Caught In The Act: Riveting Tales of Shameless Cheating Partners Getting Exposed

1. Setting The Trap

I dated a girl for 3.5 years. We had our ups and downs but, I figured if we could make it 3+ years then we should get married.  We finally decided to get married.  She was all about this huge Cinderella wedding and pressured her parents into shelling out close to $25K for everything. My family was poor and there was no way they could have ever afforded anything like that.  

So, we get married and went on our honeymoon. Once we get back from the honeymoon she slowly begins to start acting distant. Distant to the point of her going out partying and hanging with her friends and not wanting me to go along. 

I figured she was just stressed about marriage and I tried to give her space. Eventually, I started to get suspicious and I asked her if she was doing anything wrong. She would get mad and blow up at me when I would ask. 

One night I told her I was going to my parents house, 1.5 hours away, and that I wouldn't be home until the next day. She says she's just going to hang out at the apartment and chill.    

I do go see my parents but I leave around 9 o'clock the same night and head back towards our apartment. She isn't there when I get home so I go to my brother's house, where I ended up falling asleep. I get up really early and go over to my apartment. 

I walked inside the bedroom and that was when I saw them. I saw her and her boyfriend laying naked in our bed. 

I screamed a few things at her and threw a couple of things and then left. I'm sure there are a lot of you that think I should have beat him up but, he isn't the one to blame, she was. He wasn't married, she was. My issue was with her, not him.  We had only been married 3.5 months.  

Later I found out that he was the second guy she has screwed since we had gotten married.  What made everything even more messed up is that she didn't cheat on me while we were dating. She waited until we were married. 

The only thing I can figure is that she was more interested in the wedding than the marriage.  

Needless to say, we got a divorce. I was very depressed for 6-8 months. For the first 3 months I would try to go to sleep and I would sit there and shake uncontrollably. I honestly think I was on the ragged edge of a complete nervous breakdown.  

This crappy story does have a happy ending. A few years later and after another horrible relationship, I met my soulmate. We've been married for 11 years and to this day, I would go through every terrible thing that has ever happened to me again if it meant that I would be with her.  


2. Weekend “Business” Trip

My wife had been texting a lot and was very evasive when I inquired about it, though she smirked when she thought it was making me jealous (yeah, she's that kind of person).

Turned out she'd left her email logged into my cell phone. So I noticed that she had a weekend Airbnb trip to a place that was a state away (we were living in different states at the time), that seemed to be of the "quiet romantic getaway" type. Total occupancy: 2. Hmmm....well, I thought that was fairly suspicious.

So, I monitored her Airbnb page, which was easy since we were friends on Airbnb, figuring that the owner might leave a comment about how great she was as a guest. Which it turned out, she did. Except the review went something like, "(wife's name) and (guy not named me) were wonderful guests" and so on. 

Yeah, so, does anyone want to guess what the conditional probability was of that weekend trip involving infidelity? Pretty sure it's high.

The wife panicked, asked Airbnb to remove the review, altered her name on the site (?), and then finally, having failed to get the review taken down, deleted her account.

I eventually asked her about it during a counseling session and she had a ready-made defense about how she'd meant to take the trip with another coworker, but that person's car broke down so (guy's name) ended up tagging along since (guy's name) was that coworker's boyfriend, and they all stayed there together, but (guy's name) signed the guestbook, hence a totally honest mistake.

In hindsight, I am pretty sure she was not telling the truth.

We are not still married.… 


3. The Old Military Wives’ Tale

I was in the Navy and was out on deployment for 6 months after just recently getting engaged (it's one of those stupid things that young military guys do). One day I got a letter from my fiance's best friend telling me that she caught my fiance and her BF together (this was years before email and smartphones were common). 

We write back and forth several times and eventually, it comes out how she caught them, how my fiancee begged her not to tell me, and that the fiancee didn't know that we were corresponding.

I eventually got back to the States and planned to play it off as though I didn't know, but too many of my friends intercepted me with the news that it wasn't just the one guy, but several, and let me know that she knew that I was aware. 

Eventually, we met, and the confrontation was minimal and tame. We broke off the engagement without a lot of drama - she kept the ring.

The best friend and I ended up hooking up, at first as sort of a revenge kinda thing, but turned serious. We celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary this year. This year will be 31. After 20, it's all a blur. 


4. Chance Encounter

My ex was a big drinker and I wasn’t. She goes frequently to this bar close to our place pretty often with friends. I rarely went because I just wasn’t a fan of bars or her drinking friends. One night she went out with a couple that I didn’t mind that much. I was bored at home so I decided to head over for a little bit. 

As I walk in I saw my ex sitting at the bar with the couple. The bar was packed and as soon as I made eye contact with my ex she had this strange look on her face. She turned to the guy sitting next to her, and he immediately got up and left. 

I felt something strange right away, but I brushed it off as being irrational. I stayed about an hour and headed home. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had though so I checked one of her friend’s Facebook pages to see if there was any connection that existed between my ex and this random dude. Sure enough, he was friends with one of my ex’s friends. 

I knew his name now and that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I sat on the information though. The next weekend she went out drinking again and still had not returned home at 4 am. I tried contacting her multiple times and I got no response. I woke up to her coming home at 7 am and jumping in the shower immediately. 

I decided to check her phone while she was in the shower, and she kept all of the messages with this same guy. Some pretty telling information in the text thread. While she was still showering I grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and headed to my best friend's house. 

20 minutes later I get a phone call with her going crazy about me leaving and not saying anything. I laughed at the projection and told her that if she wasn’t moved out by Monday the police would be there to force her out. 

She wasn’t on the lease and her parents lived 10 minutes away from me. That was that. 


5. That Jacket Is Familiar

It wasn’t a big dam-breaking moment. It was a lot of little things. Like how she’d cancel plans at the last second. Or the random phone calls from unknown numbers she’d get (this was back before spam calls were an epidemic), or how her phone was mysteriously off one night when I needed to get a hold of her. 

I had my suspicions and then finally it clicked into place when I used this app to find a guy who was stalking my public Instagram account. He also had a public account and posted a selfie wearing a very unique jacket that belonged to her. 

I confronted her the next day. She denied it. Tears. Begging. All of that. I dumped her and walked away. The next day I messaged that guy on Instagram and he confirmed everything. Had no idea I existed. He dumped her too.

Last I heard she’s an EMT in ~~Utah~~ Wyoming. Hope she figured out how not to be a garbage person. 


6. Karma Is Real

4yrs ago I was dating a girl who became distant and disinterested in a lot of things we both enjoyed together. Despite attempts to talk about it, she only grew more distant then became less available to hang out and suddenly was working late a lot. 

I started getting suspicious about cheating when she was on her phone nonstop. Again I tried to talk about it but she wouldn't engage. She also just didn't want to break up with me for whatever reason. 

I was actually going to end it on my own, but one weekend when she was seemingly unavailable, some mutual friends told me they spotted her with a dude from her work and they were all over each other. 

Coincidentally, she had also lent me her iPad which was synced to her phone so I saw lots of texts between those two over that weekend. They were talking about running away together, etc. 

He was married to her supervisor. Mutual friends were also composed of her coworkers and reported them to HR. They were both forced to do training on not sleeping with coworkers, they were both denied promotion, his wife left him, and she moved overseas. 

Sucked at the time, I was devastated, but karma got them good. 


7. He Called His Bluff

June 1, 2018. Normal day. A Friday. My husband had kissed me goodbye and gone to work. I was cleaning the house for a company who was coming to stay the weekend. The doorbell rang. There was a man at my door who introduced himself as the husband of a woman who my husband worked with. 

He was there to tell me that my husband and his wife were having an affair. He had busted them about six months prior and had told his wife that she had to end the affair. He thinks that she did end it...for about three months, but then they started up again. 

When he found out they were at it again, he called my husband (because he knew if he confronted him in person, he'd be in a jail cell for what he'd have done). On the phone, he told my husband to leave his wife alone or else he would come and tell me everything that was happening.

Apparently, my husband thought that he was bluffing.

So I was literally the last to know. My husband never came home again. He got an airbnb and a lawyer. The divorce was December 21, 2018. We had been together for 24 years. Still hurts. 


8. Anniversary News

Not me but a medical resident who I met on rotation recently. One of the nicest guy I ever met, super intelligent and hardworking, and training to be a trauma surgeon by humble as they come. He had been married for 2 years to his wife. 

One night he gets off a 30 hour call early and heads home to surprise his wife with some flowers and her favorite dessert (it was the anniversary of the day they first met). Only to find her in bed with a random dude. 

He was so exhausted and confused, he didn’t know what to do and just left and went back to the hospital. I saw him at 5AM, sitting in the parking lot, hunched over crying. He didn’t even have his phone with him, he was just sitting there. 

