Your Favorite Men Of Hollywood: Then & Now

Robert Redford – Then

Older actors are like fine wine, the more they age, the better they get, and we couldn’t be happier. The biggest names in Hollywood don’t just fade away; they just get better. Ever wonder where your favorite film stars are now?

Remember watching Zulu, Chaplin, and A Clockwork Orange? We found 40 of the best looking senior stars and couldn’t resist sharing some nostalgic images with you. If you need a quick pick me up, take a gander at these remarkable men.

This firey redhead began his acting career in the late 60’s when he was already in his early thirties. Redford made his film debut in the movie War Hunt and his role in Inside Daisy Clover was what eventually won him his first Golden Globe for Best New Star.

Robert Redford – Now

Redford easily transitioned from acting to directing in Hollywood, and his first feature film as a director was Ordinary People. The movie won praise from both the critics and public and went on to win four Oscars.

At 80 years old, Redford is still blessed with his all-American good looks and an easy manner that makes him popular with critics and fans alike.

Paul Newman – Then

Dubbed one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine in 2014, he is credited with being the “Godfather of Independent Film.” Using proceeds from various film roles, Redford purchased a plot of land outside of Park City Utah and renamed it “Sundance”, later founding the Sundance Institute for independent cinema.

Legendary film star Paul Newman is considered to be one of the greatest Hollywood actors in history. His stunning looks, icy blue eyes, and amazing acting abilities have made him an undisputed heartthrob. At 25 years old, Newman had been kicked out of college and joined the Navy during WWII.

Paul Newman – Now

After the war, he attended Yale University’s school of Drama and the rest is how they say history. He is best known for his work on the films The Color of Money, The Hustler and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Newman was married twice and his second wife, Joanne Woodward, is credited as being the love of his life. Woodward and Newman were married 50 years, making them the longest Hollywood couple and a true success story! Throughout his career, Newman won three Oscars, six Golden Globes, and one Emmy Award.

Al Pacino – Then

The 1960’s officially launched him into superstardom and he dabbled in various businesses, including his own line of salad dressings. He passed away in 2008 after a brave fight with Lung Cancer surrounded by his wife and surviving children, he was 83 years old.  

Alfred James Pacino launched his acting career over 50 years ago and has received accolades ever since. Born to Italian-American Parents in the Bronx, Pacino is known for tough guy roles. This well-known actor began his career while studying at The Actors Studio, although his early work was not financially rewarding.

Al Pacino – Now

After budding success as a stage actor, Pacino made his movie debut in 1969 in the movie Me, Natalie. Shortly after, his career took off when he landed the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather.  

Pacino remains a film icon till this very day and has no intention of retiring anytime soon. His specific method style of acting and formidable screen presence have made him an undisputed Hollywood icon. The early 2000’s saw him take on more adventurous a boundary-pushing television roles including Angels in America and Jack Kevorkian in a made for TV movie entitled You Don’t Know Jack.

Idris Elba – Then

You can catch him in his current films Misconduct and Hangman or on stage directing Shakespeare.  

Idris Elba is an English actor who is best known for his work playing Russell “Stringer” Bell, the drug lord, on the HBO series The Wire. He also portrays Detective John Luther on the series on BBC One Luther. Elba gained prominence for his role as Nelson Mandela in the biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Idris Elba – Now

Elba has been nominated for and won several prominent awards, which include four Golden Globe nominations as well as five Primetime Emmy Award nominations. He has won one Golden Globe Award.

Elba has also appeared in many feature length films. These include 2007’s American Gangster, 2010’s Takers, 2011’s Thor, 2012’s Prometheus, 2013’s Pacific Rim, sequel Thor: The Dark World, 2015’s Beasts of No Nation, for which he earned a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and also starred in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

Robert De Niro – Then

In addition to acting, Elba has also dabbled in music, and has performed under the name DJ Big Driis and performed as a hip hop soul musician as well.  

Are you talking to me? Robert De Niro is thought to be one of the greatest actors of our time. Trained at the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York City and born in Greenwich Village, Bobby is known as much an ambassador for NYC as he is as an actor.

Robert De Niro – Now

He gained worldwide recognition for his portrayal of Jack LaMotta in the boxing movie Raging Bull. He also earned nominations for his roles in psychological thrillers Taxi Driver and Cape Fear.  

Robert DeNiro has maintained his place as Hollywood royalty and is also an outspoken man on several political and global issues. He continues to land major film roles like the movies The Good Shepherd and A Bronx Tale. Not often advertised, but Robert is a bit of a jokester!

