You Won’t Believe These Insane Celebrity Toys

When you're one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world, you're afforded luxuries that the rest of us can only dream about. If you thought whipping around your pop's old Cadillac was rolling in style, wait until you see our list of the most expensive celebrity play toys. These are the cars, yachts, and planes that everyone wishes they could own.

Justin Bieber – Gulfstream G4

If you have a spare $65,000,000, why not drop it on you own private jet? The word is that Justin tried out a lot of other private jets before he settled on this one, which is one of the most expensive on the market of this kind. I mean, It comes with its own kitchen and theater. Sounds like an easy decision to us!

Tyler Perry – Gulfstream III

Speaking of private jets, Tyler Perry also turned his $65 million jet and turned it into a theater. It comes complete with several large screens, a stunning entertainment center, and a whole media library to choose from. The modifications must have almost doubled the price of the jet itself. Inside the Jet, he even decorated with a unique type of glass which can be controlled electronically.

Flo Rida – Gold Bugatti Veyron

VH1 gave Flo Rida a birthday to remember when they gifted him a few million to buy a new car to add to his collection. So what did he spend his money on? Well, Flo Rida needed a car to suit his personality. So of course, he bought a $2.2 million gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin – The Google Jet

In reality, this plane is a Boeing 767-200, but it’s better known as the $40 million Google Jet, owned by Google founders Larry and Sergey. This is a proper passenger jet, so it seats up to 50 people, as well as holding a lavish dining and meeting room, and 15 first class seats. And to top it off? they get to use the runways NASA uses. So no traffic for them.

Joe Johnson – Ford F650

Considering Joe Johnson is one of the biggest names in the NBA, it’s no surprise that he hasn’t to also have one of the biggest cars on the road. This thing is a beast! Johnson originally bought this Ford F650 truck as a normal $200,000 F650 and has since spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to customize it to his tastes.

Nicolas Cage – Sarita

Unfortunately this celeb is practically broke nowadays. After seeing these boats, we understand why. That's right, BOATS. He managed to buy 4 of these.

Beyonce – 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible

Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple, and they definitely aren’t short of a few dollars. So, Beyonce’s hubby wanted to splash the cash for her 25th birthday and bought her a classic 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible. With plush leather seats, a classic paint job and a 6.2-liter engine, it’s well worth the $1 million price tag. This Rolls is a timeless work of art.

John Travolta – Boeing 707

Did you know that John Travolta is an honorary pilot for Qantas, the Australian Airline? He has his pilot’s license, and owns seven planes himself. His house has its own Jet hanger and runway. Wonder how many noise complaints he gets...

Steven Spielberg – Seven Seas

Steven Spielberg has both a private jet and a private yacht, and one of the most expensive in the world, at that. His yacht, the Seven Seas is estimated at $200 million, and was built in 2010. This behemoth has a pool, a gym, and lodging for 40 people.

J.R Smith – Gurkha F5

Some celebs just love to collect rare and unique cars, and J.R Smith is one of those celebs. Within his ridiculous collection of cars (which includes a Mustang Shelby GT500, Ferrari 458 and much more) is the $450,000 Gurkha F5. This massive armored truck is only used by the police and the military, yet he managed to scoop one up pretty cheap.

Harrison Ford – Cessna 680 Sovereign

While the Cessna might be one of Harrison Ford’s most impressive looking planes, it’s by no means his only one. In fact, he has been a pilot himself for many years, and in love with aviation for even longer. His whole collection is estimated at around $28 million, and includes a Bell 407 helicopter, a DHC-2 Beaver, a Cessna 182, an Aviat A-1B Husky, as well as a Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza and a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.

Donald Trump – Boeing 757

Donald Trump is no stranger to private jets, and had his Boeing 727-23 for 20 years. But more recently, he has upgraded to a customized Boeing 757 which is worth well over the $100 million mark. It can hold an incredible 43 passengers, and has its own master bedroom and guest room. The logo is actually painted with 23 carat gold.

Jay Z – Bombardier Challenger 850

It’s almost an apartment in the sky, complete with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. They use it for flying around the world on tour, and probably for the odd family getaway too.

Paris Hilton – Custom Bentley GT

This $285,000 Bentley GT Continental is a firm favorite for any car enthusiast, but hers is a little different. She took her wheels to the famous West Coast Customs shop to pimp her little sportscar into a little pink sportscar.

Jim Carrey – Gulfstream V

His jet seats up to 16 passengers as well as 2 crew members, and he goes up as often as he can. When he isn’t using it, he’s clawing back some of that money by renting it out to others, for the bargain price of just $8,000 per hour.

Taylor Swift – Dassault Falcon 900

She actually has 2. One for business, and a smaller one for her and her friends' personal use.

Steven Tyler – Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder features an incredible twin-turbo V8 engine so we can’t imagine his neighbors are too happy about the fact he tears down the street at 270 mph, but if you’ve spent $1.1 million on a car, you probably don’t care.

Beyonce – Galactica Star

Remember Jay Z’s gorgeous private jet, a gift from his wife? Well it looks like he is just as generous with her, buying her this stunning boat after she enjoyed the rental so much. At $70 million, this has to be one of the priciest birthday gifts on the list.

Angelina Jolie – Cirrus SR22

Angelina recently got her own license as a pilot, and has her own plane, too, a Cirrus SR22 which is estimated to be worth about $650,000. The Hollywood actress has a large family, with six kids, so this five seater plane isn’t going to take them on a family holiday any time soon, but it must be great for getting from A to B.

Gisele and Tom Brady – Gulfstream G-550

In fairness, this family does do a LOT of travelling, from Super model Gisele Buchen’s family home in Sau Paulo, to Tom Brady’s work as one of the most popular New England Patriots in Boston and her own work in Paris. Maybe it seemed sensible to buy this $50 million jet to avoid the TSA? The plane is made just for the family, so the rest of Brady’s entourage need to fly commercial.

Rupert Murdoch –G650