Man, nothing breaks your heart more than seeing a grown man cry, it’s not something you see often. We called his dad up and he came and picked him up, the guy ended up taking a leave from his residency. Turns out, it wasn’t the wife’s first time sleeping around. 

Hope he gets back on his feet, he will make an amazing physician. 


9. Family Business

My ex husband slept with his best friend’s wife while I was 8 months pregnant, it had been going on for a while.

I was 8 months pregnant with our second child at the time and he wanted to go visit his brother for the weekend. I asked my doctor if it was safe for me to travel and she said it would be fine. I told my husband I could go but he said he was really hoping to just have some time with his brother, I understood because a new baby really makes it hard to spend quality time but I asked if he could take our older son (3yo at the time) so he could see his grandma and cousins. 

He said they were planning on drinking and whatnot and wasn’t sure it would be a good idea. (They’re country boys so think shooting, drinking and whatnot) I agreed and he left for the weekend. 

After he left I got a call from his best friend telling me that he’ll be in town for the weekend and he wanted to meet up. Not weird, he called me because my husband was terrible at answering his phone. I told him unfortunately my husband was visiting back home, bad timing. His best friend then said ok, I’m going to call you back. And hung up very abruptly. 

Turns out my husband and his wife had been caught by him a few months previously and he gave them a chance to make it right...I don’t know why. He didn’t tell me but threatened to if they didn’t stop. Well, they didn’t stop and he told me.  

I think the worst part was that my husband’s family knew and never once thought to tell me. These people were my family for 5 years and nothing. It’s been almost 10 years now and I’m so much happier but it was definitely an eye opening experience. 


10. Anonymous Tip

I was married. Out of the blue while at work I get an email that says (husband's name)’s wife.  When I open the email it lists off a name and says (husband's name) married to her. Check on Facebook.

So I do and what do I see? Tons and tons and tons and tons of pictures of a woman with my husband. The woman and her kids with my husband. The woman and her family with my husband. 

I was stunned to say the least. It was October 6th 2017, 7 months after I almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. Yep we were trying at that point to have kids. 

After work I went home and started throwing all of his stuff in the dumpster. He was out of town at the time so I had plenty of time to do it. Spent all of Saturday and Sunday throwing everything owned in the dumpster. 

A month later I moved to a new apartment and waited until then to tell him I was divorcing him. 

He then took his life a few months later. 


11. Images Speak Louder Than Words

I was in a very unhealthy relationship. He was emotionally very abusive and I was in a terrible place with my mental health.

I found out at the ultrasound to determine the gender of our child. He was late and I was noodling on Facebook waiting to be called. 

He was tagged in some photos in my news feed from a gig he’d been to the previous weekend.

Random lass was in all the photos of him and they were all over each other. Also they were making out in the background of one photo.

He turned up after I was called in. While the technician was printing the images I told him I knew. 

He went off and on about how I was making it up, he’d never do that, obviously I was lying to compensate for cheating on him and so on. When I pointed out there were photos he stormed out and left me there.

My Dad had turned up during the appointment (anticipating that he’d react badly if we were having a girl, which he did, that was scattered through the cheating denials) and took me home.

I considered us broken up at that point and stopped all contact except texts related to the pregnancy.

Mostly I was relieved. I had concrete evidence that it wasn’t in my head and I finally managed to escape that relationship.


12. She Told Me

I found out my ex was cheating on me in the most bizarre manner. The girl he was cheating on me with actually told me. 

She messaged me at 3 in the morning asking if I was still with my ex and I said yes he’s asleep next to me, why? She told me what happened, sent me screen shots and I grabbed his phone. I believed her but you know, I just wanted to see it all for myself. I left the room and looked through it all, he didn’t even try to hide it. 


I went back and threw something at him to wake him up and confronted him, of course he played dumb. He said he didn’t know who I was talking about blah blah blah. Then I said oh ok well maybe this will jog your memory and pulled his phone out of my pocket.

The look on his face was priceless. He knew it was over.

I screamed at him, called him every name under the sun and then he left the house. This was a year ago and then a few months after that I’m being told that he misses me, so pathetic. To make it all worse, I uprooted my life completely across the country to be with this guy and this is how it ended.


13. Missed Birthday

It was a day before my 18th birthday. My boyfriend told me he had planned to take me out in his Mazda pickup truck that we named Sparky and get some food from a bigger city down south... Make a whole evening of it.

I went to school. Had a good day. Nothing was off.

Came home and waited. Called and no answer. Waited.

I got home from school at 3:30pm and it was nearly 9:30-10pm before I gave up.

I got on the computer and found out through a mutual friend from school that he was at this other friend's house. We were friends with her and her homelife wasn't the greatest (her parents were nasty disgusting people who treated their children like punching bags), and this mutual friend had been talking of moving out with her little brother in tow.

I got in my mom’s car, drove over there and found them having intercourse on the living room couch. 

I went home. Told my mom he wasn't allowed in the house, I wasn't accepting his calls and  going to bed. I told her what happened and that I just wanted to deal with it in the morning (these days I went to bed early and woke up early).

Next morning he came over like nothing had happened and greeted me. He tried to hug me and I backed away. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that he had missed my birthday night out because he wanted to get his ding dong wet in so-and-so's woman parts.

He accused me of stalking him. Cheating on him. Being a controlling b-word. Tried to do what is now called gaslighting. I told him I was done. 

He made his bed with her and now he gets to lay in it. Because he liked her better, obviously they needed to be together.

I told our mutual friends that we had broken up due to some disagreements. The mutual friend he was inside decided to spread it around school that she was a better lay than I was.

So yeah..... 


14. You Got Mail

I dated a girl for about two years. Like 18 months into the relationship we’re talking about moving in together. Then kinda out of nowhere she starts becoming distant and irritable. We ended up breaking up. 

Fast forward 3 months after the break up I found that Facebook has a section where messages from non friends are kept. Turns out my then gf was banging her ex and the UPS driver that delivered to her store at the mall. 

She ended up getting with the UPS driver and his 3 kids. Last I checked they’re miserable and it brings me joy every time I think about it. In my messages was a note from the UPS drivers then WIFE! My ex not only cheated but broke up a marriage.


15. Long Distance Relationships

My first long-term girlfriend and I were going to go to the same college. I got accepted, but had to start the semester after she did, meaning we would be slightly long-distance for a few months.

It wasn't too bad because we were only about 2 hours apart so it was pretty easy to visit, but our relationship did struggle a bit. 

I remember one night I got a phone call from her and when I picked up it was obvious it was a butt dial. I could hear her talking to some guy, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I called her and she picked up and I asked what was up? She said she was in bed about to go to sleep. 

I told her about the butt dial and she said it was her friend Jack, who I met asking to borrow something. I thought it was odd but brushed it off.

A couple weeks later I was up there visiting her and I met a bunch of cool people, including this guy Luke. After I got back from visiting I got a Facebook message from him saying, "Look man I hate to be the one to say this, but I think you're an awesome guy and you don't deserve this to be happening to you. She's been cheating on you with this guy pretty soon after she started here." 

I was devastated, but I had to hear it from her, so I called her and said, "Are you cheating on me?" She gave a heavy sigh and said, "Well, at least I don't have to lie anymore." 

That guy's voice I had heard wasn't Jack, it was the guy she was cheating on me with, I just trusted her so much that I took her word for it. 

Even though it was painful, I was grateful for Luke sending me that message. What's funny is that most of the people I met up there that were her friends sided with me after the break up, so when I started going there that next semester I had a group of friends to support me and most of them are still very close friends of mine to this day. 


16. Sixth Sense

I was at work and tried to call my boyfriend, but he wasn’t answering even after a few hours. I just got a horrible feeling. It stressed me out so badly for some reason that I started to cry and my boss let me go home. 

The whole way home I just kept feeling serious dread. Walked in the house and into my bedroom, and he was laying in bed half-clothed with some naked chick. 

Obviously a huge blow up went down, and after everything settled, this jerk tried to tell me that he went to the movies alone and met her there and she “followed him home.” Like, even if I believe that this person just followed you home and got naked, you let her do it, so what’s the purpose of saying that to me?  

It was a terribly abusive relationship, and it didn’t even end then. I eventually broke up with him but not on the spot like I should have. If I could change anything about my life, it would be that I wish I broke up with that guy sooner. That was over ten years ago though! 


17. Repeat Offender

This first started back in December right before we went on a holiday trip to see my family. She started acting somewhat off, kinda distant, and easily aggravated. I had a suspicion that something was going on and I’m embarrassed to admit that I snooped on her iWatch. 

I found some incriminating texts she had with a friend, so I confronted her in January. She tells me that she kissed a guy that she works with and that was it. We were having some issues in our relationship and I chose to forgive her and we decided to try working on some of the issues we were having. 

Well, fast forward to this past May...she breaks down that she wasn’t honest with me and that she had actually cheated with this other dude. We split after the news.