James Caan – Then

He is reprising his comedic tough guy role in the latest installment of the Meet The Fockers Franchise with Ben Stiller later this year. De Niro heads his production company, Tribeca Film Center, and is heavily involved with the Tribeca Film Festival.

This masculine and enigmatic stud, whose life and movie career had more ups and downs than a roller coaster, is truly one of a kind. Born to German-Jewish immigrant parents and raised in the Bronx, Jimmy was a gifted athlete and was even a regular on the rodeo circuit.

James Caan – Now

He studied acting with acting coach Wynn Handman and appeared in several off-broadway productions. He made his screen debut as a sailor in Irma La Douce in 1963 and then followed it up with a part in Red line 7000.

The demand for James’s talent is still incredibly high, and over the past few years, he is making himself known to a new generation of fans. Perhaps best known for his role in The Godfather as gangster Sonny Corleone, he’s no stranger to tough guy roles. The late 70’s weren’t as successful for Caan, and his next big hit wasn’t until 1990 in the film Misery.

Michael Caine – Then

Demand for his acting abilities has increased in recent years with the release of the popular films The Yards, City of Ghosts and Dogville.  

Born Maurice Micklewhite, Sir Michael Caine is not only an actor but an author. Known for his distinctive cockney accent, Caine was a war veteran with a series of working-class jobs before becoming an actor. Caine’s big break came in the film Zulu, the epic retelling of a historic 19th century battle in South Africa.

Michael Caine – Now

After this he had a string of high action heist films like The Ipcress File ( 1965) and The Italian Job (1969). He received his first Academy Award nomination in 1966 for his role in Alfie.  

Caine holds the distinct honor of being one of only two actors to ever be nominated for an Academy Award every decade from the 1960s to 2000s. The other actor is the equally talented Jack Nicholson. In 2000, Caine was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his contribution to the world of cinema.

John Travolta – Then

Over the course of his career, he has worked in more than 100 television dramas and appeared in over 115 films. Truly an icon of the film world!    

This successful actor, with his killer dance moves and dashing good looks, gained recognition back in the 70s after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter and later in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease. He started acting after his mother enrolled him in a drama school where he studied acting, dance and voice. His first professional role was in a summer stock production of Bye Bye Birdie.

John Travolta – Now

Travolta had a few career slumps but his role in the Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction relaunched his star.    

Travolta has received a total of six award nominations over the course of his prolific acting career but only won his first award in 2014. John was rewarded with his sixth Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of Edna Turnblad in the musical Hairspray. Travolta is currently working on a film called The Life And Death of John Gotti and is heavily involved in his charity, The Jett Travolta Foundation with wife Kelly Preston.

Denzel Washington – Then

John is an accomplished pilot and currently holds a total of 11 jet licenses.  

Denzel Washington first became a prominent actor when he appeared in several critically-acclaimed films beginning in the 1980’s and his fame and success have only grown until now. He portrayed several historical figures such as Steve Biko, a South African anti-apartheid activist, in the film Cry Freedom, and human rights activist Malcolm X in the film Malcolm X. He also portrayed Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in The Hurricane, football coach Herman Boone in Remember the Titans, and Melvin B.

Denzel Washington -Now

Tolson in The Great Debaters.  

Denzel Washington has been nominated for many awards for his work throughout the years. These include two Academy Awards, one for Best Supporting Actor in the war drama Glory, and another for Best Actor in crime thriller Training Day. He has also garnered three Golden Globe Awards and a Tony Award.

Malcolm McDowell- Then

His later work includes playing druglord Frank Lucas in American Gangster and his directorial debut was for the film Antwon Fisher. He also directed the films The Great Debaters and Fences.  

Born in 1943 to working class parents in Leeds, McDowell’s early years weren’t amazing and fraught with familial issues. He attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and landed his first big screen role in 1967 in the feature, Poor Cow. The role that really changed McDowell’s life came in 1971 when he played Alex DeLarge in the controversial film A Clockwork Orange.

Malcolm McDowell – Now

In the mid-1980’s years of alcohol and drug abuse took their toll on Malcolm and roles became hard to come by.  

Now, most people recognize McDowell for his portrayal of bad guys and villainous roles. His career has spanned over 50 years and many controversial roles. In recent years he’s had some success as a television actor and landed recurring roles on Entourage, Heroes, and The Mentalist.

