A Shocking Discovery Reveals How a Home Renovation Ended up in the Hands of the FBI

A Shocking Discovery Reveals How a Home Renovation Ended up in the Hands of the FBI

After living in their new Cleveland home for a couple years, a 35-year-old handyman and his wife made the decision to take on remodeling the house themselves, focusing first on the basement followed by the first and second floors. 

After finding mysterious inscriptions written on the walls, they were a little hesitant as to what they may find as they continued on with the rest of their home. But there was no way to prepare themselves for what they were about to find...

A Houseful Of Clues

The basement was full of surprises from the get-go. 

The owner of the house was shocked as he peeled back the walls to discover some mysterious drawings, but this was just the beginning.

Why So Heavy?

As he waited for his wife to come home from work, he moved the suitcase outside to get a better look at it. He was so intrigued, that he documented the whole process to share on social media. 

The homeowner noticed that the small case seemed extremely heavy for its size, and he started to think of all the possible items he'd find inside. 

What Could It Be?

The couple sat in the garden to open the suitcase together. They went back and forth about what could be inside: Would it be cash? Cards? Recipes? 

They set their expectations low though, believing that some old sports cards would be the luckiest they would get. Boy, were they wrong...

What's The Significance?

It was obvious just by looking at the suitcase and the style of the money, that it was old. But where was it from? How long had this money been tucked away? Luckily, they found a clue that gave them some insight to exactly how long this mystery suitcase had been hidden. 

At the bottom of the suitcase, they opened up a an old newspaper, dated back to March 25, 1951, meaning that this fortune had been hiding for over 65 years! So how much more value did these older bills now have? 

Finally Something Good

They continued to dig around in the suitcase, and finally got to the good stuff. 

The anticipation built as the homeowners lay three promising packages on the table.


As they took the wrapping off of the stacks, they saw that they had hit the jackpot with their find. Stacks of $20 bills and higher were there. 

They thought they got lucky, but they will soon come to rethink that conclusion. 

Rare 50's

The second package didn’t have any twenties… even better, it had a stack of rare fifties! Now, moving on to the third and final package, they were in total disbelief. 

The final package was full of hundred dollar bills, doesn't get much better than that right? It gets better.

The Grand Total

The suitcase was filled with treasure for all intents and purposes, but where did it all come from?

The rare bills, newspaper article cutout and hidden location were all very suspicious. 

It Get's Better

After a week of celebration and lawyers, it was time for the couple to return to their normal lives. The DIY husband was back in action, and determined to finish the renovations. 

He was astounded when a second suitcase was waiting for him tucked away in the corner of the ceiling.

Even Heavier Than The First

The renovator was alone once again when he discovered the second suitcase. How had he missed it the first time? 

Overjoyed with excitement, he decided to wait for his wife to get home so they could uncover the mystery together, this time with a better gauge of what they'd find inside. 

More Money

The moment she walked through the door, they burst open the second suitcase. 

Just like the first, it was loaded with thick wads of cash. The grand total the second time around was mind-blowing.

An Even Grander Total

The couple were thrilled to discover that the second suitcase had been hidden so well for a good reason — it contained $45,000! And yet again, the couple was in shock with their luck, but ultimately decided to put the money toward their new home and renovations. 

Little did they know, the little fortunes they had recently found concealed in their basement’s ceiling, was just the start of the strange and mysterious items they would discover in their new home. 

A Secret Door

Once the excitement of the money-filled suitcases had subsided, they returned back to finish the house. 

After everything that had happened it lead them to wonder about the strange door on the second floor. When they opened the door, it led to a chilling secret crawlspace. 

What the?

They noticed the door when they first moved in, but didn't think much of it, believing what the realtor had said: It was just an area storing a hot water heater. 

When they crawled through the space, they realized they had been terribly fooled.

Another Secret Door

This time he told his wife to wait, worried about what he might uncover. 

His mind started to race… as he considered what could possibly be behind that door.

Locked Out

Finding the safe was one thing, but getting it open was a totally different game. 

He was also very nervous as to what he would find behind the safe's door, so far everything has been such an incredible whirlwind. 


One bizarre thing he noticed while in the secret room was that the walls, floor, and ceiling were covered in white soundproofing and plastic tarp.

That lead him to think that this previous homeowner was committing a crime that he didn't want people to hear what he was doing up there.

And Yet Another Discovery

There was another suitcase near the safe where the crawlspace met the door. The soundproofing was enough to make him very nervous and see this suitcase unlike the others. 

The more he was going through his house the more eerie it all started getting. Something was so wrong. 

Hidden Treasures

Whoever owned this briefcase had stored every valuable thing they owned in it. 

The items featured: An ancient wooden box, envelopes packed full of money from different countries, watches, rings, a jewelry box and 4 1 oz silver ingots. Why was all this stuff hidden, and from whom?

The Eerie Safe

As unbelievable as it sounds, and as much as he didn't want to believe it, there was yet another safe to open. 

This scavenger hunt that he never meant to go on was beginning to get a lot more unnerving. But it gets worse... 

The Terrifying Warning

This note is enough to scare anyone half to death who comes across it. 

A mortifying note, that looked like it was straight out of a horror movie read: “Save yourself”, it said. But from what?

The Tapes

The safe revealed tapes, lots and lots of tapes. What was on there was undoubtedly terrifying for the average person. 

He took the photos of the contents and shut the safe top. He didn't think that he could stomach what was on those tapes... 

Enough Is Enough

He ran out of the room, and tried to forget about the horrific discovering he had found in his beloved new home. 

Days passed before he watched the tape, finally finding out the unthinkable truth about his home’s previous owners.