We had been together 8 years and had been engaged for almost 2 years. 

Our wedding date was supposed to be  *yesterday*.

It’s still freaking killing me. I don’t even know where to go from here. 


18. The Wedding’s Obviously Off

In a relationship for 6 years, we broke up 1 month before our wedding because I found out my fiancée had cheated on me... 

Two years into my relationship with my-then-fiancée lots of suspicious little acts kept adding up. The biggest one being that I found some condoms missing from my drawer and confronted my fiancée at the time (I was very sad/angry/confused). She denied any affair. 

4 years went by, and about a month before our wedding, she broke down and confessed that she had indeed slept with her ex boyfriend at the time because she was depressed and was simply seeking any sort of way to feel something else. That broke my heart. 

I was also in the middle of an insane work day from home and had to power through the rest of the job with that on my mind; not fun. Anyways, I had always had a bad feeling that she had been lying to me over the years, and she had an undying jealousy towards all of my friends who are women; she was clearly projecting.... 

It hurt bad that she had cheated on me, but it hurt waaaaay worse that she had lied to me for four years and went along with planning the wedding. I'm grateful that she told me before the wedding since we called it off due to the mistrust (amongst many other things that weren’t going well in our relationship; we met at a young age so no big surprise). 

I genuinely believe that she was going through some really heavy emotional turmoil from her past so I don’t take it so personally. I wish her well. With that said, I have cut off all communication to her because I simply could not trust her after that. 

All’s well that ends well; and have met the love of my life, and we plan to get married soon. 


19. I Was The Homewrecker

I briefly became the “other” woman (unbeknownst to me) and it’s never sat right with me. I was young, single and going through a family crisis (sibling unexpectedly passing). I met a guy who was fun and great and very “busy”  which was exactly what I was looking for as I was grieving and didn’t want anything serious. 

4 months of romance later I found out he’s actually married with small children. We were with his colleagues after work at a bar and a coworker asked him where his wife was. I kept my cool, didn’t make a scene but once drinks were over I obviously brought it up and said how terrible that made me feel. 

I ended up just ghosting him after that. I wasn’t in the mental state to deal with any of the fallout so I just stopped replying to messages. I should have contacted the wife but I didn’t want to bother playing relationship police. 

At the time I was under a lot of stress and grief and had my own problems and emotions to deal with. 

It’s been 5 years and I always feel so terrible for the wife whenever I think about what happened. Sometimes I feel like contacting her and telling her what happened but I don’t know if it’s the right move or even worth it. 


20. Crazy Coincidence

The story is remarkable in that it happened before the internet was widely available, in the very early 90’s, when the world seemed much bigger. 

My fiancé (Meg) had one semester left of college that had to be taken as an internship abroad for her major. She chose to go to Belgium for this internship. I stayed back and the plan was that I would set up a house and when she returned that summer, she would move directly in and we would set a date for our wedding. 

So, while Meg was off in Europe, calling every couple of weeks to check in, (the long distance was super expensive back then) sending me postcards and letters, I moved into a brownstone, bought furniture, etc... 

About two weeks before Meg was supposed to return, I stopped in to a nearby coffee house that I had noticed down the block, but had yet to visit. To my surprise, I found that my neighbor from growing up in a completely different city, Claire, was a waitress there. 

We hadn’t seen each other since high school, so we made a plan to meet up after her shift for a cup of coffee to catch up. We met and Claire told me that she was engaged as well, to a man, Ben, who was completing his course of study by working on an internship guessed it, Belgium.

A couple days later, I stopped in for a cup of coffee and Claire looked extremely upset. She asked if I had time to wait, as she had a break coming up, and that she needed to talk to me. We went outside and she told me that she had gotten a call from her Aunt Sue the day before. Aunt Sue had just returned from Czechoslovakia, and something very strange had happened. 

While they were touring Prague, Sue and her travel group had stayed in a local hotel and the next morning she had run into Claire’s fiancé, Ben, in the lobby...with a female companion by the name of Meg. 

She said that he introduced her as a student from America, that they worked together, but it was very awkward and they both looked scared. 

Claire said that she immediately called long distance to Belgium, and after several tries over the course of a day or so, got him on the phone. She asked him about the chance encounter and he said he had been kind of expecting her call, and ended up admitting that he had been seeing Meg pretty much the entire time they were in Europe, spending weekends and holidays traveling around with each other. I was floored. 

Couldn’t believe it. 

I went home and started trying to call Meg at her dorm in Belgium, finally getting through to her late into the night, early morning for her. I point blank asked her if she was dating Ben. I didn’t even explain how I knew about it. 

She hemmed and hawed for a moment, kind of acting like I was crazy for saying something so nonsensical, but when I said that I knew Claire, she dropped the facade and admitted to all of it. 

So Ben and Meg had a very bittersweet homecoming. Meg got off much easier than Ben, as Claire had already left all of his belongings on the front lawn, from the day she found out, which had been pretty much picked over by the time he got back two weeks later. I did pick Meg up from the airport, I think at the time I really just wanted to see her face when I told her that all of our friends knew what a piece of crap she was, and that I never wanted to see her again. 

To this day I revel in how many utterly astounding factors of complete random coincidence went into Meg and Ben (who later married, then later divorced after he cheated on her) being caught. The universe works in incredible and mysterious ways. 


21. Mr. Worldwide

I had my suspicions. He was supposed to go out of town and he came home early, packed his bag and ran out the door. Barely saying goodbye to me or our children. We lived on the fifth floor of an apartment building. 

I looked out the window and saw him get into the car of a woman I could tell because she had a sunroof and I could see down into the car. The look on the guard's face was priceless.

Later I got a phone call from a woman who was very upset. She said she was his fiance. She said she worked for the airline and found that he was traveling with another woman. The other woman was the woman in the car.

Later following my suspicions I found a receipt in his briefcase. It was in a very expensive store. I went to the store with my two children, one was a toddler at the other was still in a stroller. I made up some story about why I needed to know what was purchased. Purchases were quite expensive. I was not allowed to buy clothing for myself. 

Keep in mind this is in an Asian country (we were expats there) and this was a very high-end store so they kept handwritten records in a notebook. They looked up the receipt and said "oh yes Mr. Z, he was here with his Thai wife". She looked up at me, waited a few beats, and then her face just fell and she said I'm so sorry. I said it's okay. 

I just thought he was here with his Singaporean girlfriend.

The woman at the airline I believe has two children with him. The Singaporean woman went on to have two children with him. And the Thai women had one child with him. All are younger than our two children.

Oh and then I was walking through a hotel and I caught him having breakfast with the woman he went on the trip with. And then another time I saw them drive past me in his car.

I also found a trust document that, by the way, was totally fake that he wrote for the Singaporean women putting her in the family trust.

Keep in mind I hadn't lived in the states for 10 years. I didn't have a driver's license. I didn't have bad credit, I had no credit. I had no money. I couldn't go back to my job because technology has significantly changed. 

I had an 18 month old and a three-year-old. As all this was going on I was planning to somehow leave. Eventually I packed bags and hid them away and tried to figure out how to get back to the States. I didn't have access to money or credit cards. He had the bright idea one day that I needed to go visit my parents. He bought me a one way ticket. 

I figured he was never going to let me come back. That was fine with me. 

He married the Singaporean woman, cheating on her the whole time. I know for a fact he was engaged to someone else for 4 years while they were married. After scamming that woman out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

He basically dumped her. He moved to a different country and now he is married again with two children having never divorced the Singaporean woman. In actuality I don't believe they were truly legally married because he married her before we were divorced. 

By the way, it took me seven years to divorce him.

The most awkward dinner I ever had was when our oldest graduated from graduate school. He came back to the states with the woman he was engaged to for 4 years while married to the woman he was married to while still married to me. 

Are you following this? Anyway she was a very high government official. Very bright woman. I liked her very much. On the way to the dinner my daughter explained to her friend who was accompanying us "so we're going to dinner with my dad who cheated on my mom with the woman we are trying to keep secret from his girlfriend who we were having dinner with".

Before I forget, when our youngest was 10 months old he wanted to get away to mend things. We went to Hong Kong. We flew separately because he had a he said. He traveled more than 340 days one year and I finally figured out we flew separately because he was likely doing most of the flight attendants. 

Anyway, I arrived  at the hotel before he did and checked in. The Front Desk said "Welcome back Mrs. Z!  I saw you and Mr. Z  here with us last week as well."...Ummm that was the other Mrs. Z...

Oh...and he gave me an STD when I was pregnant with baby #2. 

Yes those are just some of the highlights!


22. Accidental Spy

I caught my ex husband cheating as an accident. We had gone to work in the evening and I couldn’t get into my office due to a building screw up, so he let me in so I could print something. 

