Rules You Have To Follow If You Work For The Kardashian Empire

1. No One Is Allowed To Wear Jewelry

Seeing that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have so much going on at once, it's tough to imagine what it's like to actually work for them. It must be an experience in itself to have the kind of job that means you have to devote your whole life to someone else. We've all seen The Devil Wears Prada, and we wonder if that could be a similar experience to what it's like to work for a Kardashian. The staff are held to a high standard because their bosses are wealthy and have very high expectations.

We have so many questions, what rules do they have to follow? What are Kim and Kanye really like? Here's a list of some demanding rules the Kardashian-West staff have to go by.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing jewelry during the daytime, then that probably means you could never work for the Kadashian-West clan. In 2016, Kim was robbed in Paris and a lot of her jewelry was stolen, leaving Kim shaken and disturbed. This is when the family decided that they had to change things so that no one else in their family would be attacked.

2. The Staff Is In Charge Of The Animals

Their home is closely guarded and nobody in the household is allowed to wear jewelry, this includes family and any guests that come to visit. They will even make you leave your cheap costume studs at the door.

On the show and on social media, we often see little critters running around their home. While Kim and Kanye love their pets, it's actually the staff that takes care of their fur children.

3.They Have Bizarre Requests

So, the next time you are looking at all the cute little pictures of their pets, just know Kim and Kanye are not the ones cleaning out the litter box or any of the nitty-gritty that's involved in caring for them.

When it comes to staff, almost everyone is replaceable. What kind of things do they need the staff for? Well anything from cleaning up their room, to using the staff's arm as a makeup swatch. We're not kidding!

4.The Staff Usually Has To Work Around The Clock

Kim isn't about to put makeup on her own arm to test out a color, that's what she has her assistant for. Kylie has even said about her housekeeper that, "She has the best arm for swatches. She's so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing."

The Kardashian-West clan expects their staff to be on call at all hours of the say. As dedicated as their staff is, you would think that they would get some time to themselves. However, that is not the case.

5. The Sweaters Have To Be Folded To Perfection

When it comes to Kim and Kanye, you have to be there any time they need you, even if that means showing up in the middle of the night. One assistant even said that she had to be available for one of the Kardashians extremely early in the morning. By early, we mean early.

Kim Kardashian is very particular about how her family's clothes should be put away. If you don't do it properly, there's a good chance she'll have you do it again.

6.Even If You're Not A Nanny, You'll Have To Watch Out For Their Children

One source has said that "Kim is very particular about how she wants her sweaters folded, and in one incident, a staffer didn't do it up to her standards, so Kim took one sweater out of the middle of the stack, completely messing up what was just done." Honestly, how bad could it have been?

It's not new news that if you're a nanny, you have to care for the children. But when you work for the Kardashians or the Jenners, you might have to take care of their kids, even if that doesn't fit into your job title.

7. Sometimes, They Work A Lot For Hardly Any Pay

One insider claimed that with Kourtney Kardashian's children especially, the responsibility to look after them was placed upon her assistants. The oldest sister was reportedly "always on the intercom telling them where the next mess that needs to be cleaned up is." So not only does the staff have to clean up after the kids, but they also need to watch over them.

Most staff and former staff have revealed that although the family can be demanding, they are very generous with their pay and even gift very nice presents at Christmas. However, while the American staff might be fairly compensated, it's been alleged that it's a completely different story overseas.

8.You Have Almost No Personal Freedom

It's been reported that a non-profit organization known as China Labor Watch claimed that to produce one of their branded lines, the family used a clothing manufacturer who paid it's workers in China only eight cents per garment. However, Kris Jenner has stated that she understands the factories "are well policed and meet factory standards."

If you work for the Jenners or Kardashians, you have to step back and allow them to take the reigns they crave. To make sure the empire doesn't crumble, they have to keep an eye on every detail, and rarely let anything go unnoticed. Speaking about Kourtney Kardashian, a former staff member stated that the mother pursued control of everything to the point of being a "neat freak" and overprotective.

9.You're Usually Running After Them

The staff member describes working with her, "She was always asking the babysitter what they were up to and micromanaging them. I could tell it was hard for her to let them do their jobs."

Kim loves to have an entourage as she travels around the world for her exclusive events. In return, she asks that her squad walk a few paces behind her at all times. This could be so no one can sneak up on her, or so the paparazzi can get solo shots of her.

10.Even If You're Not On Camera, You Have To Look Good

To be fair, you can't blame her for being cautious, at one Paris fashion show, a well-known prankster snuck through the crowd and embraced Kim from behind, trying to drag her down. One of her staff members claimed, "While he might have thought he was funny, it’s clear from the look on her face during the “prank” that she was terrified, as anybody would be if a stranger latched onto them."

