10 Most Adorable Puppy Gifs That Will Surely Make Your Day!

Waving Pup

The cutest thing in the world...waving to a pup and they know how to wave back?! Absolutely a make-your-day moment. Bravo to the owner of that good boy too. Either this pup is brilliantly gifted or the two of them have worked really hard to get these human-like interactions down.

Come Here Wiper!

Nothing is more confusing than being on the wrong side of a windshield and not being able to catch that wiper. It's like the mystery of the tail. It's just so close, yet a million miles away. Anyway, it's definitely one of the cutest things in the world to see a pup try to figure out windows and mirrors.

Mom Playing With Her Kids

We can't think of too many more precious moments than a mommy playing with her puppies. It's either that or she's just trying to let them all know she's in no mood to be chomped on by all those sharp puppy teeth right now and she needs to kick her feet up and take a snooze. Pups will do what pups will do, take their momma down and get what they want. Kids are tough... Form A Line!

Take a look at these piles of fluff waddling their little puppy bodies on over in line-formation to get their dinners! It's good to know you can rely on your brothers and sisters to help guide you where you want to go.

Praying Pup

We just can't get over how cute this little guy is holding his paws together. Can't tell if he's holding something between them or if he's just praying...well we like to think he's just praying...but either way it's beyond adorable!

He Loves His Banana

Then, there's this little guy and his larger than life snack. Okay, it's just a banana but how could we possibly not let a pupper munching on a banana the same size as him make this list? Come on, just look at him...heart-melting.

Ducky Pajamas

Okay, this is probably one of the cutest things in the world. It may have been slightly torturous for the pup to be stuck in ducky slippers and pajamas, but for our eyes, nothing could be better. He's all ready for bedtime and snuggles, covered in ducks...what could beat that?

Loving A Shower

Our dogs typically don't like showers all too much, but this good boy loves a good spray down. Every time the hose is moved, he runs right toward it and needs that shower almost as much as his dinner!

Sleepy Brother

You just can't beat this level of cuteness. Let's dive in here...we have a pup passed out in his dinner bowl from over-eating. Then we take a peak to the left and we see his twin sister is getting a drink. And as cute as she is, it's even better that her ears are all wrapped up. Possibly the cutest pup gif out there.

 He's Obsessed With His Baby

This one will always take the cake. Here we have a golden retriever that's about a year old, and he's still so obsessed with a stuffed puppy that he's holding it up in the air and playing with it on his back. The level of cuteness is just overwhelming!