He went for a walk to get his “steps” in. As I was on his computer I realized it was logged in to Facebook. I just had a feeling. 

I looked in the messages and he had been chatting with a woman he met in another country via our work. 

I copied all I could and confronted him when he returned, made him take me for a drink and told him there would be no reconciliation. He was shell shocked and I told him to go home and pack a bag. That was 6 months ago and I’m really happy to have lost the dead weight.

He was a difficult man, emotionally abusive, but I lived my vows and tried to help him as much as I could and reorganized my life around him.

He had some odd behaviors leading up to this (including a “work call” from a woman on our family vacation). And in the texts he described wanting to have an affair with her, and they met periodically over 2 years, including one time he stayed with her for a month in her country. 

So yes, he cheated, not just a flirtation nor an emotional affair. 


23. Public Embarrassment

I knew he had been unfaithful in the past but I didn’t really love him so it was not that bad. 

However, I was bartending one night and this drunk chick walks up and tells me that I looked familiar. She then proceeds to yell, “oh my friend is sleeping with your husband!”. So I walked into the beer keg cooler with a bottle of vodka. I downed some shots and went back to work. 

I held it in that I knew for a few months while I hired an attorney and figured out my next move. I had three kids to think of too. So I moved with my kids back home to Texas and got divorced. 

Now, I’m engaged to my childhood best friend and we plan to marry in Yosemite next year. He’s the complete opposite of my ex. Kind, supportive, and loving. 

So screw that sasquatch looking cheater!


24. Big Spender

Boyfriend asked me to look for something on his computer. I couldn't find it at first. While waiting for clearer instructions I saw a message in the corner talking about how she misses him or whatever. I was curious what she was talking about when she sent a picture. Weird. Well I clicked on it.  

Through Facebook he's been talking to 100+ women. All of them are either sending him pictures of their bodies or thanking him for the money. I'm sorry, what now? 

Digging further into it, there's a link. It's to some money sending site similar to PayPal. I click to see the history. It shows 4 total pages. 20 items per page. 

We've been together for 15 years. We have a child. I'm on disability, he doesn't work. He's sent over $500 in exchange for nude pictures. That's over half my monthly paycheck. 

I'm furious. I've literally told him, watch porn, talk to other women, I don't care. He's lied saying he's never talked to anyone before while he's lying the entire time. 

The best part is we broke up, I got cancer, he moved back in, all while doing this. For over 7 years. 


25. Everybody Needs A Friend

I lived in a house with my best friend and my girlfriend. I was working one night at my pub and got a phone call from my best friend to the work’s telephone as I don’t answer mine whilst I’m working. Then I got the news.

Apparently he came back from grabbing a few drinks with his work colleagues and found my now ex in bed with another man. My friend, being completely wasted, decided that he didn’t like that and wound up throwing some naked Indian guy down the stairs and beating the heck out of him once he reached the bottom. 

I immediately came back and rushed from work to find the police at the door with the Indian guy in the back of the cop car wearing his boxer shorts and cuffs being attended to by a medic and my mate sat in the front room talking to the other officer, he was let off with a caution as it was an “understandable” reaction even though he was drunk. I am honestly so glad to say that he still lives with me because otherwise I would’ve never found out. 


26. Something’s Off

She’d been acting off my entire visit so when she took a shower I looked at her phone. There was a lot more leading up to that moment but that’s the cliff notes version.

I was in absolute shock at what I saw. I texted my sister. And a friend of mine that lived 3 time zones away. I showed them what I saw. They both suggested I leave immediately. So I started packing. Before I knew it, she was standing there asking me what I was doing. I was in my boxers and a T-shirt with socks on and one shoe. 

I was in such a daze I had no idea how long I had stood there. I told her we needed to talk. So we did. I just asked her what the heck was going on with our relationship. And why she was being so aloof. She shrugged it off and said it was me. 

I was running around in my own head finding things to worry about. Then she promised me everything was ok. 

I decided to believe her despite what I saw in her phone. Until I got a text from that friend in the early morning asking if I was ok.  I gave her an update. She encouraged me to leave and said I was being lied to. I finished packing while she slept. Loaded everything into my car not looking forward to the 5 hour drive home. 

I decided to tell her before I left. I saw what was in your phone with your ex. I snooped. I’m not proud. But I can’t be here anymore. She didn’t say anything. She gave me a hug. I still remember how warm she felt in my arms. And I left. 


27. Huge Embarrassment

I was in college at the time.  I'd been dating this girl for about 5 months.  Things seemed like they were going well.  I'd met her parents, and she'd met mine.  I asked her to come over and hang out for the night, but she said she had to study.  I thought nothing of it and about 30 minutes later a couple of buddies called me up and asked if I wanted to go chill around campus.  I declined.  

About an hour later, they asked me to come out again, since they were at a frat party and had something that I just had to see.  I declined.  They persisted, and finally relented, saying they'd send pictures.  I thought nothing more of it until the next morning.

They saw my GF at this party with another guy, and instantly knew she was cheating on me.  Like the solid bro's they were/still are, they devised a great plan.  They hurried back home and got super soakers squirt guns.  

They filled them with a variety of fluids... urine, lemon juice, milk, olive oil, anything they could find at their apartment that would squirt and later smell really bad.  Not even kidding... they put on black suits, dark sunglasses, and white button up shirts.  They pulled up to the frat house with their neon colored and urine filled super-soakers and announced they needed to extract a "cheating girlfriend" and punish her.  

They did just that... 

They grabbed her, and the guy, who was not a member of that frat, and pulled them out into the yard in front of like 30-40 people who knew it was going to be a sight they couldn't miss.  They sprayed almost all of their tanks of liquid on her and the guy.  The guy apparently ran away, and she just sat there crying.

When I heard about it the next morning, I couldn't believe it.  I felt a little sad that she'd cheated, a little sad that she got destroyed in front of 30+ people, and so much pride in my four buddies.  I also felt much disappointment that I did not join them in the endeavor.  I never spoke with her again.

As neat as it sounds, it was not a pleasant experience for me the next morning when I found out.  When I woke up the next morning I was still dating a girl I thought was awesome.  I didn't believe the story until I saw the pictures, which I don't have nor want to ever look at again.  

So, in the matter of about 10 minutes I went from normal to very embarrassed, to sadness, to anger, to confusion, to admittedly a small amount of pride for my buddies, but despite what she did, I didn't like what happened to her (well a little now bc she was a cheating, cocksucking cunt).  Had I gone to this party with them, it wouldn't have happened to her.  

It wasn't a pleasant experience for me and I do not remember it fondly. . 


28. A Secret To Hide

I was working two jobs for 18 to 20 hrs a day, nearly 7 days a week. She started to seem very distant, despite the fact that she would never put in any effort to work or be helpful to the marriage. She started staying glued to her phone.

I checked our phone records and sure enough there was one number that stood out. When I asked to see her phone, she gave it to me thinking I was going to FB. When I went to open the messages app, she grabbed the phone and ran. 

I had a back up phone and since our phones use SIM cards, I went to ATT and got a new one for her line. Well all her accounts were linked to that number, so after digging around I found Tinder, POF, Nude Snapchats, hidden messages on FB. you name the dating app, she had a profile. 

It turned out that she had been lying about me for years to all her friends and family. Saying all kinds of negative things. I just felt utterly betrayed. We actually reconciled, but I didn't trust her to say the least. So I installed a keystroke logger on her phone and months later she was back at it.

I miss my kids so much but I'm financially, emotionally, and physically better. I got sober and clean and have gotten my depression in control. It was honestly the best thing that ever happened. 


29. Ruined Vacation

I was in Florida on vacation with my girlfriend of 6 years, our four year old son, and her family and a few of her friends. She had been taking pictures down at the beach all afternoon on her phone. We got back to the house we were staying at and everyone was in the kitchen making dinner. I picked up her phone and opened it up to text my family the pictures she had taken.

As I’m scrolling through the thread, I saw her ex-boyfriend’s name. Open up the messages and first thing there are videos of them masturbating they had sent to each other. I yelled “what the heck is this?” Her mom turned toward me and asked what was wrong and I loudly proclaimed what I’d seen.  

She said that she had gone out with some friends, gotten drunk, invited him out for a drink, and ended up blowing coke all night. Then said she got blackout drunk the next night and sent the videos. Claimed that was the only time she’d seen him.

Yeah, so when she fell asleep of course I went through her phone again. She’d seen him multiple times throughout the previous two months, and I found pictures of them together posing like a cute couple on their dates. 

Her brother and Dad were mad and got outta there the next morning.  Ruined the vacation for pretty much everyone, and totally wrecked our family.  


30. No Fairytale Ending

I was at Disney, with our kids, on day 2 of a 7-day family trip her father had been, by that point, talking up for about 7 years. He and her mother told us  when the kids were born, they were going to take us all to Disney when they turned 7... And seven years later, it finally happened. 

