Work Thief Steals Food, Gets Nasty Surprise In Sandwich

They Had No Idea What Was Coming

Richard is furious, frozen in his tracks. This had to be a joke, right? He can feel his blood boil as he realizes this was the fifth time this week his lunch had gone missing, and Richard knew this was the last straw. Whoever stole his lunch was going to get what was coming to them. 

You see, Richard was going to make this thief a brand new sandwich, but with a special ingredient dolloped in between the two slices of bread. This lunch thief chose the wrong lunch to steal; one bite of Richard’s ‘sandwich’ and they’ll be sick to their stomach and calling 911 as quick as they can. Richard smiles to himself. This revenge was going to be sweet. 

Working 9 To 5

Richard Bunton had worked the same job for 8 years. Fair enough, it wasn’t exactly the greatest job in the world, but the pay was good, the hours were flexible and his peers were fun.

But despite the good things about the job, there was one problem for Richard. And it was a problem that would turn somebody’s world upside down.

Lunch Thief 

Time and time again, Richard noticed that his lunch kept going missing. He had no idea who it was, but whoever had eaten it, had just left him a mere few carrot sticks.

For the first couple of times, Richard brushed it off. But then a week had gone by, and this thief had shown no sign of slowing down. Who was it? Whoever it was, Richard knew he needed to make them pay for eating his sandwich. But nobody could have expected the lengths Richard would go to inflict his revenge. 

Enough Was Enough 

Richard was getting more and more furious each time his lunch was taken. He spoke to a few of his office friends about it, but they just shrugged their shoulders. 

But that wasn’t good enough for Richard. He knew he had to act fast. He was going to make this thief a brand new sandwich. The only difference? This time, Richard was going to add a special ingredient. 

His Plan Just Got More Twisted 

As Richard arrived home he was delighted to see his cat Harry, was waiting at the front door. He greeted his cat with a warm embrace and picked him up. Then suddenly he saw rat droppings. 

Richard retched in disgust at the sight. He ran inside and picked up some rat poison to put outside his home. He finished sprinkling it outside then suddenly a brainwave hit him. He looked at the ingredients of the rat poison and a smirk crept on his face. The lunch thief had no idea what was coming to them. 

Making The ‘Sandwich’ 

Just before Richard went to bed he made a sandwich in preparation for the thief to steal and eat it tomorrow. But before he made it, he kitted himself out in gloves and masks. Any drop of this secret ingredient and it would make Richard sick. 

He dolloped the secret ingredient in between two slices of soft bread and sealed the fully made sandwich into a bag. He popped it into the fridge ready for tomorrow. Richard went to bed excited to finally get his revenge.

Setting It Up 

The following day, Richard arrived at work. He made himself a coffee and popped his ‘sandwich’ into the fridge. He greeted his office workers with a friendly smile and retreated to his desk. 

He watched his colleagues scatter about throughout the office, and excitement bubbled inside him. Whoever was going to eat his lunch was going to have a surprise.

What He Wanted To See 

Later that day, Richard went into the fridge to find that his sandwich was gone. Ha! Just what he had wanted to see. He shut the fridge door with a smirk on his face and headed home. 

Richard knew he had to keep this going. There was no way he was going to stop now, especially since the thief had eaten his lunch again today. There was no coming back from this; Richard’s twisted revenge would still continue.  

Not Slowing Down

Richard constructed the same sandwich again and again for nearly two weeks. And every day the mystery culprit kept eating it. 

Richard felt no guilt or shame for what he was doing. After all, they were asking for it. But little did the sandwich thief know what the sandwich was doing to their insides.

Two Weeks Later 

It had been two weeks since he first made his ‘sandwich’ and Richard thought now was the time to come clean. After all, the thief hadn’t got much time left...

Making his sandwich for the final time, he squashed a handwritten note inside. Whoever would read this note would never forgive Richard, but Richard didn’t care. They were about to get what was coming to them. 

The Last Lunch

The following day, Richard arrived at work and left his sandwich in the fridge. He poured himself a cup of coffee and started another busy day in the office. 

Whoever was going to eat his lunch and find the note, definitely wouldn’t be able to keep quiet. Especially once they knew what Richard had been feeding them and their body. No way. 

Had His Plan Failed?

The working day was nearly finished and Richard was getting more and more impatient. He started to question if his plan had even worked. Did he put enough of the secret ingredient in? Why was nobody yelling for help? 

Then suddenly just as Richard was about to log off his work computer, a scream echoed throughout the office; piercing the sound of colleague small talk. Then, another scream. Richard chuckled to himself, ha, it worked. 

Throwing Up

A female member of staff came racing around the corner, her face as red as an overripe tomato. Her hands were covering her mouth and she was coughing repulsively. She looked as if she was about to be sick.

Fellow colleagues stood up like soldiers standing for attention. They gasped as they saw the woman in distress. What had happened?

Truth Is Out

Turns out that the secret ingredient Richard had dolloped into his sandwiches was in fact cat food! His cat Harry inspired him, and it was safe to say his plan worked.

The lunch thief was throwing up everywhere, her face washed with disgust and confusion. But Richard just sat and watched his revenge unfold. After all, she had it coming. But one question still lingered on Richard’s mind: would the lunch thief stop, or would she continue? 

A Happy Ending 

From that day onwards, whenever Richard put his lunch in the fridge it remained there. No one had stolen it and eaten it all, instead, it was Harry that was able to eat it. 

From then on, every lunch break, Richard sat at his desk and ravished his entire lunch. After all, he deserved it, right? His revenge tasted sweet, a far cry from the cat food-filled sandwich the thief had eaten.