If you're spending time with the Kardashians, there's a good chance you're going to end up on camera sooner or later. You might not be on the reality show, but you'll probably end up in a paparazzi shot or two. Former Dash Doll, Durrani confessed that if you're with the ladies, you're representing them.

11.Kardashians Come Before Your Love Life (Duh)

Other Dash Doll, Stephanie confirmed, "You need to look good, all the time." That means clothes, makeup and body. Stephanie Shepherd, Kim's formal assistant, revealed that since meeting the family, she finds herself working out more than ever.

It takes a lot of work to help the girls run their empire, and in some cases, you need to do some of the running yourself. You have to make sacrifices to make it work. When working with the Kardashians, you have to accept that sometimes, they come before your personal life.

12. You'll Get Blamed For Things-Even Things You Didn't Do

Stephanie Shepherd admitted that her love life was essentially non-existent while she was building herself up as Kim's assistant. "I didn't date anyone at all for, like, the first two years working with Kim, because there just wasn't time," she's said.

Stephanie admitted that although her job as Kim's P.A. was glamorous and extremely fun at times, it could also be extremely stressful.

13. It's Hard To Get A Job With Them In The First Place

She admitted that most of this stress came from having to accept blame and responsibility for pretty much everything, even things that were out of her control. She said, "don't forget that when you're an assistant, all of that glamour comes schlepping the bags and the suitcases and taking the fall when the car doesn't show up, or the flight is delayed or something goes wrong."

Although it's hard work being employed by the Kardashians, but the hard work starts long before then, when you're still applying for the job. According to a site, it's revealed that all DASH Store New York applicants must contact a retail casting agency in order to request an interview.

14. You Have To Stay Calm And Composed Through Major Crises

After that, you have to submit normal paperwork along with a headshot.

Craziness follows the family around, and not all of it is fun. With global fame and fortune comes packs of haters, serious threats to your safety, and dangerous situations. When you're working for the family, you can't scare off when these things happen-this is when they need you most.

15.Things Are Always Done The Kardashian Way, Even If It Doesn't Make Sense To You

Stephanie had to help pick up the pieces after Kim was robbed in Paris, though she was probably freaking out. "It was terrifying", she says, "at the time, I had to hold it together and make sure everything was getting handled, and that we could get Kim home as quickly and safely as possible." Stephanie was the one who took Kim to the airport, consoled her and flew home with her directly after the incident.

The Kardashians have their way of doing things. This means that when you're working as an assistant, nanny, chef, or housekeeper, you have to give up the methods you're used too. An insider claimed that Khloe is very particular when it comes to how her food is stored.

16. The Kids Must Wear Certain Outfits

She likes her pantry to be extremely organized and appealing, so the foods that look good always have to be displayed clearly. Former housekeeper Pam Behan claimed that Kris Jenner once had a "meltdown", because one item, broccoli, was forgotten.

Seeing as the Kardashian's are fashion icons, and most of their business involves fashion, their children are their best un-paid models. Because of this, what they wear is important to the Kardashian brand. Moreover, photos are taken all the time of the children, and last summer Kim posted a photo of North wearing a dress that caused a HUGE uproar on Instagram. People complained that it looked like a corset and that it was a very inappropriate thing for a child to wear.

17. Absolutely NO Pictures

Kim explained, "I would never put my daughter in a corset! It's a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset! Just decoration!" Imagine if you had been the nanny that dressed North that morning? You easily could have said GOOD-BYE to your job.

Seeing as we are living in a very digital age, it's hard not to take pictures of your daily life, especially if you're working long hours, nights and weekends; and ESPECIALLY if you're working for the Kardashians. But, if you are a nanny for the Kardashian clan, this is a BIG no-no. The Kardashians are extremely protective of their children's images, and rightly so.

18. Kim Tells Her Nanny Where To Stand

Any photo taken of their kids could be sold to a magazine for a ton of money, and they want to be in control of what pictures hit the media and when. Snapping a quick pic of their kids, no matter how cute and precious, could result in a job loss.

Like anyone in the Kardashians' entourage, there is a specific place for the nannies to be. It's important to be in the right spot at the right time in order to avoid getting into trouble with the family. Kim likes to tell everyone where to walk or stand when they go out.

19. You Probably Won't Be On The Show

It could be a challenge to maintain the 'V' formation Kim likes, if a nanny has to help one of the kids along the way. Imagine pushing Saint in a stroller, giving him a snack, WHILE staying in the right position??

Throughout the many seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we haven't seen any sign of nannies. In the show, the kids seem to be tended to by their parents, or their not shown at all. It's not very clear why they decided to leave the caregivers out of the reality TV show, but we're sure there's a legit reason.

Although they're not on the show, the nannies still receive a good amount of publicity, simply just by going out with the family. They just don't get the same attention they would if they were on the show as well.