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You Wouldn’t Believe What Octomom Looks Like Now

Conceiving and carrying eight children at once is not only difficult, but extremely uncommon. However, Nadya Suleman, also known to the world as Octomom, did just that. Nadya’s story came to light in January 2009 and the world could just not get enough of this incredible tale. Her pregnancy was a record-breaking one but it was more than the statistics that made people stare incredulously at Nadya. 

There were many, and still are those who criticize Nadya for having as many children as she did considering their well being and trying to understand why a woman would choose to have so many children at once. Despite it all, however, Nadya did not listen to the negative criticism and proceeded with making her life and the life of her children as best as it could be. From 2009 to 2019, we look back at where Nadya and her children started and where they are at today, the transformation of this entire family is incredible to watch. 

Nadya always knew that she wanted a large family. She was raised as the only child to a Lithuanian mother and an Iraqi father. Nadya had said that it was then that she felt very much alone and lacking emotional connection to other people. 

This is the root of her desire to have many children so that they will have siblings and never feel alone like she did. Nadya had no idea that her desire for a large family would lead to the dramatic events that would change her life. 

Nadya always knew that being a mother is what she was destined to do and be. As soon as she graduated from her Southern California high school, she started on path towards being a single mother. 

While she also wanted to go to college, the call to motherhood was far stronger for her. Nadya would end up getting what she wants, and then some, it would be this journey that would make the world scratch its head. 

During Nadya’s early twenties, she met and fell in love with a produce manager called Marcos Gutierrez. The two had an immediate connection that was far more than a friendship, it was a deep and authentic love. 

Nadya told Marcos from the very beginning that she wants to have many children. He too said he wanted children and all seemed positive. Sadly, Nadya had no idea that there would not be a way for her and Marcos to have kids. 

The year that Marcos and Nadya married, she received her license as a psychiatric technician. She started working at the Metropolitan State Hospital’s psychiatric facility. 

She found the job very rewarding as she wanted nothing more than to help these patients, but it ended up being too dangerous for her to stay as an incident at the hospital changed everything for her and would be the catalyst for the rest of her life. 

Nadya was working at the psychiatric facility on September 18, 1999 when a twenty person riot broke out, with Nadya right in the middle of it. During the event, one of the patients, a woman, overturned a large wooden desk that would land directly on Nadya’s back. 

As a result, Nadya suffered a herniated disc. She filed for compensation and got $170,000. The money would last her for a little while but it was the least of her concerns as something else Wass brewing. 

Nadya was dealing with the pain of her injury but it was the difficulties she was having in another department that was causing her more pain than anything, the kind of challenge that would threaten her future plans and today’s legacy. 

Nadya and Marcos were trying to have a baby for three years but were not successful. The next step for the couple would be to visit a doctor who would help them figure out what is going on. 

The couple went to the doctor together to try and figure out their difficulties. They got tips from the doctor, all of which they followed. However, even with doing everything the doctor told them to do, nothing worked and Nadya was getting very low. 

After a while, the couple learned the truth – Marcos was actually sterile and therefore could not father children. The couple knew that they were going to need help conceiving. 

Nadya wanted to be a mother above all, so she pressed the issue with Marcos about trying alternative ways. However, Marcos was not into the idea at all.  

This huge discrepancy between what Nadya wanted and what Marcos did was the last straw for this couple, it separated them. Nadya spoke to Marcos about doing IVF, to which he said that he would leave her if she went through with it. 

Nadya was now stuck between her dream of becoming a mother and the love she had for her husband. It was an impossible spot to be in, but she needed to make that tough decision once and for all. Eventually, Nadya decided to go with her heart. 

In 2000, Nadya ended her marriage to Marcos and started her IVF process to eventually become a mother. The excited Nadya was happy to be undergoing the process, but it was about to get a whole lot more complicated. 

There are a few reasons why IVF is not something that is done so easily. One reason is that it is not 100 perfect guaranteed to work, but the second and more important reason is that it is a very expensive procedure. 