At that point, we'd been together for over a decade. Had a great job, a house, a bunch of kids, and the full on, 100%, honest to goodness American Dream. Life was grand.. until I picked up her phone to set an alarm on night 2 of our family vacation of a lifetime. There were so many texts. So many. 

I remember actually wanting to hurt her, and having to leave the room. I immediately called the number and heard some freaking strange dude answer with a sleepy, "...Hello darling... I'm glad to hear from you..". I wanted to die. The sense of unreality that I experienced... It was immediately numbing. Like I'd just switched to the dark timeline. All I could think was, "...from this point on, everything that I have known about my left, is going to change."


31. DND

I was up in the NC mountains doing a 105 mile bike race. It was the hardest race I had ever done, but placed really high in the main field. My wife was supposed to pick me up at my friend's place when we got back. 

I called and called and called her phone to let her know my results and when we were going to return. She never answered. My buddy took me home. My youngest daughter was there alone telling me that she had been trying to call her mom but couldn't get in touch with her. 

She then went on to say that she even called the friend her mother was supposed to be with but she told her that she knew nothing about it.

When my wife finally came home she made some excuse. But I confronted her and she confessed. She was cheating for 2 years behind my back. Even had the guy over while I was gone to work. 14 year marriage.

I've been single for 4 years now. Happy as ever. Daughters live with me. Ex wife is still with the same guy. Four years after our marriage. Two years into our marriage. So they have had a good run.


32. He’s Just A Relative

I found out my high school GF was cheating at her aunt's funeral. I live in Ohio, she lived in Pennsylvania with her mom but her dad and best friend, who I was also friends with and that's how we met, lived in the same neighborhood as me so we were doing the long distance relationship thing for a few years. 

Anyways, her aunt passes, I take time off work and drive myself and her cousin to PA to attend the funeral. Arrive at her aunt's house where all of her family from out of town were meeting and staying for the funeral the next day. 

There is a guy there that she is hugging on when I walk in the door, tells me not to worry, he's her cousin she hasn't seen in a couple years. No worries, I understand, I tell her. 

Fast forward to the next day, at the funeral home. She is being distant and basically ignoring and avoiding me but every time I find her she is with this guy that is supposedly her cousin. I chalk it up to her being upset, she was close to her aunt. 

Her cousin that I took with me asked me to go out to my car and grab his cell phone he left in the glove box and there I found her, giving her "Cousin '' head in the back seat of my car. 

So, not only did she cheat on me, she cheated on me with someone she told me was her cousin, in the parking lot of the funeral home, at her aunt's funeral, in the backseat of my car. 


33. He Swore They Were Just Friends

I had a job delivering the local paper with my neighbor. We lived in an apartment complex that was in the shape of a hollow square with a courtyard in the middle. She lived with her husband and two children on the bottom on the corner of the building and I lived with my husband and two very small kids in the apartment directly above her. 

Across the courtyard on the bottom floor was a woman my husband had been spending a lot of time with after her husband left for a fishing job in Alaska for the season. He swore it was just a friendship.

One night my neighbor and I were out doing our route at about 2 am when we needed to stop by the apartments. We didn't normally stop at home so no one would have expected us for another couple of hours. 

We pull in and both head for our apartments. When I entered mine I quickly realized that my two small children (both under 5) were asleep and alone in the apartment. 

I figured my husband was downstairs hanging with the neighbor's husband as he regularly does. I go downstairs and ask if he's in there. When they said no, I knew. I turned around 180 and my eyes zeroed in on her apartment.

I stormed over there and banged on her door. No response. I banged and banged, then I went around the back and banged on what I knew was her bedroom window. I was yelling the whole time. I went back to the front and continued to bang on the front door until finally she opened it. 

I could see all the way through the apartment and into her bedroom where I saw my husband pulling up his pants, they both clearly had just woken up. 

I was more upset at the time that the kids were home alone while he was asleep in some other woman’s bed. That's what I screamed at him about. Told him to get back to our children. 

I then turned around, got to my neighbor and went back to work. He denied they did anything, just "fell asleep" while hanging out. Whatever jerk!

But I eventually got my revenge on that witch. 


34. He Thought He Covered His Tracks

My ex thought he had deleted the texts. I didn’t usually go through his phone at all, but I had this suspicion that he was seeing someone else based on his behavior, he's hiding his phone, and by staying late at work. I was actually really hurt, but mostly angry at myself for being stupid enough to date him. 

I had been warned he was no good but I wanted to fix him, and I ended up getting hurt just like all the others. 

My reaction was initially asking him for an explanation. He tried to cover it, and lied to my face. I immediately told him to get the heck out of my house and so he did. He responded to this by saying some very personal things about me on Twitter. It was a really bad time for me, and I hadn’t done anything wrong. 

But I picked myself up, got the courage to apply to a job at a larger company a few hours away, and ended up moving to a bigger city. It was there that I met my now husband. 

Couple years  later (when I was first dating my now husband) he messaged me trying to make amends and said he missed me. I ignored it, and honestly it felt so good to be able to say no to him. 

I’m blessed actually, he sprung me forward and helped me more than he knows. Because if that hadn't happened, I don’t think I would have applied for that job, would not have left my hometown, and I don’t think I would have met my husband. Universe has a funny way of making things work out, in the end.


35. Lights Out

My brother was at a small party with two friends and his wife. He got tired and wanted to head home. His wife stayed behind, she gave some lame excuse and begged off going with him. It was alright, he thought. His best buddy was there and would make sure she got home safe for him.

He got in his car. Pulled out of the driveway. Before he could get on down the block he checked his rear view and noticed the room in the house they were all in had gone dark. 

He'd suspected for a time something was up with her. They had a child together. She died at the sitter. It was ruled SIDS. She had grown colder in the months after the baby died. He never really thought anything like what he was about to see was actually possible. 

It was more a deep seated feeling that something was up but she never let him in and they didn't work through the loss together. Seeing the lights out crystalised the situation for him, and he turned right around. 

The house was dark. The front door was still unlocked. He walked right in and to the only room with any light. He opened the door to find his best friend and another "acquaintance" double teaming his soon to be ex.

He hasn't really been the same since…


36. She Came Back Too Soon

I was visiting a good friend of mine to help her out for a few days since she had just had a baby. I came home, saw my husband's car was there, went in and called out a couple times, "hey babe, I'm home!  Hellooo?" - no answer, but all the lights were on, dishes on the table, etc.  Weird.  

I started down the hallway towards our bedroom, getting increasingly worried something may have happened to him, when he came bursting out of our room completely naked and went "heyyy!" as if everything was totally normal.  

For one split second I smiled, thinking he had jumped out of the shower just to greet me, or maybe he was just being goofy with this "sexy surprise." I was about to say something like "oh did you miss me that much?" when I saw her through the bedroom door behind him, naked and flushed, in our bed, holding the blanket up to cover herself.  

She was a (much younger) coworker of his that I was friends with also.  

I remember hearing my own heartbeat for a few seconds while I stood there just blinking, frozen. Then I walked back down the hallway to see what my husband had to say and ask him the obvious questions.  

He was clearly very drunk, but that wasn't out of the ordinary for him most weekends. After initially slurring something like "I thought you'd be cool with it" - WTF? - he changed tactics and had the nerve to stand naked in our kitchen and tell me "oh, you think I had intercourse with her?! No, no. I didn't sleep with her. No." 

(In case you have any doubt: Yes, yes he did.)

After that I was pretty much speechless and felt like I really needed to be anywhere else, so I left for a while.  The night didn't get any better when I came back.  

I wasn't even early. He just got drunk and forgot what day I was coming back. 

What’s sadder? I ended up giving her a ride home. Even sadder? I stayed. Kept trying to work it out for two more years.  

Take it from a sucker — cheaters don't change. 


37. Right Under His Nose

I found out my wife was cheating on me with my brother-in-law (my sister's husband - I have 5 sisters, this will be relevant later).  I found out about it from one of my sisters' husbands.  They had known about it for between 4-8 weeks and couldn't handle the guilt of keeping it from me anymore.  

As the fallout began, I pieced together most of the story which was that my wife and BIL had carried on an affair for about 4-6 months sometime after the miscarriage of our first child.  They kept it a secret for about 4 years.  

Eventually my BIL cracked and told my sister (the other cheated-on spouse).  She, for some reason, immediately circles the wagons around her philandering husband and proceeds to tell 3 of the other 4 sisters in my family about it in May 2014 in an attempt to paint my wife as the bad guy (and she was) and swears them all to secrecy.  

She claims it was because she needed their support as she processed her feelings.  Uh huh.  Then sister #5 and her husband found out about it in September-October 2014 (I still know nothing) because my bonehead BIL spilled the beans to them.  

