These Are Some of The Strangest Amusement Parks and Attractions in the World

These Are Some of The Strangest Amusement Parks and Attractions in the World

Tired of the Magic Kingdom? Rode every ride at Universal Studios? Maybe it's time to take a trip off the beaten path and explore some unique theme parks around the world. From North America to Mexico to Denmark, there's a little bit of mystery and intrigue out there. Here are 5 of the weirdest and strangest theme parks you'll find on the globe.

Weeki Wachee Springs- Florida

One of the more unique parks in Florida has its own particular kind of magic, and it’s not the Mouse kind. Weeki Wachee Springs is one of the original old Florida attractions. It features more than 117 million gallons of water flowing from subterranean caverns daily, making it ideal for swimming and kayaking, plus waterslides. The park offers the typical attractions of a waterpark including water slides, but it also has something you won't see at Disney World or Six Flags: mermaids! The park debuted its mermaid shows in 1947 and they're still running today. Weeki Wachee Springs features a 400-seat theater embedded into the side of the springs 16 feet below the surface, offering guests an underwater view of its swimming beauties. Professional mermaids, complete with tail, perform for guests with lifts, props, music, and fancy moves. With a system of underwater air hoses to help the performers stay under for long periods of time, these gorgeous actresses put on an amazing show.

Parque EcoAlberto- Cajon, Mexico

On the surface, Parque EcoAlberto appears to be like any outdoor nature area complete with kayaking, ziplines, and hiking trails. But this is no normal hiking trail. Parque EcoAlberto features an immersive night hike simulating what it’s like to try and cross the Mexico and American border. There’s no actual border participants are crossing and no laws are being broken. But with dogs seeking guests, actors in border control uniforms, and the guides showing guests the best hiding spots out in the open, it can be a terrifying experience. And that's the point. This park is run by the local Native American community to show how truly devastating and dangerous the journey can be, especially to surrounding communities.

Diggerland- United Kingdom and New Jersey

Diggerland is for the kid in us. Remember staring at large construction equipment and wanting to see what it would be like to operate heavy machinery? You can now! Diggerland is for all ages, and is a construction-themed park. The park originated in the United Kingdom but has now expanded to West Berlin, New Jersey. So now's your chance to ride diggers, dumpers, and other great gear. Attractions at Diggerland USA include a water park as well plus Diggerland XLwhich is just for adults with options for teams, parties, and other events.

Ai Pioppi Playground- Italy

What happens when a restaurant owner in Italy takes up a welding hobby? He makes a theme park, of course! The Ai Pioppi Playground is a homemade amusement park built by Bruno Ferrin. All the attractions are self-powered (meaning no electricity) including the “Bicycle of Death.” Half of the thrill is wondering if the ride will collapse on you. If you eat at the restaurant, it’s free to enter the park. You'll find the park hidden in the forests of Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy.


BonBon Land actually started as a candy shop created by confectioner Michael Spangsberg. Spansberg created candy with whimsical names such as Möwendroppings and factory visits were popular with children who loved the candies gross names like Dog Farts and Ear Wax. He eventually opened BonBon Land outside Copenhadgen and it attracts nearly 50,000 visitors every year. Among its most popular rides is a family coaster called Hundeprutterutchebane. Guests are taken on this flatulence-themed coaster where they whiz (pun intended) by a statue of a defecating dog, bones, and dog feces, all the while hearing the sounds of flatulence emitting from speakers. It's no wonder this park is so popular with adults and children alike. . .