Couple these two facts together and most people would be deterred, but not Nadya. Doctors usually advise to implant several eggs during this process as the chance of failure for some is very high. 

Another factor that comes into play is the fact that with IVF and the multiple egg implantation, there is an increased likelihood of multiple babies. 

While to some this may be daunting, to Nadya this was exciting. Her motto in this case was “the more, the merrier.” The fact that this did not scare her should have probably be seen as a red flag, but no one knew what would end up happening to Nadya, not even her. 

Nadya did not know what to except when it came to this first round of IVF but her risk for multiple births was indeed a high one and they would end up leading her down a path that not even she expected. 

In 2001, after her first round of IVF, Nadya successfully delivered her first child, a son named Elijah. Nadya’s dream finally came true, but for her, this was just the beginning. 

After baby Elijah was born, not a year went by and Nadya welcomed a daughter she named Amerah. IVF was working wonders for Nadya and she was only getting hungrier for parenthood.

As the time went on, Nadya went in time and again, conceiving twins and two more children thereafter – for a total of six children thus far. For most, this would already be enough, but for Nadya it was not enough. Her following actions would stun the world. 

In 2008, Nadya made the decision that would change her life forever. She would go from mother of six children, to an overnight sensation. 

Nadya called on her IVF doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, one more time. Nadya asked the doctor to implant all six eggs that were frozen in his facility in her at the same time. While that alone is unheard of, there is more to this sordid tale!  

Dr. Kamrava hesitated at Nadya’s request but ended up doing as she asked. Nadya did not want a single embryo of hers going to waste in any way, and so she knew that she was putting herself at a risk of multiple births again. 

However, what ended up being most baffling is that the doctor implanted 12 eggs, not 6, which is much higher than the recommended two! Such an implantation was going to have repercussions, and Nadya was about to face them.  

Despite the fact that what the doctor did is highly unprofessional and a risk to the life of the mother and the babies, Nadya was happy that she went through with it. 

She was excited at the thought of multiple children, and she would get eight of them now as eight out of the 12 embryos were viable. Nadya was now pregnant with eight babies at the same time. Nadya may have been happy but could her body handle such a load? 

The difficult nine months of pregnancy with eight babies took a heavy toll on Nadya’s body. The media quickly got wind of the story and turned Nadya into a viral story that would shock millions of people; this was when her nickname, Octomom, was created. 

Nadya’s pregnancy was considered a record-breaking one, this would change her life for better and for much worse. The future was uncertain for her and her babies. 

Despite the risks, Nadya gave birth to the octuplets successfully. Everyone, including her, came out healthy. Once the babies were out, it was a true sight to see, and the world wanted to know more and more. 

Nadya’s octuplets were the very first set to be born alive and remain alive for over one week. Nadya could not wait to show her older children the new babies. The world, however, was beginning to grow more and more critical. 

Once Nadya’s story became public, more and more media flocked to Nadya’s house. The medical community was also fascinated as the fact that a woman was able to carry and deliver eight children is unheard of. 

At this time, no one knew who her doctor was yet. The world wanted to figure out how it was possible that Nadya did this and lived to tell the tale. Now, what is the most fascinating to the world is how the children are doing after a decade! 

Nadya was already a media sensation by the time the eight new babies were born. She had been all over the newspapers and websites throughout her pregnancy. Everyone knew what she looked like and that she was, in fact, Octomom. 

Nadya wanted to take control of her own story, though. She was planning on taking advantage of the fame and hired a PR team to take control of her story, which would be harder than expected. 

The media spoke about Nadya as a media hungry woman who loves the spotlight and that is the very reason she had as many children as she did. Whether that was true or not, she had 14 children to take care of. Over the course of the years, though, this image was eating away at her. 

People were holding her as a social outcast as a tax payers nightmare, it got as bad as getting threats. However, there were also those who adored her family. 

The media surrounding her and her family got to a point where she knew she needed to reign it in somehow. She wanted to take steps to let the world know about her and her life instead of what they were thinking they knew. 