They all sit on it for weeks.  Then, the cheated-on sister decides that she's going to tell my 89 year-old *grandpa*, and parents before she confronts my wife about it.  

Literally 2 days later (and the day that my sister was going to confront my wife about this) my grandpa kinda randomly died in the last week of November 2014.

So, all 6 of us kids (me plus five sisters), and my sisters' respective spouses all travel to the wake/funeral.  By coincidence I happen to sit directly in front of my bonehead BIL.  There's crying, there's hugging, there's "I'm sorry for your loss, brother" from this guy.  Everyone else knows what's going on, they know I don't know, and they can't believe they're seeing this guy do this to my face. 

Where it gets scary for them is they all know I conceal carry and apparently the family thought I would just shoot him if/when I found out (I wouldn't have, but I guess I can't blame them for being concerned). So my dad reads everyone the riot act before I show up and tells them that this is absolutely not going to come out during the funeral.  

So we get through the funeral and the next few days spent at my parents house are just awkward AF. Every time I walk into a room, the mood noticeably darkens. My sisters stopped talking and just stared at me, it was so weird I finally ended up leaving early, still confused as heck about what was happening.

Drive a few hours back home.  Tell my wife all about it.  She plays dumb. Then she tells me that she's pregnant (with #3).  A few days later, in December, as I'm buying my wife's Christmas presents, I get a cryptic text message from sister #5's husband tipping me off.  

It wasn't much but it was enough info for me to start my own little investigation and start wringing information from people.

And that's basically how I found out my SO was cheating on me.  


38. AWOL

We were high school sweethearts and had been together about seven years. We went to college together, worked together, basically spent 20 hours a day together. I left for the military and never got a single letter from her or heard anything about her from my mom (the only person who did write to me).  

Somewhere in the first two weeks out of thirteen, I came to the conclusion that she'd died and people were sparing me the stress while I was in boot camp.

I'm floored when I see her at graduation. She seemed cold and distant but she'd also recently gotten over a substance issue (or so I thought). I stayed with her for ten days before leaving for training instead of staying with my mom and I hardly saw her. 

She says she is working two jobs and going to school. I try to be understanding and supportive but she also didn't come home one night. We part on weird terms but she assures me she's just sad to see me go.

I'm a couple weeks into training and my family and girlfriend drive to see me. We have a really good three day visit and when they're dropping me off, I get a phone call from a good friend I'd known for years. He tells me how sorry he was. She had told him that I broke up with her when I left so I could have guilt free casual intercourse which was what I always wanted. 

He told me her sister found out we were still together from a text she had seen. He was so apologetic and I thought he was a piece of crap before but that was the behavior of a stand up guy. She denied, denied, denied. 

This was a really terrible move on my part but I pulled the texts from our shared account (back when you could do that) but I justified it because her new boyfriend had already offered to send them to me. With texts in hand, she still denied it. We both moved on and she's married to him now. 


39. A Barrel of Misfortune

I was away on navy training in Texas. My wife called me constantly and had a lot of anxiety and depression due to the separation. It was only supposed to be 3 months. 

After a month in, I got a call from my neighbor back home saying she had to call 911 on my wife because my wife tried to kill herself.  I literally went UA (left the military without being excused). The military wasn't too happy with it. But I was going crazy at that point and didn't care. 

When I got home, my wife was acting very strange. Very insecure. Always checking up on me. I recommended she should stay with her parents to kinda clear her head and we could try to take things slow and overcome her most recent attempt. 

Her parents saw we were falling apart so they sent us to Vegas and paid for everything. They did this as a sort of "getaway" and to help "rekindle the flame that was lost". 

While in Vegas, I got a call from my parents saying they wanted to talk to me and to swing by 

their place on my way home. I asked what was up but they didn't want to talk about it over the phone. 

Meanwhile, in Vegas, my wife and I got matching tattoos. Our initials on our ring finger. I thought it would help make her feel more secure and resolve her lack of trust for me if I did this to show her how much I loved her. 

Our Vegas trip ends all happy and well as I think we're going to be fine. I swing by my parents place as requested with my wife.

My parents, very calmly in front of me, told my wife they knew she was having an affair with another guy. She tried denying it before they could finish talking. They calmly told her they knew for a fact and to please not lie.

She again tried denying it. I remember that moment very well. It was as if I was under water and everything was happening very slowwww. Time just sorta slowed down.

I cut her off from talking and told her if she came clean I would try to work it out. But if she lied and what they were saying was, in fact, true, we were over. She admitted to cheating on me. 

She met a guy on Craigslist after only a week I was away for training. They met up in a Walmart parking lot in her work lunch break and had intercourse in his car. My wife went back to work and just couldn't keep the latest excapade to herself so she gossiped with her closest friend at work. 

My wife worked for my brother’s law firm. Eventually he had to lay someone off and it was the coworker my wife told that was getting the boot. My brother called in the coworker and told her she was being laid off. The coworker threw my wife under the bus to save herself from being fired. 

My brother called my parents because he didn't have the heart to tell me himself. And that's when I got the call from my parents while in Vegas. 

I gave up my dream job of being a navy corpsman for a cheater, got a tattoo on my ring finger of the initials of a cheater, and my grandfather died on my birthday the day before I found out she was cheating on me. 

My life was pretty miserable for a moment or two. 

But I did recently stay at a holiday inn express. So I've got that going for me...which is nice. 

The coworker got to keep her job. My brother had her call my ex wife while we were in Vegas and tell her she was fired. My ex wife pretended she didn't care which confused/concerned me because she was well liked. 

Tattoo was removed through laser treatment. Very expensive and painful. I still have a scar though.


40. Caught On Camera

So I have a friend we will call him Jim. Now Jim had a hippie girlfriend. She would make her own shampoo and deodorant because of the " toxins". Anyways she was always a " free spirit", which means she thought it was an open relationship when Jim had no idea she didn't want to be tied down. 

Jim and this girl were together for nearly 4 years when she decided to have a threesome in his car. One of the guys video taped it and put it up on facebook and tagged Jim in it. 

He never saw the video but I did. So I told him what she did and he freaked out. The girl said she wanted an open relationship but she never talked to Jim about it.

Now the thing is, he might have never seen the video but his family and other friends saw it. So when she said I was lying and she never cheated just kissed the other guys. 

But she'll never do it again. His dad called him and told him what happened. They ended up dating for another 5 months until she left him for another guy, and currently she is in college, and Jim is happy with another girl. 

For years Jim would call me at all hours saying how much he missed the hippie because she would just walk into his house and sleep with him. So he ended up ruining most of his relationships with other girls. But when he finally let the hippie go, she tried to stab him with a kitchen knife. 

I'm still friends with Jim but the hippie girl, she was my ex best friend. She also slept with my ex boyfriends as well. So she was never a good person. I would tell her the guy I had a crush on and she would screw it up. 

Sorry I went on a tangent but yea. This girl is a parasite.


41. The Other Guy

Things had been a little shaky as I was working a lot and felt sapped when she wanted to go be social with friends so I often stayed home.

I wanted to do something nice for her for Valentine's day so I sent her friend a text asking if there was something that she may have mentioned she would like to do. As I was waiting on that text I was in another room I saw her phone buzz with her friend's name. 

The number was below the name and since I had just sent her a text I knew they didn't match.  

There are very few times my blood has been that cold and feelings of dread. 

I called the number with my phone and it rang and rang before going to voicemail.  Needless to say it was the other guy.

I confronted her about it and she said she was waiting to leave and had a bag packed in case I found out. She had no intentions of trying to work things out so a month later she had moved out.

I made a decision then that I could be broken up and miserable or that I could choose to be happy and be open to a relationship if it was available.  I've since remarried and have two beautiful boys with my amazing wife.  


42. Mom Has A Secret

My mom had a boyfriend when my parents met, and she broke up with him to be with my dad. Fast forward ten years or so my parents are married with two kids: my older brother and me.

Anyway, she travels for work semi-often and she started taking trips to see her "friend" in Chicago. I was young enough that I don't really remember when it started, but I noticed that my dad was really irritable on these weekends. I think I was about twelve when I realized what was going on. I figured it out before my brother did. 

I used to sit at the top of the stairs and listen to my parents argue. I don't even remember if I heard something that gave it away, if it slowly dawned on me as I grew up, or if one day it just hit me. It's always just been a part of my life that my mom lies. Still is.

My dad used to beg me to not say anything to her that I knew because A) he was desperate to keep the family together and 2) my mom would get on *his* case for getting the kids involved. No joke.

One day, during the summer after I graduated high school, I came home from work to find my mom in the garage loading up her car. I asked her why she was putting blankets in her car and she got quiet for a moment and said "well... I'm moving out." I just went inside. 

Later she texted my dad that she had moved to her brother's house. That's how he found out. They were married for twenty years and she sent him a text message. I don't know if she was planning on telling me at all if I hadn't happened to come home when I did, or if she would have just disappeared. 

