment on her daughter’s career choice. Knowing all the controversy surrounding Sami’s decision, Richards quickly defended her daughter’s confidence and acknowledged that she had a risque past too. 

However, it was Charlie’s reaction that initially seemed to be harsher. At first, speaking to E!News, Sheen mentioned that he does not “condone” his daughter’s new career. This may have been a tad judgmental, and Charlie was soon called out on it. 

Being Labeled 

Charlie and Denise experienced a relatively messy divorce. Richards accused him of many disturbing behaviors and habits. Charlie denied most of them, but the allegations made it hard not to wonder how difficult it must have been for Sami and her Lola to grow up amid all the media speculation. 

Charlie’s bad boy image naturally attracted tons of gossip, and most of his transgressions are public knowledge. So when he appeared to not condone Sami’s choice, he was labeled a hypocrite.   

The Announcement 

Since Sami made her announcement, her social media pages have grown significantly. In light of her being only 18 and the shadow of all her father’s own racy behavior looming over her life, the news seemed destined to cause a stir. 

While Denise was supportive and Charlie seemed to disagree, news outlets quickly spotted a potential rift. However, in the days that followed, Charlie seems to have changed his mind. 

United Front 

Charlie now appears to agree with Denise. In his latest comments, Sheen said, "Now more than ever, it’s essential that Sami have a united parental front to rely upon, as she embarks on this new adventure. From this moment forward, she’ll have it abundantly."

To be fair, Charlie’s initial stance on the matter wasn’t a complete rebuke. While he did say that he didn’t “condone” Sami’s choice, he did go further and urged her “to keep it classy”. So what exactly has Sami Sheen chosen to do that’s caused such a stir?

Sami’s Career Choice

Sami Sheen’s big announcement was that she was joining the famous adult entertainment service, OnlyFans. Given that she had just turned 18, this was likely a difficult decision for Charlie to accept. 

However, given his own checkered history, some naturally thought his stance was hypocritical. It wasn’t only that Sami’s career meant she would now be an adult entertainer, but also because Charlie infamously has ties to that same controversial industry.

Charlie’s Past 

Charlie Sheen has a notorious past since he’s dated and been involved with many adult film actresses. Given his affinity for the industry, many people have opined that he has no right to judge Sami’s choice to join it. 

While it is a saucy situation at best, fans of Charlie point out that criticizing him may be hypocritical too. After all, Denise Richards also has loose ties to the industry as well. 

Denise’s Past

By her own admission, Denise Richards acknowledges that she has a racy past too. Aside from starring in steamy movies like Wild Things, Denise famously also posed for Playboy. 

While this may be a stretch from the more explicit reputation of the adult film industry, it may prove why Sami’s parents now appear to be more supportive of her decision. Additionally, unlike the hardcore nature of conventional adult performers, many argue that Only Fans is a lot tamer.  

The Future

Sami may arguably be choosing a more, shall we say, refined path in the industry. OnlyFan's adult services offer a private viewing experience for subscribers as performers usually just sell racy images and videos as opposed to making adult movies. 

The notoriety surrounding Sami’s new career makes one thing certain, she’s likely to be a significant success on the platform. Additionally, many have praised her confidence. Some say she’s actually enhancing body positivity and self-confidence in others. What do you think?