Nadya interviewed with People Magazine, where she said, “I don’t get much sleep, about two or three hours a night,” she said. “But I’m continuing to move forward with my life and trying to be the best mother I can be.” 

It has been years since the birth of the octuplets but the criticism never ceased. The constant attention was beginning to get to Nadya, to the point where she felt it affected her ability to be a mother to her children. 

It was then that Nadya began accepting welfare in order to look after the 14 kids. This challenge would soon be nothing compared to the next one that came her way… 

Adding more trouble to the already complicated life of Nadya Suleman, the media was now reporting that she was not treating her children well. They were saying that there is no way she could possibly raise all 14 kids on her own, it was too much. 

Child Protective Services got involved at one point as well to see if the rumors were valid. CPS did not find any cause for alarm, but there was one more power that be that could change that. 

The hits kept on coming for Nadya and her kids. Nadya’s landlord accused Nadya of violating the terms of her lease with him. After getting wind of Nadya’s story, he decided to evict her from her home. 

It was at this moment that she was becoming desperate as she could not be homeless with her family, that was not an option. Nadya was driven to desperate actions to make sure her kids had a home. 

Nadya tried to reason with her landlord but he was having none of it. Now she needed to find a new living situation for her and her large brood of children. The world saw her as a joke, but she always maintained that she is a loving mother. 

Nadya went into anything she could to get money – films, music, small business ventures, but did any of that really make a difference? 

Nadya knew she needed to get away and make serious changes for her children in order to be a better mother for them. 

She did not want to be the woman that the media portrayed her to be. The first thing that Nadya did was change her name to Natalie. She then finished college and got her degree. The last step was her work as a family therapist. What did the kids end up doing?

As of 2018, all of Nadya’s children follow a vegan diet brought to them by their mother. Being vegan as a child is no easy feat, so we have to admire that about her and them! Now Natalie Suleman, has said that she is very open with her kids and tells them what they want to know about this journey. 

Anything Natalie has done to make ends-meet was always for her kids. Natalie created a family Instagram account where everyone can follow along. 

Natalie is now in her early 40s and has managed to get her life back on the right side. She removed herself from questionable jobs that were not in her best interest and admits that it was a guardian of sorts who changed it all. 

She spoke of a man who walked into the club she worked in in Florida, “He walked straight to me and looked straight into my eyes. He took my hand and grabbed my arm and said in a very gentle, but firm way: ‘You don’t have to do this.’ He repeated it gives times.” 

Everything changed after that. Natalie did a whole shift in her life in 2013 as a result of the man. She admits that it was “foolish, immature and selfish” to have birthed so many babies without thinking it over harder. 

With all of that being said, she regrets nothing. Her children are now her one and only. The most important thing for her is to teach her kids the values she deems most important. 

Natalie is raising her 14 kids in a two-bedroom house which she pays for through her paycheck to paycheck living and food stamps. She converted a third bedroom from the office that was in the house as well. She uses her own story to help other women who are in similar situations.

Of her past, she said, “I didn’t want to live. I felt less than human as that character I was pretending to be, to survive and provide for my family.” How are her kids dealing with all of this?

After all of the ups and downs of being Octomom and raising her children in front of the media, Natalie is now happy and makes it her life’s mission to enjoy her children. 

The family’s most recent change is a move to Laguna in Orange County, which is the very place that Natalie herself grew up in. The true focus of this brood is to stick together and get through anything. 

Natalie says she has no time to socialize outside of her children’s events. As such, she knows everything that her kids are up to – as she says, “they fight, play, fight and play again like any normal family.” 

Natalie described that some of her kids are super shy, while others are very much outgoing and extroverted. One of them, Aiden, is autistic and therefore a special needs child who has his siblings as his best friends. 

The holiday season is a happy one for the Suleman family. Despite it all, they always knew how to make the best out of any situation. 