Anthony Hopkins – Then

Malcolm has lent his voice to several documentaries as a narrator as well as cartoon series like Phineas and Ferb. With a very distinguished face and recognizable voice, McDowell is the host of Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories a series of radio dramas with horror, sci-fi, and dark themes.

Anthony Hopkins is a Welsh actor of film, stage, and television who studied at the College of Music and Drama. His talent was apparent from the beginning and in 1965 he was invited by Laurence Olivier to join the National Theatre in London. 1977 was a big year in Hopkins career, his roles in the films A Bridge Too Far and Maximilian Schell broadcasted his name around the world.

Anthony Hopkins – Now

His chilling portrayal of Dr. Hannibal the Cannibal Lector scared us all and snagged him the Oscar award for Best Actor in 1991.

The variety of film roles and dedication Hopkins exhibits in each part he plays is remarkable. In 1993, he was honored with Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the arts and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. Although Hopkins has never really left film, he happily surprised fans with his return to television in the HBO hit, WestWorld.

Paul Rudd – Then

Hopkins’ unique style of acting has made him famous but at times difficult to direct. He swears that once he delivers lines, they are gone from his mind, making it difficult to do more takes.

Paul Rudd first began his acting career when he landed a role in the NBC drama Sisters. He later starred in the films The Cider House Rules and gained much recognition for his role in 1995’s Clueless.

Paul Rudd – Now

Rudd then starred in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Wet Hot American Summer, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked-Up, Role Models, Dinner for Schmucks, Our Idiot Brother, Wanderlust, This Is 40, and also starred in Captain America: Civil War.  

Although it seems as though Paul Rudd has starred in nearly every blockbuster comedy film of recent times and that he has barely aged at all, he somehow also found time to star in many TV shows as well. His best known television role is as Mike Hannigan on NBC’s hit sitcom Friends.

Donald Sutherland – Then

He also starred in guest roles on Parks and Recreation, Tim and Eric, and Saturday Night Live. In July 2015, Rudd was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland has appeared in over 200 films over the span of his six-decade career. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Sutherland was a radio DJ before becoming an actor and even considered becoming an engineer. His first roles were bit parts in minor films and television shows.

Donald Sutherland – Now

Sutherland’s big break came when he was cast in a minor role in the war film, The Dirty Dozen (1967) followed closely by a role in a war comedy MASH (1970). His towering height and electric blue eyes kept him in the forefront of casting calls to be sure!  

Now in his 80s, Sutherland continues to act in film and television and is also an outspoken political activist. His son, Kiefer Sutherland, is also a popular and well-received actor. Donald has provided voice-overs for both Eurovision and the Olympic games and lent his voice to a series of inspirational Canadian commercials leading up to the Olympic games.

Kurt Russell – Then

In 2000, he was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame. Little known fact, Donald is a political blogger for the Huffington Post and publicly supported former president Barack Obama.  

Russell started as a child actor on the television series, The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1963). He quickly followed the role with his portrayal of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, in a film adaptation of the singer’s life.

Kurt Russell – Now

Russell was signed to a ten-year contract by Walt Disney himself and provided voices for animated movies as well as starring in live action productions. As his career developed, Russell garnered fame for his iconic role in the sci-fi action film Escape from New York and the horror movie The Thing.

Today at 65 years old, Russell is still acting and most recently starred in the Tarantino film The Hateful Eight. He will appear in the fantasy comedy movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in late 2017 and The Fate of the Furious.

Clint Eastwood – Then

Kurt and long-time partner, actress Goldie Hawn, reside in Vancouver, Canada where their youngest son Wyatt plays hockey. Aside from acting, Russell is an avid hunter and gun enthusiast and strongly supports the Second Amendment.

Eastwood grew up in an average middle-class family in San Francisco and dropped out of community college to pursue his acting dreams. Clint made a name for himself after starring in a series of Spaghetti Western films. His name has become synonymous with macho characters and tight-lipped gunslingers.

Clint Eastwood – Now

1971 was easily the best year of his career and helped launch his acting career. He starred in the movie Dirty Harry where he played a “loose cannon”.

Eastwood has contributed to over 50 films throughout his acting career. Although an accomplished actor, Eastwood’s real recognition came from his foray into directing. His film, Unforgiven (1992) earned him his first Oscar nod and win for Best Director.

His directorial hits include Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Changeling which starred Angelina Jolie. The hit Gran Torino (2008) proved that Clint can still appeal to audiences in front of the camera as well as behind it. Eastwood reportedly has at least 8 children with 6 different married but keeps his personal life pretty hush-hush.