50 Moms Post Photos With Their Daughters And People Can Barely Tell Them Apart

Daughters don't always take after their mothers when it comes to their looks. However, these girls seriously took after mom and these proud moms are taking all of the selfies to make sure the world sees how similar they look. Some moms are super proud of looking just as young as their little girls. 

To the internet, this is totally freaky. There are moms here you can't tell apart from their daughters. In that gene pool, the daughter should be super happy that her mom looks like that. Some of these moms look even better than their younger versions, but shhhhh don't tell the daughter that! 

Seriously now, which one's the mom? We're pretty sure the one in the middle is one of the daughters but which one of the end is the mom? 

Can you tell? Either way these three look like triplets. Talk about a winning gene pool. 

Who looks better? We're not only not sure who is the mother and who is the daughter, but these two could melt the heart of any man with their stunning looks. 

It doesn't take a genius to see that these two are related, but whoever the mom is should be proud that we're not sure which of these two she is. 

Celebrities have lookalike mom and daughter duos too! Demi Moore and Rumor Willis twinned like crazy in this photo. Demi has always had an incredible body, but her face is also deceiving. 

Put them both in their long hair and glasses and you can't tell them apart almost! That is a very enviable accomplishment. 

This mother and daughter duo know just how good they look and they're getting a photoshoot done just to prove that point. We agree, they're really beautiful, but the question still remains, which one's which?

The sultry look in their eye is matching in a way that only shared DNA can provide. These two are working that camera like their best friend. 

How adorable are these three?! Mom is somewhere in this photo, we suspect it's the woman in the middle only because the girls on the side look like identical twins and probably are. 

Mom here is still as petite as her girls and looks like she is better off as their friend more so than their mom in this photo. 

These two are clearly getting ready for someone's wedding and getting all dolled up, but which one is the mother and which one is the daughter?

The have the same blonde wavy do and sweet smile, how are we ever going to tell which is which?

Red curly hair and practically the same face makes these two hard to tell apart! This momma was proud to have this photo shared with the world since her daughter looks to be going into college. 

Mom is only easier to tell apart because of the shorter hair, but despite it all they could be sisters! 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We've got the same hairdo, lipstick color, outfits, and smiles. Mom is on the right, we think?

Just because of the fact that the daughter seems to have a steadier time with the camera for this sweet selfie! 

Moms and their girls, is there a better connection? These two look as thick as thieves for this photo opportunity. 

No one can ever ask these two if they are related or not, it's a total given. Mom looks very happy to be compared to her daughter all the time. 

Are they friends or are they mother and daughter? Really now, other than the one on the right being a little bit more tan than the other, there is no age difference between the two. 

One can only hope that they get asked every day if that is her friend and not her daughter. 

This had to be matching day or something of that nature. This mom and daughter did it up with the same glasses, string of pearl necklace, dress, and well, face. 

They meant to match in everything else but their face they just couldn't help! 

Mom over here was busy bringing four girls into the world, but here is the million dollar question - can you spot who mom is in this photo? We sure had trouble. 

You would think that having four girls would age you, but not for this mom. It may be the woman all the way to the right, but we're still not sure.

It's every mothers dream that her daughter continue to be nice and close to her as she goes through puberty. As many of us know, once 13 hits, girls can tend to get a bit touchy. 

This mother and daughter duo are closer than ever it seems, so close that we can't tell which is which. 

They have sass and attitude, and are looking like they are best friends. There's no way these two are mother and daughter, is there?

The cute look to the camera is a matching one so there's a lot of similarities there for sure. Which one would you say is mom?

Mom had an influence on her daughter in this relationship. They're both wearing the same lipstick and have the same kind of look going. 

The one in the front seems to us like mom, but talk about looking like you're not old enough to have a daughter like the lady behind her! 

Strike a pose! These two are impressive as can be. The dark lip, long hair, and confidence stance and you've got yourself two models ready to go. 

They seem close and there for each other, which is good if one of them really is going into modeling. It's a ruthless world out there. 

You know how there's the game Where's Waldo? Well, we are now playing the game - Where's Mom? 

Can you find mom in this family photo? Because we aren't sure who is who. There's one adult and five kids here, no one looks old enough to have had them!

Lori Loughlin may have been in the news because of the college scandal, but her and daughter Sophia are still so similar that they had to be here! 

Sophia definitely got her mom's beauty, she looks just like her! The former Full House actress made a mini carbon copy of herself. 

Talk about a mini carbon copy, Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Eva are twins. Eva looks exactly like her mom did when she was younger, and very similar to what she looks like today since Reese doesn't seem to age either. 

Time will only make these two look more and more similar, it's very cool to see.