Natalie made sure that the season of giving was the most important one for them, showing her kids that giving back and serving others is the greatest thing one could do. Each kid got one Christmas gift every year as a lesson to value what you have and focus on others. 

Getting all of these kids ready for school and on their way was a stressful thing for Natalie, as it would be for anyone. She wrote on her Instagram post, “Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed by the first week back to school?” 

She called herself their school bus driver as she spent much of her day chauffeuring her kids around school and other activities. Here we see the octuplets before their first day of school! 

Naturally, Natalie needed a way to de-stress from her 14 kids. One of her favorite pastimes when not mothering her children is going to the gym and sweating out the tension. She said, “I would like to share about how I cope with inordinate stress, after being asked how I stay sane lol. 

The stress literally drips off of me, as I’m drenched in the end. Being physical has significantly helped me cope with so many challenges I’ve struggled with throughout my life, ” she added.

While Natalie is a very strict mother when it comes to her kids schooling, she is also aware that fun is important for her relationship with her kids. One of their favorite pastimes is annoying a spa night complete with face masks and manicures! 

Natalie works very hard to bond with her kids, even if that includes scary movies and pillow fights that will turn her house into total disarray. 

In May of 2018, Natalie went on the Dr. Oz show to speak with the host about her decision to go through with the IVF treatment that would change her life and that of her children. 

She also spoke about where she is now as a mother and how all 14 kids are doing. She spoke about how her entire family goes by Solomon now and that their social media feeds and channels are open for all to see. 

Natalie’s children all look very different from one another, despite having the same mother and donor. Natalie loves that her kids look different from each other and notes that genetics is a very complex thing to which she is grateful for. 

Every child is unique to her and they all share their own bond with one another. Here we see Noah and Nariyah, both of which are part of the octuplet set yet are so different! 

We mentioned earlier that the kids are all on vegan diets, but another aspect to their health is that they are all very active kids. They take part in local marathons and raise money for causes that help people who need it. 

Here we see them after their run, while Natalie is a proud mom photographing her kiddos who did a great job running! It is amazing how much they have grown up. 

The kids are all very into their school projects, much to mom’s happiness. Here we see them holding up their school project where they needed to create a board of their heroes. 

The family’s social media profiles are filled with the kids events and successes. Natalie does not boast too much about her kids’ success but does so just enough to show the world how great they are doing and that there is no cause for concern. 

As one would expect, Mother’s Day is a huge day in the Sulman household. Her kids all make her hand made cards to show her how much they love and cherish her. 

These moments are the ones that Natalie lives for, and looks back at her upbringing as an only child and thinks of how lucky she is at how it all turned out. Natalie has decided to write a book about raising her 14, with one being autistic. 

Natalie has 14 children, ten of them are boys and four of them are girls. One of her favorite things to do is bond with her little girls, Amerah, Calyssa, Maliah, and Nariyah. 

Amerah is the only one not part of the octuplet set and is the second oldest child. The girls all get along very well, with their mother with them here in this photo celebrating Amerah’s 16th birthday. 

Considering they are such a big family and there is so much speculation about them, Natalie instituted many family traditions that they can share together. 

Such traditions include movie nights that take place every Saturday and that no one is allowed to skip. They like to call this night “Family Fun Night.” Many of the kids like scary movies, while others do not, that must be a fun predicament to be in. 

Natalie’s kids know that they are not like the other children at school. What they also know is that there is nothing wrong with them and that they should embrace their differences. 

Here we see the kids in a school play where they pose for the camera all too sweetly. However, it is not always smiles and love with these kids, as the following image likes to remind us. 

These kids eat better than most in the world. The vegan family eats their food mostly raw with small touches of cooked vegetables. 

Their dessert is more along the lines of apple and nut butter, which is a far cry from ice cream cake. Natalie said that this way of eating is also there to help medically as she has seen a difference in Aiden’s condition since changing his diet to a raw one. 

Getting one photo with the entire family is so much harder than it should be. Here we see nearly the whole family together in the photo, along with the beloved family cat. This is a keeper! 