There have been times when she left without telling me she was going somewhere. I'd realize that I hadn't seen my mother in a few days and ask my dad where she was and he'd be like "Oh, she didn't tell you? She's in 'Montreal' for a week." Or something like that. So anything is possible. 


43. Birthday Surprise

My neighbor who is also my best friend, was cheated on. He was having his 30th birthday party and a bunch of people were over at his condo. He was intoxicated. A solid 7/10 intoxicated and spilled his beer on his shirt so he decided to change shirts. He asked me to come with him because he wanted to ask me something in private so I went with him upstairs. 

He opened his bedroom door and we saw his boss going to town with his fiancé. I will never forget the look on his face, his fiancés face and his boss’s face. The silence was broken up by “This isn’t what it looks like '' routine. 

My friend responded with “If this isn’t what it looks like why was he was so far inside you?” I stood there in amazement and was in a state of shock. His boss got dressed and I walked him out of the party. The POS even grabbed a roadie before he left. 

My friend came downstairs and immediately chugged a beer and announced “My now ex-fiancé was caught having intercourse with my boss and I walked in on them with her legs behind her head. I didn’t know she could do that. Usually she lays there like a starfish. 

Let’s get really messed up.” He was kind of a mess for a while after that. Luckily, it was his condo. He owned and paid for both cars. His fiancé just quit her job to be a housewife. Instant karma. 


44. Cheating On TV?

Early 2000s, my friend's husband was deployed to Iraq. Together, they had a 10 year old son and a happy marriage. One day, while he was deployed, I was at home when another one of our friends called and screamed, "Holy crap, turn on the news right now!" I turn it on to watch a human interest story about a fundraiser at a high school 30 miles away. 

They're doing Relay for Life or something, and as a "surprise" to one of the participants, they had her "husband" and father of her two grade school children do a video call from Iraq, and displayed it on the football jumbotron.

There on our local news is my friend's husband, telling another woman and two kids how he loves them and can't wait to get back home to them. The news eats it up, about what a great guy he is.

That night, our group of friends convened and decided how we would tell her. I was nominated, so the next day I had to sit her down and tell her what we saw. She called the news station, and they were happy to let her come in and watch the story. They were also incredibly apologetic.

Story has a somewhat ending, I'm afraid. She called him out on his BS, they started divorce proceedings, and he went on to legally marry the mother of his other kids, and mostly ignored his son from the first marriage.


45. Congratulations On Your Engagement

I met this girl who was working the late shift at a drugstore. We flirted a few times, eventually exchanged numbers, and started sleeping together. After a few weeks, she invited me to go drinking at this crappy little bar she liked in the north side of the city. So we spend the night dancing together, drinking, and talking to people she knows. 

Eventually a guy comes up to me, saying, "Great to meet you finally! Congratulations on the engagement!"

"What are you talking about?!", I replied, laughing as I choked on my drink a bit. 

 Guy gives me a quizzical look, and says, "You're here with Corrie. It's Paul, right!?"

I raised an eyebrow and pointed a thumb to my chest, stating, "Nah man, name's Kyle." We stared at each other, watching each other realize what was playing out on this fateful night.

Corrie was engaged to a guy named Paul, I was the other guy. Paul worked out of town for weeks at a time. 

It was actually interesting, how you literally could see the word travel around the small bar, drastically changing the vibe in the room. We left shortly after.

She brought me, the guy she was cheating on her fiance with, to her favorite bar. She brought me to a place full of friends that at least knew her well enough to know she was engaged to a guy named Paul, not Kyle.

Messed up stuff. Didn't see her again after that. 

According to Facebook, Paul and Corrie are currently married. 


46. Young And Naive

Walked in on my wife of 2 years in bed with her boss. I remember just kind of standing there in shock for a few minutes until she noticed me. When she saw me, I just turned around and left without saying anything. 

I don't remember much after that. I kind of blacked out for a few hours - lots of crying, begging to forgive her, etc.

Packed my things up and left the next day. 

Luckily, we didn't have any kids, mortgage, or assets, so it was a clean break. In retrospect, I should have seen the signs, but I was young and naive, I guess.


47. Broken Trust

I came home from something, walked into my room, then saw my roommate and my girlfriend were on the couch listening to music and didn't think anything of it because we were all friends and it wasn't out of the ordinary. 

Later, I found that right before I walked in they were making out and had been behind my back for weeks.


48. Completely Ignored

I didn't technically "walk in on them," but I saw her walk home with a guy in college after a party her sorority threw (I was across a large quad and would not have been able to catch up to them).

I tried calling her, and I saw her look at her phone and ignore it. 

My response was pretty immature; I texted a girl who I knew had a crush on me, and I asked her to come over. She did, and before anything happened, I began to start bawling. The girl left, I couldn't sleep, and my girlfriend and I talked the next morning. 

That was the first time of many that we broke up over the next year and a half. 

Never again.


49. Volume Up

Yeap. I wanted to marry her. I was 19 and hotheaded. Went to work and pretended I was sick to get out 2 hrs into work. I went to the market, got some food and ice cream, and rented a movie. After getting back home, the TV was loud as fudge, so I walked into the bedroom just to find my girlfriend of about 2 years on top of my neighbor, whom I helped find a job at work.

My girlfriend had the most terrified face ever. She said, "Omg, I thought you went to work... just don't do anything crazy, please... I wanted us to see other people".

I'm ashamed to say that I did beat the heck out of the guy, then dragged him out half-naked to the apartment staircase. Then I made her pack her stuff and leave. I spent the rest of the day crying. I never watched the rented movie, and to this day, I feel weird when the "Top Gun" is on TV.

Oh, and I did get that guy fired.


50. Pocket Of Secret

I was out hiking with a friend (who's a girl) and my boyfriend (at the time). She got cold, and he offered her to wear his vest. He wore that vest every day. Then he went off to gather firewood.

She stuck her hand in the pocket and grimaced. She pulled out a used (not even tied in a knot...just all slimy) condom.

But here's the kicker. He had an ex visit him a week and a half before. I wasn't worried at the time.

I dumped him not specifically for cheating but for being that nasty-ass dude who would fondle a 9-day-old used condom. 



51. Disturbed A Business

Came home after a fight and noticed a strange pair of shoes on the floor. She came running from the room and stood at the top of the stairs in a white shirt, panties, and messy hair. 

Her: I thought you weren't coming home tonight?

Me: Uhhhh, I changed my mind.

Her: Well, I invited a friend over.

I went to my friend's house.


52. Spy Mode

Fiancé when I was in college. We went to different schools, and I was supposed to visit for the weekend. I had a fight with my roommate, so I decided to leave a few hours early, and when I got to her apartment at about 7:00 am, I knocked on her door. No answer. That's weird. Her car is in the parking lot. 

At this point, I kind of knew something was amiss, so I decided to park my car across the street, where I had a clear view of her door. I sat there for a few hours watching, and no one came or went in that time.

After a few hours had passed, I went and knocked on her door again. This time, she answered. When I asked her where she had been, she told me that she had just gotten back from class, which was obviously a lie.

I had already gone through the full range of emotions while watching her door. Starting with extreme anger and eventually landing on just feeling really hurt. So, when I pushed my way inside and saw a dude in her bed, I kind of reacted like a whipped puppy.

I didn't actually break up her on the spot, which was really stupid in retrospect. She was a terrible human being, and I dealt with it for a few more months after that before I finally washed my hands off her. I am a very different person now, and my crap tolerance is very low, so I guess I have that to thank her for.

She was very attractive and very beautiful, but she was a crappy human being. I'm so glad she showed me her cards before we got married because marrying her would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

She's still single. Go figure. I'm happily married to a beautiful woman who I consider my best friend, and we have two great kids.

I win!


53. Non Apologetic

We had plans for me to come and stay at his house for the night, as we often would. He stopped responding to me for about 2 hours after complaining about how tired he was from work.

I was in possession of his phone charger, which he had left at my place the night before, so when the texts I sent him turned from blue iMessages to green text messages, I assumed his phone had died. 

Thinking he had fallen asleep after a long day at work, I decided I would stop by at 7-11, grab some of his favorite snacks, and surprise him (even though we already had plans, so it wasn't a surprise at all). 

Walked into his place (he lived with his parents, so the door was often unlocked) and headed to his room to find him full-on banging some other chick I had never seen before. The worst part is all he said was, "I shut off my phone. Why would you just show up at my house?" 

Instead of an apology or anything remotely close to taking responsibility for what was going down. I screamed a nice FUDGE YOU, slammed his door, slammed on my horn, and smashed all the snacks/soda I brought for him on the front porch. 

Jerkward didn't even reach out to me until the NEXT DAY.


54. Odd Behavior

I dated a guy for a couple of years. We were going through a bad patch, and he wanted to go out drinking by himself. It felt off, so the next morning, I paid him a surprise visit at his studio flat.

He opened the door and wasn't really making eye contact. I figured there was stuff to talk about, but I did not expect to step out of his entryway and see a half-naked chick still in his bed.

It felt like I'd been punched in the stomach when I saw her. I dumped him on the spot, but I still can't believe he just let me walk in and see her like that.


55. He Was Played

Years ago, I went over to my (then) GF's place for a scheduled D&D game. When I got there, none of her housemates were up yet, so I let myself into her room with the intention of waking her up.

She wasn't alone in her bed.

Shaking emotionless, I left the room, wrote a note that said, "I came by to play D&D. Do we need to talk?" and put it between her and him on the bed.

The next few months really sucked, especially because we (her, the dude she slept with, and myself) all worked at the same Summer stock theater company.


56. He True Colors

It was a serious blow when it happened because I was really into her. We weren't in anything ironclad, just dating. We dated for about six weeks. We went and spent the day at the beach, during which time she interrupted the sun soaking and carelessness to inform me that she really liked me. Which sent my young heart a flutter. 

My roommates and I were throwing a party that night, and I figured it was a good time for her to meet my personal friends (I met her through work friends). I was impressed with the fact that she didn't need to get ready for the party; she went with a sundress that slipped over her bathing suit. 

She looked great. Everything she does is magic... She left to go to the store with some people she knew, and I continued to man the firepit. I can't remember what I needed, but when I opened the garage door, she was bent over my roommate's POS non-working VW, getting railed by our resident womanizer. 

My reaction was to quietly close the door unnoticed and return to the party. I didn't figure out what to say until later, and they had already vacated the garage. About an hour after that, she came up to me, not knowing. I told everyone at the party, so she got the cold shoulder. She started guzzling booze, crying one minute, then angrily denying it the next. 

She passed out (on lawn furniture) and wouldn't wake up, and the cab driver wouldn't take someone who wasn't conscious. I was going to drag her inside, but one of my buddies pointed out it would be best if she stayed and fed the mosquitos. She was gone by the time I got out of bed. 

Here's the part where I tell you all how I dodged a bullet. She got fat, grabbed up some herpes, and married a jerkward.


57. All For Her

I walked in the morning after as she was recovering from the hangover. The guy had already left, but what had happened was obvious. I was supposed to help her move that day. We'd dated for 5 years. 

I threw away my credit, money, future, everything for this girl. Then I helped her move anyway. God, what a fool I was. I am so glad that's years in my past, and I'm now doing so much better.

I just asked her, "Was there another guy?" She nodded, my heart broke, and I walked outside to help her parents move her. I loved her parents too much to leave them to do it alone.


58. Unusual Number

I've never walked in on anyone yet, but most of my exes did cheat on me. And the last one to do so was a major witch.

I ended up calling her ex because she claimed she was calling her brother, but the number was on my phone plan cause she was on mine. I called the guy, told him who I was, and we had a nice chat about how "she really is."

My dumb ass still waited 3 months until I was finally completely sure she was doing it. Oh, and I knew she had cheated on me before I just forgave her. The last talk we had as a couple, she said, "If you don't trust me, we can't be together." 

I gave her a crap-eating grin and said, "Well, I sure as fudge don't trust you, so we aren't going to be together."

I had already packed up all of the things that I had at her place, so I just got the fudge out and drove back to my place 2 hours away, where I was going to college. I got there around 1 am, called my best friend, drank beers, and played Fable on Xbox.

I'll never stay with someone that cheats again. I learned the hard way.

Cheating is just stupid. Just break up with the person. Then you won't end up being a crappy person.


59. Got Warned

We had plans to go out with some friends and had these plans for weeks, in fact. So when I got out of work, I called to let him know I was picking everyone up and would be there soon. He didn't pick up, but it's no big deal. Maybe he's showering or something.

So then maybe 20-30 minutes later, the aforementioned friends and I get back, and I invite them in, and being the good hostess, start getting them settled while one friend goes to tell the boyfriend we're here.

He walked back down the hall, looked at me, and said, "You don't wanna go in there. Let's just leave." So, of course, I have to go see what the hell he's talking about.

There they were: my boyfriend and some girl, STILL MAKING OUT. Then, the girl freaking waved at me! She smiled and WAVED! So I walked around the room, grabbed everything that was in plain sight, took the dog, and informed our guests that we'd be leaving.

Left the dog at one of those friends' homes, drank a lot of cheap beer in a bathroom, and cried a lot.


60. Tried To Fit In

I went to my (ex) boyfriend's winter formal. I didn't really fit in, but I wanted to go anyway. It was a three-story cabin in the mountains. I got super drunk with other "GDI's." (God-damned independents, people not in sororities/frats). 

Then I passed out, woke up at 4 am, and saw him in the hot tub with a bunch of people, so I played a game of beer pong with a brother to wait for him to get out because I didn't feel like going in. 

Then I went back outside to where the hot tub was to tell him that I was up and saw him making out with a sorority girl, yelled, "Fudge you!" then locked myself in a bathroom and cried.


61. Witnessed Everything

Found a 3-month relationship, drunkenly making out in some dude's car. Stood and watched. She opened the door and said, "Hang on, let me go get my purse so we can get out of here." Then she got out and saw me...

I just say, "You know we're done, right?" And then she was crying and apologizing, so I drove her home and never called her again.

Honestly, it was the easiest breakup I've ever had. Usually, after a breakup, I feel bad for either them or myself, but when someone does something like that, you just sort of stop caring instantly. 


62. Other Plan

My now ex-boyfriend was working a great job and decided to pay for me and a bunch of our friends to stay in a nice cabin up at Lava Hot Springs. I was super excited, and it sounded like a ton of fun. 

My sister and her friend (along with her friend's boyfriend) weaseled their way into the trip, but we let them come. Little did I know, my ex hadn't planned out anything. We get up there, and everyone looks at me like, "Where's dinner?" I traveled to the store and picked up enough food to feed twelve people.

While downstairs making enough food for a small army, I asked if anyone had any food allergies. I walked upstairs and into the entertainment room, seeing my ex making out with my sister's friend AND her boyfriend. 

Yeah, that happened. They didn't see me since they were so wrapped up in each other. I spent the entire weekend ignoring him, and the sad part is that I don't think he even noticed.


63. Bad Reconciliation

Well, this is embarrassing, but I did sort of walk in on my then-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend as they were straightening up after... What's wrong is I didn't know it at the time. We were only just dating, and they had been in a really long-term relationship before and were still friends, so it didn't seem weird that they went to his room for a while to talk (she was crying) during a party. 

We stopped dating because there was definitely a vibe between them. Still, it wasn't until years later I found out through a mutual friend's livejournal that everyone at the party knew they were having makeup making out except me, the idiot new girlfriend. 

I was way more pissed at my so-called friends for not saying something than I was at him cheating. We hadn't actually done anything physical, and it was a pretty casual "dating" relationship, so it hadn't been a difficult break-up. He actually seemed more upset about it than I did. 

Apparently, he had some emotional crap to figure out.


64. Trust Issues

This girl had cheated on me prior, and I had ever so foolishly let her back in. I was still having trust issues, especially since this guy who really liked her was openly flirty with her. We were at a party, and they excused themselves in front of my face. 

I started having an anxiety attack, so one of my friends offered to go on a walk with me. We walked and talked, and as I approached the house, I saw my (at the time) girlfriend with the guy. They're just talking, but when he sees me, he goes inside. My friend goes in as well, so it's just us two. 

We started arguing, and she started saying I don't trust her. Things go to crap, and she storms off. I went back to the party, and the guy wasn't there. I decide to walk, a bit suspicious. I saw them turn a corner, so I ran and took a different route to give me a clear view of that street. 

I stood at the corner, watched them talk, then hugged and began to make out. I burst out, screaming, "AND YOU FREAKING WONDER WHY." She ran off, and I was heartbroken for the next few months.


65. Helping Hand Went Wrong

My ex-wife and I had a hard time prior to getting married. She was in a great deal of debt. She got hurt pretty badly, and the medical bills piled up. I worked two jobs for about 70 hours a week. She stayed at home as she was not cleared to work. 

One cold January day, I was so freaking tired that I told my boss I had to go home. He was cool and knew what I was going through. So I trudged home like a freaking zombie.

I arrived at home. I saw a car out front that I had never seen before. I decided to go inside quietly as I figured my wife was sleeping and the car must have been her sister's. I walked into our room, and she was blowing this Guy. 

I was so shocked and tired that I turned around, walked into the kitchen, retrieved my maglite, returned to my room, and proceeded to pommel the Guy into a bloody ball. My wife screamed at me that this wouldn't have happened if I had spent more time at home. 

I kicked her out, quit my second job, and lived happily ever after.