Natalie captioned the image, “So THIS is what happened when we attempted to take a fun family photo with as many family members as possible. Per usual, Elijah, Amerah, and JJ are absent from the pic.” 

Natalie is a counselor for those who suffer from substance abuse. As such, she thought it would be wise to start her own YouTube channel to help even more people! The first video was six minutes in length and showed Amerah reading one letter that she had written to her mother at an event. 

After the reading, the rest of the kids lined up and gifted their mother with something small. While Natalie created the channel, it is her kids who manage it. 

This photo shows ten of the 14 Solomon kids. They are participating in the Turkey Trot 5 K that has them all in matching shirts and working for their Thanksgiving turkey. 

Natalie was one proud momma on that day as her kids not only participated but won the race for their respective age group. Despite the family being vegan, they enjoy Thanksgiving in their own way. Tofurky anyone? 

Circling back to the woman who started it all, Natalie is a loving mother and deals with her fair share of drama but it is hard to forget that she is also a woman who carried eight babies all at once.

The physical pain from such a heavy load still hurts Natalie to this day. Natalie climbs 10 miles every day on the stair master to try and combat the issues. 

Social media is a wonderful thing, people share their histories as well as their current lives. Here we see a photo of a young Nadya all dressed up for Halloween in 1978. 

She was dressed up as a little clown and was as adorable as can be. While Natalie changed her name to get a new path, she does not forget where she comes from and talks about her past all the time to her children and social media followers. 

Before there were kids there were cats. Something that may explain Natalie a bit more is that she may have not had any siblings but she did have over 12 cats in her house growing up. 

Here we see a baby Natalie with the cat they named Boots back in 1975. Boots was an overweight cat that everyone loved and loved to feed! Got to love these old photos, they are like a time capsule. 

The oldest photo to date, from 1940! This here is Nadya’s mother who was just two years old and in Germany at the time. What we also see here is how much Caleb looks like her! 

It makes much more sense now that there are lighter haired children in the Solomon family. Natalie is still very close with her parents and knows how lucky she is to have their support throughout this crazy life. 

As of January 2019, the octuplets are 10 years old! They had a big birthday party at Circus Trix OC and got their own shirts to wear for the event. They were numbered by the order that they were born in. 

Natalie told Inside Edition, “Now that 10 years passed on by, I feel as though I can relax and be myself, and be real.” The criticism of Natalie has a tendency to come back every now and then, we shall see this time around. 

Natalie made sure that her kids knew responsibility and respect as they grew up. The chores that need to get done around the home are divided up by child. The amount of work around the house for a family this big is extensive so everyone pitches in.

The family lives in a suburb of Los Angeles in a three-bedroom home, which is small for such a large family but they make it work. 

Chores are the work, but the play is just as important. Natalie always makes sure to encourage her kiddos to go after their talents. Some are great at math, while others are incredible musicians. 

Here we Noah, who is one great violin player. This proud mother has nothing but good things to say about her little ones, especially considering the long road they had come from and what the future could hold for them. 

Natalie’s social media feed is filled with her gratitude for such an incredible family that she has created. She captioned this image from May 2019, Mother’s Day, “I couldn’t do it without my kids. They are literal angels.” 

That is a whole lot of cards for one mother, but we guess that is what you get when you have 14 kids to get cards from! All of the kids together in one photo did not happen, but it almost did. 

While she has many kids, Natalie never forgets a special moment when she sees it. On Elijah’s 18th birthday, she posted a throwback photo of him as a baby – her first baby! 

She wrote about how hard it was for her as a new mom but how much of a team they made together and how he taught her what the meaning of being a mother was all about. 

Each kid has their own style and identity now that they are all growing up so beautifully. As to their father, Natalie said that she is not in touch with him but said that when they turn 18 she will revisit the thought of that. 

The older six children belong to another donor whom Natalie promised she would never reveal his identity, despite being offered millions of dollars to change that. 


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